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When it comes to the current dating apps scene, something that clearly encapsulates the essence is the quote ‘Water Water Everywhere, not a Drop to Drink’. This is because there are just so many dating websites on the block but not enough real ones to provide the promised services to their users. It is disappointing to know that almost all these websites are trying to run money-minting scams but putting on some promising facade of legitimate dating services. We are committed to pulling out the masks of such frauds and revealing the reality of these websites to our loyal readers. In lieu of the same, we will be reviewing Tendermeetup today.

Tender Meet Up is another adult dating service that makes an effort to provide its users with casual dates and No Strings Attached flings. They have been active since the year 2020 which adds some legitimacy to the service image but we will find out if the effort is genuine, in the following review. Let’s get started!

Features of Tendermeetup

We have tried to divide the review into the parameters of Privacy, Quality, and Subscription Cost to provide as much detail to this review as possible. 

Anonymity & Privacy

Tendermeetup looks like a mix bag of scam and authentic. It is tough to say if it is entirely a running scam that is in the market just to make money in exchange for nothing but there are also some features which point exactly to a scam.

In terms of User Safety, Tendermeetup has well laid out terms of service safeguarding the same. It ensures that all the User profiles are kept Private. This means that your profile cannot be accessed by people who have not registered themselves on the dating website. This lets you have a bit of control in terms of who you want to give access to your profile on Tendermeetup. Of course, you and your profile picture will be visible to the registered members of the website but hey, that’s exactly what you signed up for.

Anonymity & Privacy

In addition to this, there is another feature where you can Report or Block profiles. Let’s face it, you are bound to encounter a few of those creepy, indecent profiles on every dating website these days. So it is extremely useful to have a Report or Block option handy when it comes to dealing with such spam profiles. You can easily block them from view which also stops them from reaching you.

What holds Tendermeetup back is the same old issue with little Profile verification. There is no extensive registration process while signing up for the website which leaves out an important step to check if the profiles are authentic and real. This feature does make the website lose some brownie points and seem a little less reliable. 

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Coming to the User and Profile Quality, Tendermeetup doesn’t live up to the standards. As soon as you complete the formality of signing up and registering yourself on the website, you will be flooded with messages even if you choose to have a blank profile. Now, of course, this is not your personality pulling all the attention of the women on Tendermeetup. Clearly, these are chatbots and fake profiles created by the designers of the website so as to indulge new users and try to hook them onto the website. But it’s a really old tactic in the book which almost all the users are immune to.

So, you will be able to see right through the strategy to make you buy the Premium membership. If you fall into the trap and go ahead with throwing off your money, that is up to you. 


It is really unfair that users cannot access the messages that they receive beyond a certain number if they are still a free member. So, you practically get nothing if you’re not ready to spend money on the Tendermeetup website. And you can’t even get in touch with your potential dates which is essentially the first step. This is what tarnished the legitimacy of Tendermeetup for us- Fake Profiles and the Desperation to make us pay.

As part of the paid membership, you do get access to the Live Chat feature where you can connect with fellow users who are currently online, just like Extreme Chat. Basically, this increases your chances of finding a hookup when you’re looking for it but we can’t say for sure if the hookup is a real person or just a chatbot. 

Value for Money

Value for money

This is the most exciting part of the Tendermeetup website- the money talk. They will definitely not leave any stone unturned to make you buy the Premium membership. Honestly, it is kind of expensive considering the weak service quality but here is the Cost structure:

  • 1-Day Membership: $0.99
  • 1 Week Membership: $7
  • 1 Month Membership: $59.97
  • 3 Months Membership: $64.90

These are non-recurring plans which means that you will have to manually renew the payment every billing cycle. Also, the creators seem to be aware that people are not quite enticed by the website service and the corresponding membership plans which is why they come up with a cheaper trial period offer. The offer is lucrative, sure, but it lasts only for three days which again makes it not a great deal. It can be basically established that Tendermeetup is not a Value for money. So, it’s better to move on.

User Reviews

User reviews for Tendermeetup
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In its entirety, Tender Meet Up might be easy to use and partially effective in its approach. But there isn’t much that sets it apart from the contemporary scams in the name of dating websites. The website has Anonymity, Live Chat and Block options to lure the users but the same non-reliable profiles and fake chatbots spoil the fun completely and drive the users away.

Tendermeetup has managed to sustain themselves in the market for quite some time now despite such technical bugs which shows that there is clear potential in the website to rectify these glitches and improve its standing in the dating website market. As of now, we are not really impressed with the service and wouldn’t recommend signing up for this partial scam. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Tendermeetup?

Ans. Tendermeetup is an Adult dating website for people looking for Casual hookups and flings, like Flingster. People log on to this website without any profile verification which makes the experience a bit flaky and unreliable. On the brighter side, it offers Live Chats, Anonymity of Profiles as well as a Block/Report Option.

Q.2 How can I change the Email on Tendermeetup?

Ans. Follow the steps below to change your Email address on Tendermeetup:

  • Click on Profile > Settings
  • You will find the option to Change Your Email. Click on that
  • Edit the Email Address and Enter Your password
  • Confirm the changes.

Q.3 Does Tendermeetup have a Mobile App?

Ans. No, Like most other dating websites, Tendermeetup does not have a Mobile app. It makes the website experience a lot more tedious than it has to be. An app also makes the website more trustworthy as compared to websites that are generally weak on the Security part and can be easily intruded by hackers.