Spice Up Your Relationship with These 30 Games To Play Over Text

No matter how long you and your partner have been together, there’s always room for a little fun and games. And what better way to add a little spice to your relationship than by playing some games over text? This holds especially true for couples in a long-distance relationship who have to primarily rely on their words to connect with their partners. Whether you’re new to it or an old texting pro, there’s something on this list of 30 games to play over text for couples that will fit your needs. From kinky dares to photo challenges, these games are guaranteed to get you both hot and bothered in no time flat. So go ahead, give them a try and see where the night takes you!

30 Best Games to Play Over Text For Couples

Let’s talk about some of these cool texting games that could well become your window to the heart of your better half. You will find a variety of ideas and can play around with them to find what suits you best. 

1. Friendship Tag

friendship tags 

It can be a great ice breaker with your partner or a friend and also an interesting way to find out more about your better half. This curious texting game will let you show that you really care by sharing finer details about your partner that might go unnoticed otherwise. Likewise, you will get a chance to find out how well your partner knows you. All you have to do is ask your partner something specific about you two or maybe just about you. It could be anything. 

To begin with, maybe you can ask questions like where did you two meet or how do you like your coffee. As the game progresses, you can veer the conversation in whatever direction you wish to by asking thoughtful questions. The highest score wins obviously, but you only stand to gain in the end with a rare insight into your relationship. You will also discover how observant and careful both of you have been in keeping track of the little things. If you are in a long-distance relationship, it is perhaps one of the best games to play over text that could fix your relationship in a beautiful way. 

2. Would You Rather 

Would You Rather: Games to Play over Text

This is another interesting game with a bit of an adventurous feel to it. You and your partner can give each other a choice to do one of the two tasks, which explains the title of the game. Would you rather be shipwrecked on an island or be stuck on a tree with a lion waiting for you on the ground? You can get as creative as you want with your questions. It can be a really fun game to play with your special one or even with your friends. 

You would need to think hard to explain why you would prefer being shipwrecked instead of being stuck with a lion. This game is also known as ‘either or’ and ‘this or that’ where you give a difficult and interesting choice to the other player. There are plenty of games to play over text and this one poses a bit of an imaginative challenge for both of you. The only rule is to keep things interesting and not let boredom creep in. You can up the level of interest and engagement by choosing the right kind of questions depending on your mood. 

3. Finish Your Sentence 

Story Time

The game is really as simple as its name suggests. You begin a sentence and leave it unfinished to let your partner do the honors. However, do not be fooled by the simplicity of its premise. It can be really fun and engaging if you know how to play with words. If you are playing it with your bestie, you can work up some funny sentences for them to complete. It can be a good way to find something to laugh about. 

If playing with your significant other, you can come up with something fun or exciting. If you are in a long-distance relationship, it can be even more fun to do something fun together. What you can do with it solely depends on your ability to be unconventional and in the moment. In short, a perfect way to up your fun quotient while texting away with your partner. You can also try one of the number texting games which we will discuss later. 

4. Story Time 

story time

It may sound almost like Finish Your Sentence but there is a big difference in that it takes things much further. In this game, you come up with a sentence and your partner comes up with the next one. Thus you two create a story together. It can be really interesting if done in the right way. You can write the story of a fun evening together or redo your first meet in a slightly different way. 

What better way to rewrite the story of your relationship than by writing a story with your partner? This is what makes it one of the most intimate games to play over text. You can choose to be fun or romantic, adventurous or relaxing with your choice of words and the setting you create with your words. If you two are a bit nerdy, you can also create a setting or storyline specific to your interest and create a fantasy story together. 

5. Emoji Translation


This is a really fun way to text with your partner. All you have to do is string up a series of emojis with a specific meaning in your mind and text it to your significant other. It is not necessary to choose only romantic emojis, it can be anything that piques the curiosity of the other person and yet continues to be a bit cryptic. The key is to find a bit of balance between being fun and cryptic and make the meaning personal for you two. 

Another small advantage of this texting game is that it will help you get acquainted with a lot of emojis that you might never have used before. If you are in a long-distance relationship, it would be of great help to express yourself in more subtle ways. Your partner is supposed to interpret the emojis you string up together and you will receive a different set of emojis from your partner. These emoji-only messages can be open to multiple interpretations and therein lies all the fun. 

6. Guess The Abbreviation 

Guess The Abbreviation 

This can also be an interesting way of communicating with your friends or your special one with games to play over text. One example of such commonly-used abbreviations is LOL which everyone is familiar with but you can come up with your own abbreviations which are fun to interpret and forces your partner to wrack their brains harder. Make sure to come up with something that is unexpected and when revealed makes a lot of sense. 

