8 Best Unicorn Dating Apps & Sites for Unicorn Hunting [2023 Reviewed]

Best Unicorn Dating Apps

  1. Adult Friend Finder finding the best online dates for adventure seekers
  2. Elite Meets Beauty The platform is a safe and secure place for established men and beautiful women to meet and interact.
  3. OnlyHookup If you’re hooking up with someone, tell them where you are or how you’re planning on spending your time.
  4. Fuckbook By giving hot fucks to its members and allowing them to explore their sexuality, Fuckbook stands out from other hot fuck sites.
  5. OkCupid single individuals who are looking to find their matches on social media
  6. Fantasy Match helping you find the best dates as a college student
  7. 3Fun helping individuals who are single meet potential love interests online
  8. Feeld helping singles find other singles that are also looking for love online

When you hear the word “Unicorn,” you might think of a mythical creature with a single horn protruding from its forehead. But in the world of dating, a unicorn is a person who is willing to join a couple in their adventures. This can be anything from being friends with benefits to seeking out triads where all three people spend time together with or without any personal attachment.

Unicorns are unique and have unparalleled charisma, so you don’t get to search for them but rather hunt them. And when it comes to unicorn hunting, normal dating apps won’t do it! With our in-depth research on dating apps for their authenticity and user experience, we present you with the top five unicorn dating apps and sites that are sure to triumph in dating. Just read through and see which one fits best!

What is a Unicorn Relationship and Who is a Unicorn?

A Unicorn is a person who is attracted to both men and women. They are also attracted to people who are transitioning or non-binary. The term “Unicorn” is often used in the LGBTQIA+ community to describe someone rare and hard to find.

Unicorn hunting is looking for a romantic or sexual partner who meets all of your criteria. This can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have specific requirements. For example, you may look for a Unicorn who is transgender, has a forbidden fetish, or lives in a certain city.

Some people use dating apps to help them find Unicorns, and there are also websites and forums dedicated to helping people find them. If you’re interested in finding a Unicorn, it’s important to be patient and respectful. Be clear about what you’re looking for, and take things slow. Now that we know how to find a unicorn for a couple, let’s continue our journey by exploring the best apps for unicorn dating.

Our Top Picks | Unicorn Dating Apps [2023 Edition]

If you’re looking for love and are unsure where to find it, we just made this easy for you. The below-listed apps are designed to connect people with this unique form of love. Each app has unique features, but all of them provide a safe and welcoming environment for people of all orientations.

1# Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder Review


Adult Friend Finder is the leader when it comes to finding a love partner, adult friend, or online dating friend due to the extensive database on its site. Its algorithm is very accurate in matching like-minded individuals from across the globe and is always improving. In addition, it is one of the oldest dating sites known for its time-tested existence since its start.




Adult Friend Finder is a reputable online dating platform as well as a social networking website that connects individuals who are seeking casual meets, hookups, NSA, and other short-term and long-term based relationships or noncommittal relationships. It connects persons with similar sexual interests who are prepared to meet up. The algorithm specifically targets individuals with similar sexual interests.

Therefore, Adult Friend Finder is a dynamic as well as an all-inclusive platform for finding a companion for a one-time session or long time relationship. If you fall inside this sexual boundary, it will be of great use to you.

Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons AFF

Evidently, while selecting a platform, the pros and cons are vital in determining which one to choose and which one to avoid. Therefore, the following pros and cons of Adult Friend Finder are noteworthy.

  • Substantial community interaction and communication
  • Authentic queer and kink-friendly
  • Erotic video live streaming compatibility
  • Lacks in the level of sensuality
  • Might turn racy sometimes
  • Clumsy on a mobile device

Important Features:

Important Features: Adult Friend Finder

Features impact whether a certain online dating service will increase or decrease in popularity. Adult Friend Finder has become one of the greatest brands due to the excellent features it offers. The following features contribute to its worldwide renown:

  • High-quality video live streaming & nude models
  • Provides Adult Friend Finder points
  • Offers kink search
  • Community-based discussion forums
  • Options for blogging center
  • Section for video, photo, and album uploads
  • Comes with adult chat rooms
  • Can send messages and instant messages
  • Options for VIP members
  • Large database
  • All genders compatible
Why Should You Join the Adult Friend Finder?

