Yourtravelmates Review: Love And Fling While Vacation And Business Trip

What’s not possible nowadays? In the same way that there is a proverb that says “Love knows no bounds,” it is possible because love spreads when you are moving across the world, whether you are traveling for work or pleasure. Nowadays, it is possible to plan a romantic vacation without making any long-term commitments. This is love across the world and spreading love while traveling with your travel mate and travel buddies from Yourtravelmates.

That’s absolutely possible; you may arrange a travel companion via Yourtravelmates and include her or him in your itinerary as a romantic companion. As stated on its website under the “Become a Partner” section, “spread the happiness!“, it is absolutely true that you may travel the globe with someone who is giving romantic company so you both can spread happiness and love while traveling.

Therefore, whether you want to incorporate a girl, a woman, or a boy in your trip, you should read this article. In this post, we will examine not only the Travel mates reviews, but also the various features and services that the company provides.

Continue reading to learn how to include someone in your schedule and how to spend your time with your travel mate.

All About Yourtravelmates And Some Basic Understanding


Travel and Yourtravelmates app is a community or social network where travelers may explore different possibilities for travel locations, organize vacations, and share their experiences with other platform users/individuals. You may join them to establish a connection with a travel companion who will assist you while you are traveling to certain areas or geographical places or any local areas just like Local Hussies.

On the site, you may interact with like-minded individuals and share your feelings, emotions, and unforgettable events, contributing to travel, social connection and community.

The Yourtravelmates app encourages travel connection and its community is aimed at sharing and assisting those seeking to travel to a certain local place. Therefore, travel encourages local tourist guides and travel partners to connect international or different tourists from different geographical settings. Consequently, a chain of experiences, feelings, and loves based on trip connectedness is created.


In addition, the Yourtravelmates app allows you to tailor your schedule with a travel companion so that your trip becomes a romantic experience. How you personalize and organize your trip with your travel mates from Travel is entirely up to you.

You may thus transform your travel, holiday, or work trip into dating travel, dating on vacation, or dating business trip.

Once you join the platform, the platform’s support staff or developers will analyze your profiles and decide your needs. Thus, you have an abundance of possibilities. If you are the kind of guy who enjoys spending time with new people and forming friendships with new ladies and women, you will undoubtedly like “Yourtravelmates app”. Additionally, if you are a lady who enjoys spending time with new men and boys and forming friendships with them, you will certainly like this place.

From this point on, you may think of it as a travel dating portal; hence, this platform—Yourtravelmates or travel dating platform/portal—has become well-known around the globe and is increasing daily. Therefore, its followers are fast rising.

Registration Process: Yourtravelmates app & Travel


Now you may see that Travel or the Yourtravelmates app is ideal for men who like spending time with women while they are on a travel trip. You will have a travel companion waiting for you at your hotel when you reach your destination. Therefore, if you like casual hookups, this is the ideal site for you. Similarly, if you are a woman traveling alone, a man (travel partner) will be waiting for you at your destination.

Now let’s talk about how to register on the platform of Yourtravelmates:

  • First, visit the website of Travel
  • On the main screen, click on Create an Account
  • Enter your age
  • Click on “Sign in via Google”
  • Enter the relevant and required information
  • Complete the remaining process and you will be in


Before you click the submit button, ensure that you have selected the terms and conditions and any other checkboxes that may appear when you fill out the subscription or membership application form. In the absence of this, your account application may be denied and processing will not continue. Therefore, this is significant. Check all the boxes during the application filling and submission process, and then continue to access Yourtravelmates app or travel

Fact Findings Of Yourtravelmates

There are several key facts that may arouse your curiosity. Therefore, let’s examine these facts before examining features that follow after this section:

  • Name of the site:  
  • Subscription: Paid but free trial has limited access
  • Sign-up time: two to seven minutes
  • Premium membership plan: From $49.99 per month
  • Dating network launched in 1993
  • Mobile version launched in 2016
  • More than 90,000 members
  • Has 60% male users and 40% female users
  • The IOS app was deleted and removed permanently from the app store

Important And Prominent Features of Yourtravelmates


From its portability during registration to its ease in locating new travel opportunities, the Travel website is very user-friendly and friend finder, and there is no hassle or difficulty in entering the site. It is equipped with many features that make it really stand out on the internet. Therefore, we have noticed the following characteristics of the travel platform:

Private messaging area

This area is for communicating with your match or potential travel companion. You and your possible travel companion will communicate here without letting others know what is going on between you. Each conversation session in your private message section is, however, time-limited. Every minute, you have 1 credit to spend. This solution for private texting is safe and secure.