It is all about communicating in a language of your own and it just might help rekindle interest in your day-to-day conversations. Another advantage is that the abbreviations you two create would be hard to understand for others. Hence, it can be your secret way of communicating things in front of other friends or in a group as well. 

7. 20 Questions 

20 questions game

As you might have guessed, 20-question texting games involve asking 20 questions, but about what? Well, the general idea is to ask 20 questions about something specific on your mind and see if the other person is able to guess it. It can be an object, an idea, a location, or anything you can dream up of. Couples can play it as a fun way to pass time or stay connected or to get someone like you, when they have nothing much to talk about. 

It can also be used in other ways to ask a series of questions about what would they do differently in their life if they had a choice. Or it could be about what is your cute romantic date ideas, what makes you most comfortable or most uncomfortable. You can adopt any line of thought as long as both of you are able to relate to it. In other games to play over text, you may be required to ask fewer questions. However, in this game, you have to ask 20 questions. However, when you are in a long-distance relationship and texting is your mainstay, it can be really fun and engaging for longer conversations. 

8. Memory of the Moment 

This game offers another great idea for couples to communicate at an altogether different level. It is about recreating the memory of some special moment in your life that you may have shared together. You can talk about the finest times you shared like going on your first date or even an awkward yet memorable date. Alternatively, it could also be about what went wrong on a date or a particular occasion which might have been a fun memory for both of you. 

You can make it really special by a striking conversation about a memory that may have been really special to your relationship. It can be an effective way to tell your partner how much you care and to rekindle interest if you have felt a bit of indifference lately. 

9. Four-Sentence Story 

Four-Sentence Story: Games to Play over Text

It can be seen as an alternate version of Story Time where you two have to write a story together. In this version, you have to write a story but just in four lines. If you find it difficult at first, begin with an easier version where you tell the story of a movie or a book in just four lines. You can choose something you may have watched or read together to keep the interest alive. Speaking of which, you can always add new elements in games to play over text to make them more interesting. 

Once you get the hang of it, try to write the story of your relationship so far in just four lines. However, do not go alone and take help from your partner in writing the story. If you fear losing touch in a long-distance relationship, there might be nothing better than writing a story together. Try to keep it as simple and easy to relate to as possible. It can be a bit challenging no doubt but you have nothing to lose but only to gain in terms of keeping the interest alive between you two.

10. Laughing Game 

Laughing Game

This is as silly as it gets and yet fun as it can be among games to play over text for couples. You ask your partner a question like, Who was their first love?, and they have to respond from a list of responses that have already been picked by both of you. Then it’s your turn. If you can’t figure out what’s so funny about it, then just give it a try and see for yourself. This game can also be played in a group or with friends texting each other. The key to having fun is choosing the funniest prefixed responses. 

These will take an altogether different meaning as answers to any questions that might be asked. For instance, if the responses are cat, car, cool beans, and bananas. Suppose someone asks you ‘do you like flirting?’ what will you answer? You can choose any responses before starting the game and have a great time texting with your besties or your partner. 

11. What’s Your Location? 

It involves giving out a series of hints about where you are and the other person has to guess your location. If you are in your living room, you can choose objects that will give an idea of the same. The trick is not to make it too obvious or too obscure. Just balance it out a little in your mind to keep other players in the guessing game. You can also have loads of fun with your friends playing this game especially if you are on the move. 

You can tell about objects or places around you but it may take a bit before other players realize you are not in any single location. Couples can make it more interesting by texting hints about their location if they are wondering what to talk about. It can also help exercise your memory if you have been to the place of your partner long ago. If you are in a long-distance relationship you may have only heard about their place or seen them on a video call. After all, games to play over text are all about being as innovative and original as you can be. 

12. Guess the Song 

guess the song?

It can be a rather simple yet interesting game. You just have to text a part of the song lyrics with your partner or friends and they have to guess the song correctly. The trick is to share a part of the lyrics which may not be so obvious or easy to identify for most. If you are texting with your soulmate, you can choose a song that you both cherish. 

It just might help you reconnect on a deeper level and make for a memorable experience which is all it is about. If you are texting with friends, things can take a slightly different shape. Whoever guesses the game first, wins, and if it remains without being guessed, it means that you won. Then your friends can send a few lines from a song for you to guess, and the fun goes on. 