Why Should You Join the Adult Friend Finder

With such a large user base and a long history of journey, it is dependable and simple to locate matches. Additionally, this unicorn dating apps is simple to use and sign up for. You may register with your date of birth, zip code, and gender (man, woman, couple, transsexual, transgender, or transvestite). In addition to signing up on its website, you may download and install it for free from Google PlayStore and iOS AppStore. Therefore, joining Adult Friend Finder will be advantageous and well worth your time and effort.

2# Elite Meets Beauty

Elite Meets Beauty


Previously known as RichMeetBeautiful, Elite Meets Beauty is a posh and expensive dating app that serves the mutually beneficial interests of its users. There are numerous kinds of mutually beneficial relationships; when you register for the site, you will learn which one you prefer. Available in 20 of the world’s wealthiest nations, it caters to sugar daddies, sugar babies, sugar mommas, and others who seek mutually beneficial encounters.

Elite Meets Beauty


Elite Meets Beauty claims to be the number one dating website, and it hosts gorgeous, well-educated, and accomplished singles with the goal of developing deep connections, serious partnerships, and mutual benefits connections. After registering, you will have access to a basic profile with limited functionality. To access all of the platform’s features, you must subscribe to a premium subscription.

Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons EMB

There are pros as well as cons associated with Elite Meets Beauty:

  • Very attractive women’s profile
  • Women and girls interested in mutually beneficial relationships
  • younger and older men interested in mutually beneficial relationships
  • NSA based dating
  • Not suitable for those who don’t like daddy-sugar baby dating
  • Not for serious relationship
  • It is expensive from both platform and meetings point of view


Features of EMB

This dating website’s global popularity can be attributed to a number of noticeable qualities. Let’s examine what features it has:

  • Abundant and attractive singles available for sugar relationships and NSA dating
  • Many active male and female members from across the world
  • Easy search with filters to find matches
  • Secret album feature to access photos and send gifts
  • Desktop version available
  • Free to download from Android and iOS
  • Registration is free
  • Browsing other profiles
  • Listing of favorites
  • Reporting any fake account
  • Browsing the site anonymously
  • Paid members can view hidden photos
  • No ads for paid members
Why should you join Elite Meets Beauty?

Why should you join Elite Meets Beauty

As evidenced by the preceding debate, becoming a member is quite simple and quick. Registration is available globally, and anyone of at least 18 years of age can join. It is secure since only wealthy individuals exist here. Consequently, anyone interested in a relationship built on NSA and mutual benefits would like it.

3# OnlyHookup

OnlyHookup Review


Similar to the functionality and portability of Naked Locals, Affair Hookups, and Hookup Cougars, OnlyHookup caters to the needs of those seeking hookups, short-term and long-term relationships. It is the ideal site to find someone from your local region for casual encounters. The platform is easy to use and clear about who it’s for and what it’s for. Come join and enjoy life by establishing genuine relationships is their motto, because of which their user base is increasing quite fast.




Similar to other dating sites, OnlyHookup’s registration process is simple and quick. You will also get chances to live stream with amateur porn profiles. Registering and browsing the platform is free, but a paid subscription is required to access all of its features.

Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons

There are some pros and cons to this dating platform just like any other site.

  • Easy to create a profile
  • Access to other profile
  • Live cams access
  • Cand do basic searches
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Only three months of free access
  • Profiles not so abundant


There are qualities and features about this dating site that make it more appealing to people. Some important things were mentioned above:

  • Local and regional searches
  • Ability to block selected and safe members
  • Option to invite or enter private chats
  • Gives webcam chat
  • Instant messenger section
  • Ability to see your contacted profiles
  • Option invisible and off-line status
  • Can report spam
  • Verified profiles
Why Should You Join OnlyHookup?

Why Should You Join OnlyHookup

OnlyHookup is a great way to meet people with whom you have a lot in common. Whether you’re looking for a casual hookup, a serious relationship, or something more, you can find potential partners who have similar interests, hobbies, and values. Plus, its easy-to-use interface and safe messaging system make it easy to get in touch with potential matches. So, it is worth trying to sign up for OnlyHookup and start talking to people who are interested in the same things you have right away!

4# Fuckbook

Fuckbook Review


If you’re wanting to get laid or simply want to learn more about sex, the Fuckbook platform is essential. The Fuckbook is ideal for anyone who wishes to explore their sexuality due to its comprehensive and user-friendly interface.




