Textndate Review: Fix your Steamy Hookups over Texts!

Gone are the times when people had to meet up to discuss everything from trivial stuff to larger decision-making. Ever since technology and apps have enabled texting features, there’s no looking back at the simpler times when people used to bump into each other organically. This fast-paced and virtual mode of communication has seeped into both the personal and professional facets of modern life. Communication via texting plays as much a huge role in office setup as it does in dating and hookup culture. Every step of a new online relationship from the introduction to the dating stage is covered in texting itself and no one bothers to go beyond that. Reading into the same trend, Textndate introduced a dating platform exclusively for people looking for hookups and casual sex over texts.

In this article, we will be trying out the website and reviewing it objectively to give an insight into how it works and if it is worth your time and money.

Features of Textndate

features of textndate

This review will step-by-step break down the Safety protocol, website usability as well as the Subscription cost to cover & assess each aspect of the textndate platform.

Textndate Safety Protocol

Textndate is a fairly newer dating and hookup platform which offers core texting services to start a hookup relationship. From the user’s point of view, it is obviously difficult to put your whole trust in a new website as other websites like tinder have, especially since many of the dating platforms turn out to be unsafe scams. With the nature of data and information exchanged between users on a platform as explicit as Textndate, a well established Privacy and security network for the users is a must.

To begin with, the Textndate login process sets a strong standard of the Security infrastructure that the website aims to establish. The new users need to register using their personal details along with a valid Email address or Google account. This login helps identify each new user and makes sure no fake profiles or chatbots are entering the dating pool on the website

textndate safety protocol

An Email verification protocol works best with a combination of a Private Domain which is exactly what Textndate does. A Private domain loosely means that for any new user who has not registered themselves on Textndate will not be able to access the dating profiles on the platform. Further, this maintains a certain level of user anonymity on the Internet and keeps you free of any data exploitation and tampering by hackers. 

Textndate also allows its users to Block or Report any indecent profiles. Honestly, you shouldn’t be surprised to come across creepy randos on a sex dating platform like this who have no business finding an actual hookup. They enter the network only to peep into other people’s dating profiles and send them vulgar messages. The Block or Report option comes handy while dealing with such people. 

How Does Textndate Work?

How Does Textndate Work

As soon as the login process is complete, you will be directed to the quiz webpage where the Textndate developers take a curated quiz asking your preferences, likes & dislikes etc, to get an idea of your personality. The algorithm uses this information to suggest dating profiles of people you might find compatible. After diligently filling in all the required information in the quiz, you can head to scrolling the various dating profiles available on the platform. The dating pool of Textndate is quite diverse and enthusiastic which makes the hookup search even more fun.

To make this search more efficient, Textndate further introduced the option of applying filters. These filters on the basis of Age, Location, Gender etc, can be applied to narrow down the search results according to your preferences, screening out the profiles which don’t match your criteria. The additional advanced filters like Online Now will show the profiles of people who are currently active on the website in real time and are looking for a hookup partner. This makes it easier for you to hit them up and ask out for a zoom hookup date.

Key Features

The key features of Textndate chatting and hookup searching facility are as follows:

  • Texting: Of course, for a Textndate, texting is a crucial part of finalizing a hookup as one needs to know if there is a palpable chemistry between them and the other person before they decide on meeting up. Real time texting with potential hookup dates is a great tool in such cases.
  • Gifting: There is a unique Virtual gifting option on textndate through which you can basically signal your interest in someone by gifting them something without spending any money.
  • Matchmaking: The Textndate algorithm is efficient in a way that it suggests dating profiles on the basis of a Personality quiz that it gives during registration. This makes the hookup search efficient and at the same time remains unpredictable as you don’t know what profile you will be set up with by the Textndate software.

Premium Membership Plans

Premium Membership Plans

Unfortunately, Textndate is not an out-and-out free dating service. It’s what they call a Freemium dating platform which has both free and paid services. The free version allows only registration & viewing of profiles. But, in order to avail the extra benefits of this website like chatting & gifting etc, you will be required to buy the premium subscription, priced as follows:

  • 3-Day Trial Membership: $1
  • 1-Month membership: $36

User review

I feel obligated to offer my opinions in this user’s review “WebMobileAd” on YouTube after reflecting on my recent experience.

“If I get some news for you if you’re looking to get some hot dates with some of these hot ladies  I’m telling you this is perfect. you’re gonna have access to all of these you can text and date connect with these singles anytime anywhere. The secrets to attracting new women. If you need this you are now going to get into what i call the best part of dating which is getting in touch with people online.”

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All in all, we strongly recommend the Textndate website for your hookup needs. It is a great platform which offers everything from a safe and secure privacy network with Block and report options to an enthusiastic dating pool and a whole range of features like Texting, Gifting and Matchmaking. Apart from the fact that there is no Mobile Application for textndate we don’t think there is much to complain about. That said, the website design and user interface is perfectly responsive and interactive. So, you don’t have to go through any hassle while surfing the textndate dating site. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Textndate?

Ans. Textndate is an Online dating platform which offers hookup and casual sex services to the people looking for one. It is a hybrid of texting and hooking up services which has a whole range of additional features like Advanced filters and Gifting options.

Q.2 Can I send messages for free on Textndate?

Ans. No, Textndate is not a free service. You can only register and view the dating profiles for free on this website. Any further benefits like Matchmaking and texting require a premium subscription which has pricing as follows:

  • 3-Day Trial Membership: $1
  • 1-Month membership: $36