13. I Spy 


It is one of the classic games to play over text that will leave you hooked for hours. You only need to send clues about some specific object in your house or environment that the other person knows about. It can be the color of the object or any peculiarity that will help identify the object. Keep a max limit of up to three guesses to keep the fun alive. Too many guesses might play spoilsport. It can also be very engaging and personal for couples in long-distance relationships. 

Once your partner has guessed it correctly, it is their turn to ask you about something. If your partner fails to identify the object, you can maybe relate some memory you share or something peculiar about it that will serve as one final clue. Choose something which has some kind of memory attached to it so it can help you two communicate as well as think together. 

14. Writing In Reverse 

Writing in Reverse

Did you ever write in reverse to communicate secretly with your friends? Bring alive the memories by writing in reverse with your partner and then waiting for them to decipher it. You can also create your own cryptic code between just you two and write messages in that code when you want to engage or just have something to talk about. You can make it more interesting by using sweetsext.

You can also play this game with your friends and revive childhood memories of trying all kinds of tricks for the fun it affords. Writing in a personal code with your partner will also let you two share messages just meant for each other in any group conversation. Games to play over text are all about reinventing and mixing it up to make things interesting for you two. That is the very purpose of it. 

15. Rhyming Sentences 

This can be a fascinating and poetic kind of challenge and texting game. You can write a sentence to your partner and they have to write back something that rhymes with pick up lines. Then you have to reply in rhyme and so on. You need not write only especially thought sentences in this manner but carry out the entire conversation in this way. It will require a bit of creativity on your part, as well as that of your partner.

The game can continue as long as you and your partner can keep up with the rhyming challenge. It can also be an interesting and fun addition to write a poem together where you and your partner come up with lines that rhyme and express something on their mind for Long-distance couples. It can be a great way to express emotions since they don’t have the benefit of seeing each other in person. This can also be in the form of question and answer which can be an interesting way to write a poem. It is one of the most artistic games to play over text that will surely make for a romantic experience shared together. 

16. Fill In The Blanks 


It can be another twist up to play fill in the blanks which you must have come across so often in assessment tests. Here, the difference is that you are doing it purely for fun. Write some cute massages to your partner but make sure to leave at least one blank in each sentence. Let them think hard and come up with the right answers to fill in the blanks and it can make for a very absorbing activity for both of you. 

17. Trivia

This type of game to play over text requires little explanation if any. You only need to choose a category of mutual interest and start asking questions. It’s up to you and your partner to come up with interesting questions and answers. Mix up facts with a bit of your opinion if you are not sure about something. 

First, one to answer 10 questions correctly wins. But you can make it 12, 13 whatever catches your fancy. Also, there is no negative marking here. It is only about having innocent fun texting away and putting your thumbs to good use. 

18. Kiss, Marry, Kill 

Kiss, Marry, Kill 

You may have played it as a school game before. All you need to do is choose three people who could be mutual friends, celebrities, or maybe a fictional character like one of the avengers. Then your partner has to tell you which one they would choose to kiss, which one to marry, and whom to kill

It can be loads of fun if you choose three interesting acquaintances or even actors. Your partner can then pick three people for you to decide whom you want to kiss, marry or kill. Both near and long-distance couples can really have loads of fun with this. 

19. Solve Riddles 


Whether you are familiar with games to play over text or not, you must have played riddles a few times. Riddles are evergreen and you can very well solve riddles or tackle brain teasers with your partner or take turns to ask riddles with a bit of personal touch wherever possible. 

You could also ask a few romantic riddles to ask your partner. Set a time limit, like you could ask for a response in 30 seconds so your partner won’t have time to google it. Then it’s your turn. Make it a point to not pick too serious or complicated riddles and keep them simple and fun. 

20. Questions Only 

Questions Only 

Ever answered a question with another question? Don’t think of a straight answer. Think of a counter question to answer it. There you have it. Just keep the questions flowing between you and your partner and come up with as creative and interesting counter questions as possible. This is the kind of thing long-distance couples really need to stay connected. 

Make sure no one repeats a question they have asked. You will need to be on your toes and therein lies all the fun. You can add yet another fun element like sextfun. by asking questions about a single subject and then changing up to another one to change the mood. All it needs is an ability to deal with creative challenges. 

21. What Would You Do? 

What Would You Do? 

It is as simple as it sounds but can be fun as hell. You only need to pick a hypothetical scenario like running away from an exploding volcano or an incoming tsunami wave or a vehicle stuck on the edge of a cliff. The other person needs to come up with an answer about how they will escape from this situation and make it out alive, if possible. 

