The Ultimate Strip Club List Tuscl Website Review

The coming of Craigslist has surely paved the way for other websites with similar services but targeted at a niche audience. While Craigslist was the one to come up with the original idea of providing a compilation of services, other websites have only hopped on the bandwagon and copied the service plan. One such website is The Ultimate Strip Club List or Tuscl, which basically is a Craigslist for Strip Clubs nationally as well as internationally. 

It claims to be a platform that gives out information about the existing Strip clubs and their customer reviews for all its users. But when we tested it out, it turned out to be yet another scam that only aims at making money out of unreliable reviews and listings.

In this article, we will review Tuscl step by step and reveal the true face of the scam that runs behind the facade of a Strip club listing website. Let’s get started.

Features of Tuscl

Features of Tuscl

We have divided the disappointing features of Tuscl as The Misleading Interface, Fake Reviews as well and Escort service backdoor to give a better insight into the fake website.

Misleading Interface 

There is not much to like about Tuscl which actually claims to be The Ultimate Strip Club List but tries to do so much more yet accomplish nothing. For starters, as soon as you enter the website homepage as a new user, you will come across a long list of categories to choose from which will supposedly give you the services such as Free Sex Cam, Hookup Section etc., which by the way are all fake. These are simply redirecting link advertisements that land you on other scammy websites which basically want to make money off of you. This misleading feature of Tuscl is enough to tick the users off their website and stop using it right away. 

Misleading Interface 

Additionally, the terms on the website which are conveniently written in fine print and are often overlooked by the users clearly state the fraudulent behavior on Tuscl. These terms admit and state that ‘Everything written on this site should be considered a work of fiction. We don’t think there is much else to say about the website when it has already admitted the fraud it commits by writing fake reviews and promoting strip clubs just to make money.

Fake Reviews 

The actual concept behind the design of Tuscl net is to compile reviews for various Nation and International strip clubs for its users to choose. We thought that these redirections would just be extra ways of making money.

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But, we were deeply unhappy by reading these strip club reviews. Almost all these website reviews seem completely rigged and unauthentic. They have either been written by the Strip club itself or they have paid Tuscl to write a great review for them. Either way, these fictitious pieces of work cannot pass off as real and reliable at any cost. So, we can see through the writing how amateur it is. 

In fact, there are a few strip clubs dissing other clubs in their reviews and having these online verbal spats which again shows the fakeness of it all. Had it been a reliable Stripclublist ct website, the reviews would be screened by the website admins or moderators and any fake or indecent reviews would be instantly removed from the website. But there seems to be no such screening method in place. 

Fake Reviews 

To top it all, Tuscl com also requires its users to buy the premium subscription if they wish to access the features of the website completely. There is some nerve that the creators have in creating a scam and then asking money for it. The subscription model is as follows:

  • 1-Month Membership Plan: $6.95
  • 6-Month Membership Plan: $34.95
  • 12-Month Membership Plan: $49.95

The subscription rate might not be too expensive but there is no use in spending this money on a fraudulent and strip club porn website like

Tuscl – A Backdoor for Escort Service?

Tuscl - A Backdoor for Escort Service or not

You will also notice that there is an awful level of promotion for Escort websites like P411 all over Tuscl. It seems to be encouraging and luring the horny users into clicking on these escort service websites and signing up on them so that they can make money out of it. 

Now, even though Tuscl is not directly involved in these escort services, as Erotic monkey is, it promotes an illegal activity in the USA which could get you in trouble. Escort websites are a big red flag themselves as there is no safety of data and information. Your details can go into the hand of the Law enforcement authorities who raid such escort websites to arrest individuals who indulge in illegal activity such as escorts and money sex. 

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Therefore, Tuscl loses a lot of its points by promoting such illegal activity. It could simply be doing its job of listing strip club reviews but Tuscl is not a decent attempt at it. 

User Reviews

Here is an honest review of a real user on this website Tuscl:

“My interaction with TUSCL was a disappointment. The platform’s interface is chaotic and poorly designed, it makes navigation confusing and counterproductive. This significantly hampered my ability to explore and engage with the site’s offerings. The content and discussions on TUSCL failed to live up to expectations. I encountered a slew of irrelevant and distasteful content that hindered genuine interaction. The absence of user verification and privacy controls left me apprehensive about the legitimacy of users and the protection of my personal information.”

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In the end, it is clear that we have not liked Tuscl one bit and there is no chance that we would recommend our users to try it. It is a total waste of time which basically runs with the motive of making money through redirecting links, Escort services and fake reviews but we have revealed the reality of this website.

Now that you know what Tuscl stands for as a service, you should definitely not indulge with it. Even if you wish to try it once for the sake of it, you may by all means but just don’t end up giving them money for any of their services. These memberships are so not worth it. You can spend at other dating websites which are real and legit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What do I have to do to go VIP on Tuscl?

Ans. There is a premium membership plan on Tuscl which you need to buy to avail all the features on the website. Here’s how it goes:

  • 1-Month Membership Plan: $6.95
  • 6-Month Membership Plan: $34.95
  • 12-Month Membership Plan: $49.95

Q.2 Where are Chicago Escorts Tuscl?

Ans. Tuscle claims to provide information about Strip clubs on the face but there is also a whole side and lowkey section promoting Escort services. Here you can find various avenues for Escorts in your area. So, you could simply look for one in Chicago through Tuscl but keep in mind that it is illegal to engage in Escort Services.

Q.3 How to select a dancer Tuscl?

Ans. From the listings that are available on Tuscl, you can check for the strip clubs with lap dancers and select the ones with the best reviews on the website.