Long message credit

There is also the possibility to compose lengthy email messages and send them to the prospect you want to contact and convince to become your trip companion. As this sort of email contains lengthy content, 10 credits will be deducted from your account. This is the most expensive option on the Yourtravelmates app. Once you submit the email, your potential partner will respond directly to you.

Mingle Chat session

This is a realistic way to save credits, since “let’s mingle chat” allows you to send many messages to your target travel partner for only 20 credits. It is less costly since you may send several messages to multiple profiles based on Yourtravelmates predetermined criteria.

Broadcast live streaming

Live broadcast streaming is more expensive since it enables live profile viewing. It is more expensive since live interaction is possible on Travel mates com.

Video Call zone

Yourtravelmates also has a very powerful feature called “Video Call Zone“. It is less expensive which is a good thing about the platform.

As you can see from these options, you have a variety of ways to communicate and create relationships with your prospective vacation dating companion, including private messaging, extended messages, mingle chat, live streaming, and a video call zone. With all of these premium features, you may cultivate relationships in a really inventive manner on Yourtravelmates. Consequently, your chances of impressing your prospect become even more unique and assured.

User review

Diving into the diverse spectrum of user reviews, one finds a treasure trove of perspectives that paint a comprehensive picture of experiences and opinions, YouTuber’s user’s review – This is a dating app for singles over 50 years old so it’s geared towards people in the 50 and older community who are single and still looking to interact with people meet new people and date it’s completely free to view profiles photos see people that you may be interested in keep track of those people and more however for other features like sending and receiving email seeing is interested in you you’re gonna need to pay for a subscription fee here so you can see under the Home tab.

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This is a fantastic location for individuals who are constantly on the move and who are comfortable staying with new people together and making new friends. Additionally, if you dislike being in a committed relationship, this is the ideal place for you. Yourtravelmates is thus not just your friend-finder for your travel companion, but also a platform where you can locate a genuine love partner for your travels or for an NSA-based relationship.

The platform is safe to use because the support team and the developer constantly monitor the activities of the users and take quick action against any malicious conduct that is detected. There is a free plan available, but you must qualify to receive a free member test. Therefore, it is a safe, simple, and user-friendly dating and vacation love dating site.

As stated on the website, Travel mates com is for everyone and will alter the way individuals find love and spread love and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Yourtravelmates? 

Ans. Yourtravelmates platform or, or the Yourtravelmates app is part of a community or social network where travelers can find out about different places to visit, plan trips, and talk about their experiences with other platform users. It provides a platform for travelers to find travel partners and love partners in NSA-based relationships. Hence, Yourtravelmates app or site is a travel love dating site.

Q2. How to delete my Yourtravelmates account?

Ans. Once you install the app or sign up on the portal, you need to remember that removing the app won’t cancel your membership. So, if you want to get rid of your account for good, you’ll have to cancel it from your profile. You can follow the steps below:

  • Cancel it via profile settings
  • Cancel it by sending an email
  • You can cancel it via customer support
  • By managing your app store subscription

Q3. How well does Yourtravelmates work?

Ans. It brings people together and gives every traveler a chance to share what they’ve learned at this one place. At Travel, everyone shares their pictures, thoughts, and ideas. It helps travelers from all over the world connect with local travel. All you have to do is sign up for an account and connect with people who are like you or like-minded people. You talk to them to ask for help getting to a certain place. Along with being a travel site, Just like place to chat this site is also a place to find love and date.