It can be really fun and engaging. Think of the best disaster movies you can to find a possible escape. You can make this kind of game to play over text even more fun by adding one item which they must use to make an escape. 

22. Lightning Quick 

It is as simple as sharing the first word that comes to your mind on seeing a word or an image or a combination of both. Pick an interesting image or a peculiar word to send your better half and ask about the first thing they can think of. The fun lies in being true to yourself. Don’t try to varnish up your responses and ask your partner to do the same. It might give you a peek into their brains and how they think. It can be a creative exercise for any two people in a long-distance relationship. 

23. Emoji Movie Name

Emoji Movie Name

It can be fascinating, especially if both of you are movie buffs. You just have to come up with a string of emojis to convey the name of a popular movie and send it to your partner. If you want to add a personal flavor, choose one which you may have watched together. 

Alternatively, you can also pick a title that you two may have planned to watch together. Let’s get you started. Think of a string of emojis for this title ‘I Know What You like only hookup’ Let’s see how creative you are. 

24.  Unscramble 


Yes, you heard it right. First, you take a word and scramble it up for your partner and let them try and unscramble the word. If you have tried a few games to play over text like sexchatten, give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed. 

Let your long-distance partner know how many letters there are in the word and if they find it a bit hard, you can tell the first or last letter as a clue. To keep the interest alive, you can begin with a four-letter word and then slowly increase the difficulty level by adding to the number of letters in a word. 

25. Word Stack

You just have to text a word and let your partner reply with another word that begins with the last letter of your word. You can then reply with another word beginning with the last letter in your partner’s words. To notch it up a level, choose a subject or type of word, for instance, you could choose names

So, when you write a name, they have to reply with another name starting with the last letter of your word. You could change the type of word when you feel like starting the fun of text date all over again. Just remember that games to play over text are only as fun as you are. 

26. Make Your Confession 

make your confession

It is confession time. What better way to break the ice than making a confession with your partner? Better still, turn it into a fun game where you take turns to confess things. They could bring a smile or maybe a frown to your face or your partner’s but you could get to know your partner a little better. 

Begin with the smallest things possible. Maybe you had your ice cone without waiting for your partner or you forgot to do something they asked but covered up for it. Things can get interesting pretty quickly. Those in a long-distance relationship may have to try harder to think of confessions and be a bit creative. It could be about a small promise to not eat sweets that you broke. 

27. Staying In Character 

You can choose to be a adult character from a movie or a celebrity and text things that character would say. Your partner has to guess which character or celebrity you are playing. Your partner can also choose to be anyone they want to be. 

The trick is to not be too obvious but leave enough hints or maybe use some catchphrases that would help identify that character. Whoever stays the longest in their character would be the winner. Then you can choose another one from our compilation of games to play over text for couples.  

28. Rename Movie Titles

This is for the ones who love movies but also love a creative twist on things. You can come up with interesting alternative titles for popular movies that no one would expect. Let your creative jucy flow and choose names that may include hints related to your relationship. 

You could also rewrite movie titles with your names or nicknames in an interesting twist. Another thing you could do is translate movie titles into your native language or another foreign language you know. If you are in a long-distance relationship with a foreign language partner, it can really be a fun thing for both of you. 

29. Gun to Your Head


Imagine if you had a gun to your head and someone asked to marry you, would you? What if your partner asked you the same question in one of the games to play over text? This is what the game is all about.  Just take that a bit further to play it as a game between you and your partner. 

Just imagine there is a gun to your head and answer honestly. It will be fun as hell and also reveal a few things about you and your partner if you stay true to the spirit of the game. 

30. How Well Do You Know Me? 

How Well Do You Know Me?

The game is straightaway about knowing each other well. Ask your partner 5 things they know about you but have never talked about. Then it is your turn to share 5 things you know about your partner like, how many affairs they had?. You can also make it into 5 questions that you will ask your partner about things they may or may not have noticed. Then it is their turn to do the same. Let’s see how much you really know your partner. 

Summing Up!!

In the end, it is all about opening up a fun channel to communicate your most personal feelings and thoughts with your soulmate in a long-distance relationship. You can choose any of these games or make up some of your own along the way but there are some cardinal rules you must follow. First, always have fun while texting. Second, don’t try too hard to be funny and just keep things simple between you and your partner. Third, always speak your mind and try to be in the moment so you can let your feelings find a way to the heart of your partner. 

Last but not least, always try to be a tad bit creative with games to play over text. Also, remember it is these little things that can spice up a relationship or let things wither away. So, begin texting your heart away and find that spark between you two to keep the fun alive.