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Honest & Detailed Tryst Link Review: New Escort Service Site On The Block

The general perception and performance of most Escort Service websites are highly questionable and non-reliable and rightly so. Mostly because almost all these services use people’s sexual fantasies to make them pay money and give nothing in return. Even if they do, there is a high risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases that comes with unsafe Escort services. It is really tough to understand why people would pay for risky sex when they can easily log on to dating apps for casual hookups and be safe instead.

But for those who are into it, here is a new option for you to try- Tryst Link. We have heard relatively better things about this website as compared to most other escort services. Let’s see how it performed for us in this detailed review of the Tryst Escorts Service.

Features of Tryst Link

Check out the following in-depth, first hand experience of using Tryst Link and see if it would be a good fit for you!

Escort Safety

The Tryst Link service came into existence with set motives which were aimed at providing a safe space for escorts, Giving them some respite from unreasonable pimps, fair prices, and ways to advertise their services. It was created by three guys who saw these loopholes in the sex workers field and made an attempt to rectify these issues after Backpage was shut by the Feds when the sex trafficking laws were passed. These were the theoretical targets Tyrst escorts link try out to achieve and has been partly successful in doing so by creating this gender inclusive platform for escorts and for users to find suitable partners.

Tryst Link

Tryst.link is different from other websites in the sense that it is not the place for free and casual hookups. It is a completely professional hookup space where the users pay for their services. But it seems like these policies have not been working quite in the favor of the creators as the website hosts only about 450 listings of escorts in total. This might be due to the high listing prices but the options are really scarce.

As a user, you can by all means search by entering location, physical characteristics, and other preferences but the limited pool of escorts slims the chances of you finding a suitable option, especially if you’re not from a big city.

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Listing & Subscription Rates of Tryst Link

There are two revenue streams for the creators of Tryst Link- the listing Rates for Escorts and the Subscription rates for the Users. Following is the Escort plan which comes in three levels of subscriptions with respective benefits:

  • Basic: It costs $39 and includes 1 upcoming tour, 8 photo uploads, 1 live photo, 2-year Profile analytics, 14-day advanced analytics, and up to 5 partners. There is no provision for a personal Domain, Video uploads, and Photo Verification at the Basic level of subscription.
  • Standard: It is worth $69 and comes with 5 upcoming tours, 16 photo uploads, 2 live photo uploads, 4-year profile analytics, 14-day advanced analytics, up to 55 partners, Photo Verification, and a Personal Domain. There are no Video Uploads permitted at the Standard level of Subscription.
  • Premium: It is worth $119 and includes unlimited upcoming tours, 24 photo uploads, 5 live photos, unlimited profile analytics, 14-day advanced analytics, unlimited partners, Photo verification, Personal Domain, and 5 Video uploads. 

Subscription Rates of Tryst Link

On the other hand, if you have signed up for the service as a user, here is the basic pricing that will be asked of you:

  • 60 minutes date: $400
  • 90 minutes date: $600
  • 2 hours date: $800
  • Dinner Date: $1300
  • 3 hours date: $1400
  • Overnight date: $3200
  • Additional Hour: $400

The pricing list of the Tryst dating website gives an idea of what you will be getting into as a user as well as an escort. The prices seem a little too high for the users. This is because there is such a limited pool of options for them. However, for the Escorts, it can be a fair deal since the safety perks come attached with it. The creators seem to have noticed the slow progress of subscriptions which is why trystlink started giving out a free six month trial period to attract more subscriptions. 

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Unlike most escort service websites, the Tryst link seems to be a more reliable option both for Escorts and users. They have genuine listings and a safe work environment for the Escorts which is the best of both worlds really. Apart from the small number of listings and the expensive price, the quality of the tryst link does stand out.

So, if you are into paid sex services provided that you take all the precautions, the tryst link might be a great avenue for you to sign up. And if you’re lucky, you might end up having the best time with your tryst escort. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Tryst Link?

Ans. Tryst Link is an Escort service website that aims to provide a safe working space for escorts and genuine listings to its users with their subscription plans. 

Q.2 Is Tryst Link a Free Service?

Ans. No, the tryst link has its subscription plans both for Escorts as well as the users. If you sign up for the service as a user, here is the basic pricing that will come across:

  • 60 minutes date: $400
  • 90 minutes date: $600
  • 2 hours date: $800
  • Dinner Date: $1300
  • 3 hours date: $1400
  • Overnight date: $3200
  • Additional Hour: $400

Q.3 Is Tryst Link legit?

Ans. As far as our personal experience is concerned, it is nothing like the usual Escort Services which are simply running to extort money out of their users by displaying stolen and fake listings. Tryst app has reliable listings with set rules and terms for escorts to list their services and for users to avail of the same.

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