Exploring Unicorn Relationships: How to Approach the Fantasy

Imagine a passionate night in the bedroom, two people deeply in love exploring their intimate relationship. What could be more thrilling than that? But why not amp up the adventure and try bringing a third person into the mix – discovering a whole new dimension of intimacy and bliss with the mystical unicorn relationship or what we can say a unicorn threesome? we will delve deep into all facets of these relationships: exploring what a unicorn relationship is, what rules can help ensure everyone’s security and needs are taken care of; how to find one, and how to make sure everyone enjoys it! Whether you are new to alternative partnerships or an experienced explorer – this guide will have something for everybody. Don’t be afraid to buckle up for the wild ride – you might just find out that three can really be better than two!

What is a Unicorn in a Relationship?

What is a Unicorn in a Relationship?

A unicorn in a relationship is a person who is comfortable exploring their sexuality and being in multiple relationships. They can exist as a third member of an established couple, creating an exciting, sensual dynamic between the three of them. Unicorns often possess some unique qualities; they may be highly attuned to their sexual needs, confident in exploring their desires without fear or shame, and open to trying new things. They have an ability to create nourishing connections that can bring great pleasure and growth to all involved.

A unicorn can bring fresh perspectives while still staying respectful of the rules and boundaries set forth by each partner. In short, they can add something incredibly special to any couple’s love life!

What is Unicorn Polyamory?

What is Unicorn Polyamory?

Unicorn polyamory involves a couple (usually heterosexual) and their “unicorn”—a third partner, usually bisexual—who is welcomed into the existing couple to provide them with both emotional and sexual intimacy. However there can be lesbian polygamy or gay polygamy as well. It is vital to remember that unicorn polyamory is about developing deep ties with each member of the trio in addition to having sex. To guarantee that everyone’s needs are satisfied while upholding respect for one another, this kind of partnership necessitates that each member be open-minded and honest.

Benefits of Unicorn Polyamory

Having an additional person in your relationship can provide new experiences and allow couples to explore different aspects of their sexuality without feeling judged or uncomfortable. For many partners, this kind of relationship structure allows for higher levels of comfort in exploring fantasies like your partner want to have hookup inside a car, they may not have felt comfortable expressing with just their primary partner alone. The ability to express themselves freely without worrying about judgment or criticism from others can also help couples deepen their relationship.

Additionally, including a third party can help couples transcend conventional gender roles and power structures, giving all triangle members equal standing in the union and enhancing opportunities for creative expression between partners.

What Does the Term “Unicorn Hunting” Mean?

What Does the Term "Unicorn Hunting" Mean?

Unicorn hunting is a term that is used in the polyamorous and swinging communities. It refers to the act of looking for a third person to join a couple in their relationship or bedroom play. Ideally, this third person would be bisexual and single, making them a “unicorn.” However, unicorn hunting can also refer to the act of looking for any third person, regardless of their relationship status or sexual orientation. Let’s move to the tips for those who are interested in unicorn hunting. 

How to Find Unicorn Relationship – Top Tips

How to Find Unicorn Relationship - Top Tips

There are many ways you can go about finding your perfect partner. Here are four tips for those for a unicorn hunter polyamory –

1. Join an Online Community 

Joining an online community is a great way to meet other couples who are interested in unicorn hunting. There are many different websites like uberhorny and forums that cater to the polyamorous and swinging communities. These websites and forums can be a great resource for finding potential unicorns. In addition, online communities can provide support and advice for those who are new to unicorn hunting.

2. Get involved in the Local Scene 

Get involved in the Local Scene 

Another great way to meet potential unicorns is to get involved in the local scene. There are often meetups and events that are organized by members of the polyamorous and swinging communities. Attend these events and put yourself out there. You never know who you might meet!

3.  Dating Sites

dating sites

Another way is through online dating sites such as Tinder or Bumble that make it easy to find like minded individuals nearby who share your interests and desires. You can also check out swinger websites or any unicorn dating app or adult forums that specialize in connecting couples with potential third parties for fun encounters. Once you have found someone suitable, it’s important that all three parties communicate openly and honestly about expectations so everyone is on the same page from the start. This will help ensure everyone involved has a positive experience. 

What are the Top Rules for Meeting a Unicorn?

unicorn relationship rules

A threesome with a unicorn can be an amazing experience. Unicorns are third parties that join two partners in bed – they’re usually bisexual women who enjoy being the center of attention and playtime. If you’re thinking about inviting a unicorn into your bedroom, there are some important rules to follow if you want everyone to have a good time. Here are the top unicorn relationship rules –

Rule 1: Respect Boundaries 

Whether you’re looking for one-time hookups or something more long-term, it’s important to respect boundaries when it comes to meeting unicorns. This means respecting the limits of your partner(s), as well as respecting those of the unicorn you meet. Everyone should feel comfortable and safe at all times, so make sure to discuss boundaries before getting started and respect them throughout the encounter. 

Rule 2: Communicate Openly 

Communicate Openly 

Communication is the cornerstone of any unicorn relationship. Be open and honest with your partner about your desires, fantasies, and feelings. Discuss your mutual attraction to the potential unicorn and your curiosity about exploring this together. Ensure that everyone involved understands the importance of clear and informed consent.

Rule 3: Respect Monogamy Agreements 

If either partner (or all three!) is in an exclusive relationship outside of this threesome scenario, then it’s especially important to respect any monogamous agreements between them. This means not touching anyone without permission or engaging in activities outside of those agreed upon by all parties involved – even if they seem fun at the time! It’s also worth noting that some people may prefer not to engage in certain activities even if they’re not in an exclusive unicorn relationship – again, communication is key here! 


To conclude, a unicorn relationship can be a great way to explore different dynamic relationships. It can be beneficial in refreshing your love life and strengthening your partnership. Keep in mind that it is important to take the time you need to ensure everyone involved is comfortable, communicates openly and honestly, and adheres to developing their own boundaries for the relationship. When these criteria are met, it could lead to an incredibly fulfilling experience that both partners can share.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How Do You Approach a Potential Unicorn?

Ans. Approaching a potential unicorn requires open and honest communication. Start by discussing your desires and fantasies with your partner. Then, create a comfortable setting to have a conversation with the unicorn. You can use games or icebreakers to initiate the discussion, or discuss shared experiences, like TV shows or movies, that involve open relationships. Always prioritize consent, and avoid using alcohol as a coercion tool.

Q2. What Are the Key Rules for Unicorn Relationships?

Ans. The key rules for unicorn relationships include open communication, respect for boundaries and consent, creating a comfortable setting, and being prepared for alternative scenarios. It’s crucial to prioritize mutual enjoyment and ensure that all parties involved feel safe and comfortable throughout the experience.

Q3. What if the Potential Unicorn Isn’t Interested?

Ans. If the potential unicorn expresses disinterest or reservations about the proposed scenario, it’s essential to respect her boundaries and desires. Unicorn relationships should always be consensual and enjoyable for everyone involved. Be open to exploring alternative forms of open relationships or swinging experiences that align with the comfort levels of all participants.

Q4. How Can We Maintain Healthy Unicorn Relationships?

Ans. Maintaining a healthy unicorn relationship requires ongoing communication, trust, and respect. Regularly check in with all parties involved to ensure that everyone’s needs and boundaries are being met. Prioritize open and honest discussions about desires, expectations, and any issues that may arise. Mutual consent and consent for each specific encounter are essential to maintaining a healthy and positive unicorn relationship.