Fuckbook is ideal for those whose lives are predominantly mobile and on the go, as it introduces you to the world of modern relationships: fun, flirty, no-strings-attached sexual encounters. It expands opportunities for many because it has a diverse user base; if you are interested in a certain community, it is for you, and if you are open to all, it is for you. Therefore, it is a fantastic place for like-minded individuals to have fun and casual sex without romantic attachments.

Pros And Cons

fuckbook Pros and Cons

Before examining the features, let’s examine the pros and cons, as they are crucial factors that determine whether a particular dating service ranks highly or not.

  • Easy and fast registration 
  • Multiple options for interaction
  • Erotic adventures, casual encounters, and NSA hookups
  • Casual flirting with singles
  • Casual dating with no strings attached among singles and women
  • Paid members and verified profiles get badges
  • Problematic ads on the site
  • Prompting the user to upgrade


As for its features, Fuckbook has an abundance of them, which is why so many singles and users are attracted to this platform. Important features include:

  • Potential matches per preferences and personal information
  • Search through customizable filters
  • Paid members get messaging and commenting
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Email verification is optional
  • Members get a chance to write blogs
  • Quick matches for hookups
  • Huge user base data
  • Accurate algorithmic connections among matches
  • Comes with free services with limited access
Why Should You Join Fuckbook?

Why Should You Join Fuckbook

It serves not only heterosexuals but also homosexuals and lesbians. As its name implies, it functions similarly to Facebook and enjoys widespread popularity. Individuals must be at least 18 years old to join. When all the elements of a dating site are available, it is worthwhile to spend money and time on this site. It is one of the most highly suggested dating websites.

5# OkCupid


You have tried so many portals, platforms, and websites to find your ideal matches, but you are no longer able to deal with the tedious and boring labor of filling out forms and doing advanced searches on the filters.

In this situation, you may consider OkCupid, which is geared particularly for young adults between the ages of 25 and 35. However, this does not imply that it caters only to young people; elderly ladies and men may also join.

The fact that OkCupid has users in over 110 countries across the globe demonstrates why it is such a fantastic platform. Therefore, when there is a huge database of users, the likelihood of finding matches increases.

Pros And Cons

Every product has both benefits and downsides, not simply consumer goods but also dating sites. OkCupid also has both pros and cons:

  • A platform for everyone: sexual orientation or any other factor
  • Can send and receive messages with basic membership
  • Affordable subscription plan
  • specific search result efficacy
  • Accurate compatibility matches
  • Some percentages of fake accounts
  • Limited access to free membership
 Important features

okcupid  Important features

There are a number of excellent qualities that make it so popular. We may outline some of its notable features as follows:

  • Simple to register
  • Easy to browse and initiate communication
  • Free membership can interact with order
  • Highlighted quick matches and sample of quick matches
  • A large number of databases of users
  • Categories of online, recommended, nearby for search
  • The blog section on updates to maximize
  • Invisibility function through subscription
  • Swiping features for liking or disliking
  • 20 orientation options and 22 gender selection mode
  • Applicable for non-monogamous couples
  • Accessible from the Website, Apple store, and Google Play
 Why Should You Join OkCupid?

 Why Should You Join OkCupid?

OkCupid is a trendy platform or unicorn dating site since you just swipe the profile based on your preferences and likeness and you’re there. It works effectively for matching young individuals as well as senior persons of all genders and sexual orientations. You get access to all of the primary features with its free membership. So, this dating site is pretty useful for contemporary generations as well as mature people.

6# Fantasy Match

fantasy match


Fantasy Match is another Unicorn dating apps that continues to grow. It is the ideal location to uncover one’s own sexuality and discover the secret pleasures of one’s inner sex richness.

Fantasy Match comprehends the intricacies of current generations or persons in this contemporary period in terms of their sexual orientation experiences. As a result, they have created this digital product for individuals who want a search for conversation in order to make feelings to the next level.

Through the platform’s many play, learning, and flirting opportunities, it is possible to develop relationships through this Unicorn dating apps. There is also a community area on the website. Thus, Fantasy Match is a distinct entity for exchanging sexual experience unto itself.

