USAsexguide Review: An Answer To Your Escort Service Needs

If you have clicked on this link, you probably know what USAsexguide is all about or are looking to try it. Either way, it is apparently a Craigslist alternative that lists various profiles of escorts, paid sex workers, etc. along with customer reviews for people to choose from. Now, the concept is nothing original per se, but with the banning of Craigslist Personals, USsexguide got a chance to hop on the bandwagon and make money out of it by getting into the adult sex business. However, there are a lot of questionable things about the website and we suspect that it is a scam. 

In this erotic review, we will try to get to the bottom of this and leave it up to you to decide if USAsexguide is worth your time and money. 

Features of the USAsexguide Website

Features of USASexGuide

We have divided the USAsexguide review into the following parameters of Privacy, Profiles, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases to give you a deeper insight into the website.

Privacy Invasion

I will never be able to understand the rationale behind people opting for extreme options such as paid prostitutes and escort services for their sexual needs. In case you are not aware, USASexguide and the likes of the website run a service similar to Craigslist or Bedpage but for Escorts and Paid Sex Services.

As soon as you enter to explore the escort options homepage, you will have to agree to the term policy (the fine print). The policy clearly states that there is no confidentiality clause in the terms of service. So, all user activity will be recorded at all times for advertising and other purposes. 

Privacy invasion

This poses a great Privacy risk as sex work and Escort Service is illegal in the USA and if the service itself is recording all your activity, they could very much hand over all of your data to the Law enforcement authorities if they ever come in radar. 

So, a profile on the USA sex guide or the whole website could be a trap laid down by the Feds to arrest people indulging in such illegal practices which would also put you on the radar. Now, I don’t know if the website is worth risking your life altogether. So you better move on from it.

Fake Profiles on USAsexguide 

Fake Profiles

If you are persistent enough to go ahead with your sexual instincts, you will find that there are reviews written by local men who have tried the services of these escorts or masseurs. It may seem quite lucrative on the face of it with attractive women profiles calling you to hookup or have sex in exchange for money but both the profiles as well as the reviews can be totally fake. 

There is no procedure of verification for USA sexguide to check if the uploaded profiles are authentic. They simply post all information and take no responsibility for it. If you were to encounter a scamster, a robber, or some shady business, the Usasex guide will not come to your rescue as they clearly state beforehand. 

So, you are completely on your own to fend for yourself if anything were to go down south. Moreover, the prices that you have to pay for sex are skyrocketing. And that too, at the risk of getting robbed or even beaten up by a random pimp.

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STI Risks

Even if you manage to find a real escort or woman to have sex, they are just sex workers who have been working and having rough sex for quite some time. So, the probability of contracting a Sexually transmitted disease is extremely high because of the rough sex you will end up having with them. With increased cases of HIV and AIDS infection, it is not essentially wise to put yourself out there in the infected pool.

STI Risks

Additionally, the environments that they work in are not at all safe and conducive which also means that you could be dealing with drug addicts and crackheads. If you’re an adventurous person living the last few days of your life, sure go ahead. But a sane mind would definitely think twice and rain check on meeting up with escorts via USA sex guide. 

User Reviews

For honest reviews, we looked into the people’s reviews and here is one of those reviews:

“My interaction with USAsexguide left me with a sense of disappointment and frustration. After joining USAsexguide, I was met with a cluttered and outdated interface that was not only visually unappealing but also challenging to navigate. There was a lack of user-friendly features. One of the most major issues was the quality of content and discussions. The site seemed to be riddled with inappropriate and explicit content, making it uncomfortable to engage in meaningful conversations or find valuable information. The safety and security measures were alarmingly inadequate. The lack of proper profile verification and privacy controls raised concerns about the authenticity of users and the protection of personal information.”

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Lastly, I feel that it is a no-brainer to choose between logging onto the USA sex guide or taking a hard pass. With the intensity of risks attached to browsing this paid sex service, the stakes are too high to risk your time, money, safety, and life. 

Besides, there is a whole range of options when it comes to casual dating websites and platforms such as Tinder, Hinge, Adultfriendfinder, etc, which are reliable, safe, and authentic. 

It is also completely legal to consensually engage in hookups and casual sex with people you meet over these platforms. Hence, the risks are almost entirely eliminated while your sexual needs are equally met or even better. So, as stated in the erotic review above, it is a clear choice to avoid and simply walk over the USAsexguide escort service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What happened to USAsexguide?

Ans. Whatever happens to the Escort service websites which run illegally has happened with USAsexguide as well. Scam, fake profiles, low privacy networks, etc. are leading users to steer clear of escort services such as USAsexguise and the likes of it.

Q.2 How does USAsexguide work?

Ans. USAsexguide is not a very confusing interface website. All you need to do is sign up and simply browse through the plethora of options that you get for escort services, erotic massages, prostitutes, etc. You can even streamline your search results by applying filters. USAsexguide allows you to read reviews on these escort profiles so that you can choose whomever you like best. It is basically a Craigslist or Backpage alternative website but there is no authenticity.

Q.3 How to delete posts and accounts on Usasexguide?

Ans. The only way to delete your account is by contacting customer support and asking them to do so. However, the response rate is almost negligible from their end, as per popular opinion.