Utopiaguide Escort Listing Honest Review | Complete Guide

Since time immemorial, there has been an active yet lowkey existence of sex workers across cultures in the world. With the passage of time and advent of technology, as everything goes digital, so did the commercial sex avenues with the coming of Escort service websites as well as Prostituion pages. But, after the FOSTA law was passed in the USA, it was illegal to be involved in such activities of commercial sex yet the Escort service websites have not ceased to exist. While they are mostly fraudulent money extorting platforms, they do put up a front of reliable Escort directories. One such website is the Utopiaguide which follows the same old template of fake Escort service websites to rob the users. Besides, we believe that it is anyway unsafe to engage in something that is not only illegal but also has physical risks like Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

In this article, we will be reviewing and testing out Utopia Guide forums for all the readers so that you know how to spot the red flags in such websites and dodge them thereafter.

Features of Utopiaguide

Features of Utopiaguide

Utopiaguide has been embroiled in controversy ever since it was first launched. The most common complaints leveled against the site are that it is a haven for legal risks, fake profiles, and redirecting links. Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues to see if they are genuine or not. 

Legal Vulnerability

It’s almost obvious everytime we sit down with an Escort service website that it is going to give us reasons to stay away. With the magnitude of legal and physical risks that come with browsing platforms like Utopiaguide, it is no surprise that all our reviews suggest against using them. In terms of Data Privacy and legality, Utopiaguide is definitely on the other side of ethics. For the unversed, engaging in commercial sex as well as paid sex is illegal in the USA which includes Escort services like Erotic Monkey, prostitution etc. Utopiaguide is an exact service for all things illegal and more which makes it all the more dangerous to use. 

Legal Vulnerability

The Website terms of service clearly state that they advertise commercial sex or people who wish to indulge with it- making the website blatantly illegal and inviting doom upon itself. The recording of user data and activity is also dangerous. If the law enforcement ever raid Utopia guide website owners, they will conveniently hand all the user activity to them. So, if you so much as browse or surf Utopiaguide to avail escort services, you are very much placed under the radar and vulnerable to legal risks. Such websites have also been known in the past as traps laid down by the law enforcement authorities in order to arrest people who engage in illegal paid sex activities

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We don’t think we need to give you more reasons to stay away from using the Utopia Guide forums completely. But we certainly have more, if you still have doubts.  

Redirecting Scam

Utopiaguide as a website bluntly states that they promote no ad listings on the platform while they end up doing the same. All across the website you will find annoying redirecting advertisement links, scattered like easter eggs. These links lead you to other scammy dating websites or Escort service websites so that they can make some money out of it. You will even find large banners of other website advertisements that Utopiaguide promote just for the sake of money. This makes it look like only a front for other scammy websites or dating platforms with nothing of itself to offer. 

Fake & Inactive Profiles in Utopiaguide 

Apart from the Legality concerns, it is not as if Utopiaguide offers great escort listing services or reviews. As soon as you login and register as a new user and ignore the important terms of service, you will land on the website homepage with various listings and customer reviews for all of them. At a closer look of these profiles, you will see that firstly, the profile pictures are insanely hot. Of course, we acknowledge the hotness in a few profiles but as soon as all the profile pictures have an unreal hotness quotient, it turns suspicious. This suspicion also comes with experience of so many scammy Escort listing websites. 

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Following the same investigative instinct, we checked out the profile pictures, collected a few of them and tried to backtrack them on the Internet to see where they have been picked up from, if at all. As soon as we entered the search domain, we were able to spot these hot profile pictures on stock image websites as well as Google Images clearly uncovering the fraudulent truths of Utopiaguide.

Fake & Inactive Profiles in Utopiaguide 

Moreover, we even noticed that many of the profiles on Utopia Guide pl have been inactive for more than 5 years. Any active escort website such as Cheeposlist website keeps updating their users and displays only the most active users and profiles on their homepage by algorithm. On the contrary, Utopiaguide shows some profiles which were last active in 2015 which will be a turn off for most new users. 

Even if you check out the reviews posted for these Utopia escorts, you will be able to draw a pattern between the usage of language, the misspelling errors, and the sugarcoated structure of these reviews. Personally, this took away our trust in the website as even the customer reviews seemed rigged by the website itself.

User Reviews

Here is an honest review for you all of a user of this website:

My voyage through Utopiaguide was dismaying, marking a journey marred by numerous issues that greatly tarnished any potential allure. Upon entering Utopiaguide, I was met with an interface that seemed stuck in a bygone era. The outdated design and clunky navigation made exploring the site a frustrating ordeal. It was immediately evident that the platform lacked the user-friendliness expected in today’s digital landscape. There are inadequate security measures that make it an unfavorable choice for anyone seeking valuable and secure online interactions.”

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It is clear as day that we stand nowhere close to supporting websites and platforms like Utopiaguide posing as escort listings directories and extorting money out of their users’ pockets in exchange. That added with the legal risks of falling trap to the legal authorities looking for unlawful activities on such websites. All of this combined makes it obvious that you must ignore the scam of Utopiaguide at all costs.

If you are too much into casual sex and hookups, you can readily register yourself on an adult dating website instead of wandering in the dangerous grounds of Escort websites. You get consensual, safe and free sex over these platforms that is also legal and free of any Sexually Transmitted Disease risks. Therefore, in all aspects choosing a safe dating website is a winner over an Escort directory such as Utopiaguide.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What’s new in Utopiaguide?

Ans. Utopiaguide basically introduced a regional division section where it divided the website interface into the various regions it offers escort directories for. So, there are a lot of subpages like Utopia guide Long island etc, which will show only the escorts for that region along with the reviews.

Q.2 What happened to Utopiaguide?

Ans. Since Escort services and commercial sex are all illegal after the passing of the FOSTA law in the USA, law enforcement authorities have been on a hunt for any unlawful activities like these on the Internet. Utopiaguide clearly violates the law and was thus raided & sealed by the Feds. It has been inactive ever since.