Theotherboard Escort Service Full Review: First Hand Experience Revealed

Our personal stance on Escort services and listing websites, in general, is pretty clear that we don’t think it is an efficient way of looking for sex, and the fact that we haven’t yet found a single Escort service website that was actually genuine without any attached scams and risks. This is mainly because of the illegal nature of these services that they can never actually be a safe avenue for casual sex. But, enough about our feelings for Escort services. We have finally stumbled upon an Escort service website that might have managed to meet our expectations with genuine profile listings and interactive web design- Theotherboard.

Our job is to provide our readers with a non-judgemental and unbiased review of such listing services as Theotherboard. In this article, we will be presenting our first-hand experience of theotherboard Escort listing and review website to give our readers a better insight into the platform performance.

Features of Theotherboard

Features of Theotherboard

Theotherboard positions itself as a safer alternative for Escort services and reviews. But, we cannot deny the fact that it is an Escort listing service after all, which is not usually termed a safe service. Let’s find out how many of these claims are true, in the following review!

Is It Safe To Use?

You must be aware that Escort services, prostitution and other means of commercial sex are all illegal in the USA after passing of the FOSTA law. This means that escort listing and review platforms like Theotherboard are essentially running illegal services. The Law enforcement authorities are aware of the existence of such illegal websites and are actively looking to capture such platforms as well as the people who use them since all of it violates the law. 

It is bizarre to think that merely using an Escort listing website for reviews and references could land you in legal trouble. But it is not all hunky dory & fun if you go around looking for escorts in the USA as it has some serious consequences. On the contrary, in the case of Theotherboard, you won’t be looking at the same risks as you would for any other scammy Escort website, as the platform performs better.

The Terms of Service

To save itself and the users , The other board has released a set of Terms of Service which clearly state that they do not support or promote any illegal activities on the platform and adhere to all the laws and community guidelines as a Escort service forum. It is under the law that the description of escort services and a mere list is not illegal as opposed to actively selling sex. As an active Escort forum, Theotherboard only presents a platform to discuss and review other Escort services which are technically legal.

Terms of Service

Added to that, the terms also state that they can retain all your Personal information privately & confidentially. This means that you can go ahead and do whatever you wish to do with Escort searching and reviewing etc, and you are safe to do so. Theotherboard ensures its users that their data will be safeguarded in the terms of service.

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Lastly, theotherboard terms of service clearly state that they don’t support any sex in exchange for money. So, it is up to you to decide the means and amount that you will be paying this Escort based on a mutual understanding with them beforehand. There are no Online transactions that you need to do with Theotherboard directly. So, you are not giving out any personal payment information to the platform which keeps your anonymity intact.

How To Use TheOtherBoard?

As soon as you are done with the login and terms of service, you will land on the website homepage which basically opens you up to the variety of Escorts all across the country. You can play and have some Escort fun or sexual intercourse in any part of the country through the otherboard. All you have to do is select the state from the homepage which has a whole list of locations where they provide services. From here, you will be directed to the next page which filters the Escort options and shows you women who you can call to fuck from around your area. 

How To Use TheOtherBoard

Next, you can scroll through the varied options of Escorts and shortlist a selected few that you actually like and would want to invite over. You will have to click on the blue ‘I’ under the Escort profile which shows all the contact & other information about this escort- from her Contact number, Email address, hours of activity, Payment details etc. You can directly get in touch with your preferred Escorts over a call or  text, write to them about your preferences and wait for their response. Set up a meeting place, time once you are done with discussing payments and bam, you’re in for a great ride!

How To Verify the Escorts?

Another great feature that Theotherboard offers its users is an additional access to escort forum where you can discuss various topics with other users of the platform. This feature is primarily used by a lot of users to post about their experience with a particular escort. It starts a conversation with other users and enables them to verify the Escorts they have ordered for, or see who is more popular and better reviewed and go for the best one. The forum hosts an open discourse around the services of theotherboard across the country where you can even choose to review your Escort to help other men looking for similar escort services. 

User Reviews

User Review on theotherboard

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In the end, it is clear from this review that we highly recommend using the otherboard to look for Escorts and reviews. Unlike its contemporaries, Theotherboard is a much better avenue to find escorts and call girls who will be eager to fulfill all your sexual fantasies.

The website design and User interface is quite interactive as there are absolutely no advertisements on the web pages. You won’t find any large banners or redirecting links on the Theotherboard website which are aimed to deceive you into using other websites. You can easily scroll through the various Escort options, zero down on the one you like and conveniently get in touch with them all in a jiffy. It is a sure way to get your hands on some casual sex. Therefore, you should definitely go ahead and try it out1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Theotherboard?

Ans. Theotherboard is an Escort listing & review website which claims to be a safe & righteous platform with nothing more than Escort reviews and listings for people looking to find hookups and casual sex in different parts of the country.

Q.2 Is Theotherboard Safe?

Ans. Yes. Theotherboard is completely safe when it comes to data privacy as it safeguards all activity. Additionally, you don’t have to give your payment details to the website thereby maintaining your financial anonymity & saving yourself from any potential financial scams.