Pros And Cons

As far as Fantasy Match’s benefits and drawbacks are concerned,

  • A perfect platform to discover sexuality
  • Sexual well-being and community bonding
  • 3 gender identities and 11 sexuality
  • Find matches via play, learning, and community model
  • All types of matches can happen
  • Takes time to find preferred matches
  • A bit expensive due FWB options exist
Important features

Important features f Fantasy Match

Fantasy Match offers a variety of outstanding features. The following Fantasy Match features are available:

  • Practice mindful sex for a better connection
  • Different audience segments according to relationship
  • Monogamous, non-monogamous, and FWB relationship
  • Three sections for communication
  • Learn, play, and flirt options
  • Sincere and mature relationships
  • A community for purpose, mission, and values
Why Should You Join Fantasy Match?

Why Should You Join Fantasy Match

If you want to establish relationships via the parts it offers, such as ‘learn’, ‘play’, and ‘flirt’, then this is an excellent alternative for you. On its platform, there are options for monogamous, non-monogamous, and FWB relationships, catering to the demands of diverse users. In addition to the ones described in the characteristics section, there are several more. When you visit their website, you will explore its many offerings. Consequently, it is one of the top Unicorn Dating apps/websites.

7# 3Fun a Unicorn Dating Apps



This is a mobile app-based dating platform that is quite powerful and sophisticated in terms of local-based unicorn apps to connect couples for threesome pleasure. This application looks for matches based on local people on the platform.

3fun Website



The best part is that you can quickly switch to incognito mode if you are more worried about your privacy or if you desire to conceal your profile. This function enables you to communicate with your partner without letting your profile visible to others. Here, privacy is a primary concern.

Therefore, 3Fun is ideal for swingers who are interested in enjoying threesome encounters. It is not exclusive to heterosexuals; bisexual relations are also permitted.

Pros And Cons

3Fun Pros and Cons

Regardless of how enticing the app or website of a certain dating service may seem, we recommend that you weigh its benefits and drawbacks. Consequently, the following are notable pros and cons:

  • Applicable to people looking for erotic adventures
  • Perfect for swingers and BDSM
  • Secure and safe environment
  • The strong customer service team
  • Verified users and profiles
  • Not perfect for serious relationships and deep commitments
  • Not applicable to conservative beliefs
  • Harder to find full-swap and unicorns
Important features

3Fun App Important features

Regarding its features, it provides unrestricted access to free communications. Photos and user profiles are always reviewed prior to being shown to other users.

  • Private access only to your matches
  • Genuine and authentic photos
  • Unlimited access to free messages
  • Ability to view who liked your profile
  • Applicable to heterosexuals and LGBT
  • Large geographical expanse
  • Extra layers of security for women’s profile
  • Short-term relationships and casual flirts
  • The large pull of database and users
  • Regular app scanning   
Why Should You Join 3Fun?

Why Should You Join 3Fun?

3Fun is wonderful for those men who like sleeping with two girls/women or women who like sleeping with two men. The app is secure and safe, allowing you to live your lifestyle and engage in discreet sexual activity. Therefore, it is highly recommended to test out the platform.

8# Feeld



Feeld is prevalent around the globe as a time-saving unicorn dating apps. Initially known as 3nder or Thrinder until August 2016, Feeld is similar to Tinder and Bumble in terms of structure and environment; however, it claims a feature that is broader than simply a vanilla sex orientation. If you’re searching to make friends with singles or couples to explore kinks and BDSM, Feeld helps your dreams come true.

With a user base of around 90,000,000, there are several opportunities to find your ideal match. It is a great site for those in search of bi-curious individuals and open-minded couples. Feeld makes its platform available for couples, singles, and polyamorous couples to communicate, meet, date, and connect.

It is also secure and user-friendly. The developer and customer support are constantly upgrading the platform to ensure that no fakes exist and no illegal conduct is occurring.

Pros And Cons

Feeld has its pros and cons, just like any other Unicorn dating site or Unicorn dating apps. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Trial membership to check its services
  • Members are of high quality
  • Perfect to explore sexuality and kinks
  • Easy interface
  • Safe and simple billing
  • Technical glitches occur at times
  • More updates needed

 Important Features

There are a lot of features that have contributed to its widespread popularity. The following are key features:

  • Wide range of options: hookups, a casual fling, or a relationship
  • Very safe and private space
  • Option for threesome search criteria
  • Ability to chat with singles or couples
  • Future connections based on your previous likes
  • Can hide the profile from the display and discover
  • You can put an alias name
  • Make your dating profile invisible to your Facebook friends
  • Ability to send disappearing or permanent photos
  • Facebook-verified profile
Why should you join Feeld?

