14 Best Quiet Vibrators

14 Best Quiet Vibrators For Explosive Orgasms with Privacy

As anyone who has ever used a vibrator can attest, they can be extremely pleasurable. However, they can also be quite loud, which can be a problem if you’re trying to keep your activities discreet. While some ladies prefer a more powerful vibrator for clitoral stimulation, others find that too much intensity can actually be … Read more

Best Long Distance Sex Toys for couples

15 Sexiest Long Distance Sexual Toys in 2023 to Keep the Spark Alive

Staying sexually connected when you’re miles apart can be a challenge. But heavenly pleasures always find their way to lust things up. Do you like naughty surprises? How about kinky roleplaying? If your answer is yes then you are just like me. My partner and I love getting each other off, and there’s nothing quite … Read more

sex toys for couples

11 Awesome Sex Toys for Couples to Have Tantalizing Orgasms

As any sexually active couple knows, finding ways to keep your sex life exciting can be a challenge. You may find yourselves stuck in a rut, trying the same old positions and routines night after night. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to add some sex toys for couples to your bedroom repertoire. … Read more

best remote control vibrator

12 Best Remote Control Vibrators For Kinky LDR Couples

Imagine the thrill of being in control as your partner moans and writhes beneath you. Whether you’re miles away or just on the opposite side of the globe, the thrill of the unknown combined with the excitement of shared pleasure can take your sex life to new heights. With remote control vibrators, the possibilities are … Read more