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Tips for Mind-Blowing Adult Sensual Massage: Pro Techniques

Do you ever fantasize about exploring your partner’s body in a more intimate way that goes beyond sex? Well what better way to do that than giving them an adult erotic massage. Have you ever thought about it before? Let me tell you, when I first gave my partner an erotic massage I was so nervous but incredibly excited at the same time. What awaited us on the bed were pure sensuality and pleasure. Taking our own sweet time, exploring each other’s bodies with our hands and oil was pure bliss! Our exploration of each other’s senses led to a whole new level of intimacy in our relationship which made us both experience heightened physical sensations during love making.

In this article I will share with you tips for getting started on how to give your special someone that extremely rewarding experience.

Curious about How to Give an Erotic Massage? Tips/Tricks

Whether you are looking to take your sexual relationship to the next level, or just want to send your partner into blissful relaxation, this erotic massage guide will provide you with different adult erotic massage techniques that will do just that. So get ready to show your partner how much you care with sultry massage moves.  

1. Create the Right Ambiance 

The atmosphere is everything when it comes to a sensual massage. Make sure there’s plenty of soft lighting and consider using scented candles or essential oils for ambiance. Create a cozy spot on the bed by laying down a thick comforter or blanket so that your partner doesn’t have to worry about getting chilly during their massage session. Consider playing some soft music in the background, too—this will help create an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure. 

2. Take it Slow

The key to giving an effective adult erotic massage is to take things slowly and build anticipation. Take off one item of clothing at a time and focus on each area of their body with long, slow strokes. This will help create a relaxed atmosphere and make them more receptive to the sensations that come with the massage. Additionally, adding scented oils or candles can really add some extra sensuality to the experience. 

3. Focus on Their Pleasure Zones 

adult erotic massage

When giving an adult erotic massage, it’s important to know where your partner’s pleasure zones are located so that you can maximize their enjoyment and satisfaction. These zones can vary from person to person, but they usually include areas such as the neck, shoulders, lower back and inner thighs. 

Spend extra time massaging these areas with light strokes or gentle caresses until you find out what feels best for them—it may take some experimentation but you’ll eventually discover all their sweet spots! 

4. Stay Present in the Moment 

It’s easy to get distracted while giving an adult sensual massage —after all, it can be tempting to start thinking about other things like dinner plans or errands that need doing tomorrow morning. But staying present in the moment is essential when providing an intimate massage experience for your partner. 

Focus on their body language, pay attention to their breathing patterns and make sure that you don’t rush through the process; taking your time will ensure that both of you get the most out of this special activity!  

5. Use Your Fingers & Palms 

Your fingers and palms are great tools for providing a tantalizingly sensual massage experience for your partner. Does not matter if you prefer Asian massage or European massage, using your fingers correctly is the key. 

Start by lightly moving them over their entire body in circular motions before gradually applying more pressure where appropriate; this will help keep them relaxed while still stimulating nerve endings throughout their body which will ultimately lead to greater pleasure in certain areas (such as those previously mentioned pleasure zones!). As always make sure that both of you are comfortable with how much pressure is being applied before proceeding further! 

6. Use Breathing As A Tool For Relaxation 

Breathing exercises are a great way for both parties involved in an adult sensual massage session to relax and become more open-minded about exploring heightened levels of pleasure together. Take turns leading each other in several rounds of deep breathing while focusing on the physical sensations that come with each inhale and exhale—this will help both partners become more aware of their bodies while connecting deeply with one another at the same time!  

7. Incorporate Tantric Techniques

Incorporate Tantric Techniques

Tantric techniques involve connecting with one another through breathwork, eye contact, and sound. Start by taking turns breathing deeply together while maintaining eye contact and then slowly move into gentle touches along the body with varying pressure levels. This technique helps both you and your partner connect on a more intimate level while also providing pleasure through touch! 

8. Use Oils & Lubricants  

Massage oils can greatly enhance your experience by providing easier gliding motions during your session as well as leaving skin feeling silky smooth afterward (great for those post adult erotic massage cuddles!). For extra stimulation, try incorporating lubricants into certain areas such as nipples or genitals—but be sure to use water-based lubes since oil-based lubricants can degrade latex condoms!  

9. Focus On Building Trust Between You Both 

Creating an atmosphere of trust between partners is essential for giving an enjoyable adult erotic massage. Fostering comfort and open communication within the experience allows for exploration with different levels of pleasure, free from any judgment or pressure. 

Both partners should openly discuss what feels pleasant and what does not feel so great during each session to ensure that both people feel comfortable pushing boundaries in a safe environment. If you and your partner are feeling adventurous and want to take the experience outside of the home, websites like Rubmaps can provide you with further details on available options!

10. End With Some Cuddling  

Once your massage session is over, take some time to cuddle together afterwards! This helps keep all those oxytocin hormones flowing and ensures that both of you are left feeling contented and relaxed after such an intimate experience together! Make sure that no matter how aroused either of you may feel during the massage itself; always keep communication open so that everyone knows what they do (or don’t!) want during every step of it!   

Some Last Words

And that’s it! You now know how to give a adult erotic massage to your partner. Giving an erotic massage is about more than just pushing the right buttons. It’s about creating a connection between two people and allowing them to explore each other’s bodies in a sensual and intimate way. By setting the mood, using natural oils or lotions, taking your time, adding teasing touches and focusing on their full body you can give a great massage that will leave your partner wanting more. 

The pleasure and relaxation of an erotic massage should not be underestimated. If you take everything into account, such as these simple instructions above in our adult erotic massage guide and your own intuition, it’s quite easy to give a great massage that will leave both of you feeling relaxed and in heightened states of bliss. Since erotic massages make for a fantastic way to connect with someone you love, why not leverage them to deepen your relationship in unique ways?  

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What Are Some Sexy Massage Techniques? 

Ans. One of the most popular sexy massage techniques is an erotic oil massage. Start by heating up some massage oil in a bowl of warm water and drizzling it onto your partner’s body as you lightly stroke them with your hands. You can also use long strokes with your fingertips, kneading and pressing into their muscles using varying levels of pressure depending on what feels best. For an extra-sexy experience, try incorporating feathery touches along their body or gently blowing on their skin after you’ve applied the oil. 

Q2. What Is A Sensual Ass Massage? 

Ans. A sensual ass massage is a great way to provide pleasure to your partner while exploring different parts of the body that are often overlooked during traditional massages. Simply start by applying warm oil or lotion directly onto the buttocks, then use circular motions in order to fully relax the muscles before adding in gentle strokes and kneading movements.  

Q3. What Are Some Sexy Massage Tips?

Ans. Some sexy massage tips include – ensure that both parties feel comfortable with each other—this should always be a priority! Focus on creating an atmosphere that will help relax both parties—set the mood with candles and soft music if desired! And keep communication open throughout so that each partner knows what kind of touch feels best for them at all times (and don’t forget about breathing exercises!).  

Q4. Are There Any Risks Involved With A Sexy Sensual Massage? 

Ans. As long as both parties involved in the session agree to the activities beforehand and proceed with caution throughout the experience, there should be no risks associated with engaging in sexy massages. That being said, it’s important that you take necessary precautions if any areas appear too sensitive or painful for either partner; this could include avoiding certain areas or using lighter touches where appropriate. Make sure that all materials used during the sexy sensual massage session—such as lubricants or oils—are compatible with your skin type before applying them.  

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