Why should you join Feeld?

The nicest aspect of this dating app is that the majority of its users and profiles are truthful and authentic while communicating and speaking with others. This increases the likelihood of identifying potential matches. Not only is this suitable for singles and couples, but also for those seeking threesome fun, it is professionally designed and meets the requirements of those profiles. Therefore, it is one of the best online dating services available.

Tips for Making Unicorn Dating a Success

Tips for Making Unicorn Dating a Success

Unicorn dating apps undoubtedly help you get a match, but if you want to make it a success, here are a few tips to follow when opting for unicorn finder apps

1. Ask Yourself a Few Questions

Unicorn dating can be a great way to meet; new people and find love, but it is crucial to consider your goals for entering a unicorn relationship. Are you looking for a long-term commitment or something more casual? Next, consider what kind of relationship you want with your potential partner. 

Do you want them to be an equal partner or someone who takes a more submissive role? Finally, take into account your own comfort level and boundaries. By taking the time to answer these questions, you can narrow down your options and choose the best route for making your unicorn dating or polyamory relationship a success.

2. Chat Honestly with your Unicorn

Once you know how to find a unicorn for the couple, it’s important to know how to have a convo with them as well. Unicorns are often seen as difficult to find and even harder to convince. But the truth is, they are like any other dating prospect – they’re looking for honesty, communication, and a connection. 

By being honest with each other from the start, you can avoid any potential hurt feelings or misunderstandings down the line. Furthermore, clear communication will help ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect from the relationship.

3. Always Meet in Person

When you meet someone in person, you can better understand their personality and how they communicate. You can also see how they interact with other people. Meeting in person is also a great way to build trust and rapport, as you’re more likely to feel comfortable and safe with them. 

As you talk to someone online, it’s easy to focus on what you have in common. But when you meet in person, you can explore new interests and topics. It is the best way to get to know someone before you start dating them. It will also help you figure out if they’re right for you and if you have a connection.

4. Consider Equality

When unicorn finders get a match on unicorn dating apps, they often think they have the upper hand. After all, they’re seeking out someone rare and special, which makes them feel unique and important. However, this mindset can harm both the hunter and the unicorn. 

First of all, it creates an imbalance of power in the relationship, which can lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety. Secondly, it pressures the unicorn to live up to unrealistic expectations. By approaching potential partners with respect and an open mind, they’re more likely to find a true connection – and avoid putting undue stress on themselves or their unicorns.


If you’re a unicorn finder, or you’re looking to be a part of it. Hopefully, one of our reviewed dating apps and sites for unicorns will help you find that elusive, perfect partner. So saddle up and get ready to gallop into a world of magical dating with our recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where can I find a unicorn?

Ans. While the idea of a unicorn polyamory person may seem like a myth, they are out there! The best place to start your search is online, on forums, or on social media groups, and polyamorous dating apps are dedicated to such relationships. You can also try attending meetups or events for people interested in alternative forms of relationships or use the below unicorn dating apps.

  1. OkCupid
  2. Fantasy Match
  3. Adult Friend Finder
  4. Feeld
  5. 3Fun.

Q2. What is a unicorn in a relationship?

Ans. A unicorn is a term used in the polyamorous community to describe a person who is open to dating and having relationships with more than one person. The term is often used to describe someone new to the polyamorous lifestyle, as they are considered rare and special. 

Unicorns are highly sought after by single and married people, as they offer the possibility of non-monogamous relationships without the challenges that can come with them. While the term unicorn has become popular in recent years, each person has their own unique preferences and boundaries, and it’s up to them to decide what label they feel best describes them.

Q3. What is the unicorn in a threesome?

Ans. When it comes to threesomes, the unicorn is the third person brought in to add a little extra excitement to the mix. Threesomes can involve two people of any gender combination and a third person of any gender. 

Whether the third person is a stranger met on unicorn dating apps or someone who is already known to the couple, it is important that all parties involved feel comfortable with one another and that everyone understands and agrees to the ground rules before engaging in any sexual activity.