Everything You Need In a Dating Platform: Zoomhookups Dating Review

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world shut down completely for over two years. As we came out of this pandemic, a lot of credit for whatever little pace businesses and enterprises managed to gain during the recovery phase goes to Zoom Calling. It has truly proved to be a blessing by connecting people around the world and enabling businesses to come back on track. Even in our personal lives, we have seen whole weddings taking place over a Zoom Call. So, it is only the logical next step to integrate Zoom calling into the ever-growing hookup and dating industry. It took some time before Zoomhookups came up with the idea to let people meet for hookups and connect via Zoom video call, bringing the online dating trend back on track. 

In this article, we will be testing & reviewing the Zoomhookups dating website to let you know how it works and if it is worth your time and money!

Features of Zoomhookups

Features of Zoomhookups

The idea behind Zoomhookups sure sounds innovative but there can be a lot of things that may go wrong while executing the idea. Let’s find out in the review how much of the concept actually fructifies!

Zoomhookups Privacy Setup

With so much Personal information being shared online, there is a constant insecurity in people’s minds regarding the safety of their data. Hackers can intercept even the most secure websites and platforms and tamper the data. Naturally, the fear and concern for one’s privacy is bound to happen when people join dating websites these days knowing that they will be interacting with absolute strangers. When it comes to Zoomhookups, it is one of the most efficient adult dating websites we have tried in a long time. It has a well established Privacy & Security network unlike most of its contemporaries in the dating industry.

Zoomhookups Privacy Setup

The Zoom hookups login process is actually quite similar to other websites. It is only slightly longer and a little more extensive. But the identity verification is done through the Email address itself. We understand that Email verification is not strong enough to authenticate people’s identities. But that is not a concern when it comes to Zoomhookups. The real identities of people are anyway revealed in due time. 

Moreover, Zoom hookups website is a completely Private Domain. This means that anybody who has not registered themselves as a new user on the website will not be able to access the dating profiles on this platform. This maintains a certain level of anonymity for people as well as works well with safeguarding user data from random creeps on the Internet. 

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The dating platform also allows its users to Block or Report profiles that they deem indecent or obscene. So, you have the authority to decide the kind of people you would like to see on your feed and the people who can view your profile by filtering out the creeps using the Block option. You can also report the profiles which violate the community guidelines of Zoomhookups. The website shall take a look into the matter. 

In order to maintain the decency among the dating community on the website, Zoomhookups has appointed moderators who check the Profile pictures that users upload and disapprove any pictures which are outrightly vulgar or explicit. 

Hookup Experience of Zoomhookups

Honestly, the Privacy and Security network of this dating website is pretty tight and almost impenetrable apart from the weak Identity verification, which too is taken care of. What makes Zoomhookups stand out in comparison with other websites is the visual mode of primary interactions. Being able to connect with potential hookups on video chat does not only maximize the fun but also makes the process more reliable. You can also instantly double check the profile’s identity with their appearance on Video call. So, there are very less chances of Fake profiles or frauds on Zoomhookup. 

Especially in the post pandemic world, Zoom video calls have been the way to meet people around the world. So bringing this convenience into the hookup and dating world was a great idea which zoomhookups has managed to execute well. Even if people don’t wish to meet in person, they can just join each other on Video call and have sex on zoom if they like.

Hookup Experience of Zoomhookups

The platform also allows its users to add filters while searching for potential hookups. These filters will streamline the search results according to the users’ preferences and show only the profiles that meet the given criteria. You can apply the filters on the basis of Location, Gender, Age etc. Some advanced filters like ‘Online Now’ will show profiles of the people who are surfing the website and looking for someone to have horny hookups with in real time. All of this makes the overall experience of looking for sex on Zoomhookups really interactive and efficient. 

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You can also connect with these people via Instant Messaging Tool. These Private chats are completely encrypted and hence are a safe space for you to discuss your fantasies at length. You can send and accept Chat invitations to connect with people, where you can also see who’s Online currently, set your own availability status, know when someone is typing and other extra details.

Join as a Premium Member

It is obvious that you won’t get such promising features and a premium dating experience for free. Zoomhookups lets you sign up and scroll through the profiles for free. But, if you wish to have a wholesome hookup experience with the platform & avail extra benefits such as Instant messaging, Good quality Video calling etc., you will be required to pay for the monthly subscriptions, priced as follows:

  • 3-Day Trial Membership: $1.95
  • 1-Month Membership: $39.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $49.95
  • 6-Month Membership: $69.90

User Reviews

We found a user’s review after researching. Here is his review:

My experience with Zoomhookups has been an exhilarating journey towards meaningful connections, offering a unique and exciting perspective on this extraordinary website. Upon entering Zoomhookups, the platform’s interface immediately stood out as contemporary and user-friendly. It seamlessly blends modern design with simplicity, making it effortless to explore the diverse features and offerings. The modern interface, authentic profiles, and secure communication features make it an exceptional choice for those seeking meaningful connections in the world of online dating.”

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In a nutshell, Zoomhookups is all you could have asked for in a Dating website. From a well established Privacy & Security network to affordable subscription rates, it offers everything. You should not worry about your data. Zoomhookups is completely Private and even allows you to Block users if they misbehave.

The additional website features are quite attractive with high quality Video calling, Instant messaging and a decently built dating pool. Therefore, this dating website seems like a great deal except the fact that it does not have a Mobile app of its own. Nevertheless, the web design is responsive enough to meet all the requirements and provide a wholesome overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Zoom hookups?

Ans. Zoomhookups is an Online adult dating platform for people across the gender spectrum looking to hookup in the most reliable ways. The platform makes sure that all profiles are legit and verified. It hosts a range of great features like Video call hookups, Instant chatting etc. These features make up for a great website experience.

Q.2 How to delete Zoom hookups account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to Delete Your Zoomhookups account:

  • Open your Zoomhookups account
  • Browse Settings > Deactivate Account
  • Click Confirm
  • Additionally, cancel your Premium subscription manually in case you have bought one.