Honest Opinion: Swingersdateclub Swinger Hookup Review | Complete Guide

Within the vast world of sex, there are various realms and sub-sets of people who enjoy different kinds of things in bed. Out of these, vanilla sex is considered the only ‘normal’, there are numerous other kinks and fetishes that people are interested in exploring but don’t find the platform to do so. While some may be into foot fetishes & BDSM, some are interested in Cuckold and swinger threesomes with married partners. These smaller kink communities like the BDSM community and Swinger community are very active and tightly knit in various parts of the world and operate within the network. One of the few platforms for the Swinger community is the Swingersdateclub dating website. It is a well-established swinger hookup platform that offers much more than just hookup opportunities.

In this article, we will help you understand better how this website works so that you can see for yourself if it seems to fit your Swinger needs.

Features of Swingersdateclub

Features of Swingersdateclub

From what we hear, Swingersdateclub reviews of the existing users suggest that they have never been this satisfied with a Swinger platform. The user interface is quite interactive and efficient. But, we won’t be going with any pre-judgments to review this platform objectively.

Login & Sign Up Process

Swingersdateclub is an exclusive hookup platform for all the swingers who like to join an ongoing party for two. This niche kink is really popular in the sex communities and websites like swingersdateclub act as an avenue for such people to connect and form larger communities. In order to join the website, you need to register or sign up using your Personal Information. 

Login & Sign Up Process

First, you need to confirm that you are above 18 years of age and can make your own decisions. This age verification is because of the explicit nature of content on Swingersdateclub. Next, the website asks you your preferences as to what you came here looking for- a man, woman or a couple. After your preferences are filled in, you can create a username and password unique for your account and get your Email address verified. This is a mandatory step in order to make sure that no fake profiles or bots intercept the website network. A strong password for sdc.com Swinger also helps you save the data and information from hackers and maintains privacy.

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The only step left after this is to fill in the Location details. This helps the software know where you are based so that it shows you swinger opportunities and parties happening near your area to make it more convenient for you. It is also advisable to read the Privacy Guidelines and platform Terms of service so that you know what you’re getting into before it’s too late.

Platform Experience

Swingerdateclub isn’t the typical dating website with profiles to choose from for hot hookups and casual sex such as on Zoomhookups. Instead, it has a slightly different idea of facilitating hookups. This is not to say that there are no dating prospects whatsoever. Like any other website, you can scroll through the sdc swinger dating pool of the website and select any swingers hook up opportunities that you might be interested in. A personal dating profile allows you to add profile photos and a bio where you can elaborate on your personality, likes & dislikes etc.

The additional features of SDC swinger like Live Chat come handy when you like a person on the platform and wish to connect with them personally. This is a great opportunity to get to know their situation better before you decide on meeting up. Swingersdateclub also allows you to see the Online status of other profiles to keep you informed about who is currently looking for a swinger date. You can make a move and initiate conversations with such people if you like. There are also extensive search filters on the website which catalyze the search in a much more efficient manner.


The main attraction of the Swingersdateclub is the even roster feature. There are constant notifications and updates about the latest swinger parties happening in your area. You can easily attend these parties and get to be a part of the large swinger community in your city. These events also notify you in case a Speed dating event is taking place near you. Organizers and event planners of such parties usually choose this platform to increase the turn out at the venue. Obviously, parties are a great way to meet new people who are also like-minded.

Subscription Model

Swingersdateclub is not a completely free service. It only allows you to sign up and register as well as scroll through the dating profiles of people for free. To avail extra benefits like Chat privileges, Event notifications etc., you will have to buy the Premium Subscription priced as follows:

  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $59.95
  • 6-Month Membership: $149.95
  • 12-Month Membership: $154.95
  • Lifetime Membership: $250

Misspellings of Swingersdateclub

It’s a shame that people looking for Swingersdateclub on the internet actually end up making mistakes in the spellings and search for these other variants instead. To make things easier, here are the common misspellings of the Swingersdateclub Website:

  • sdc seing
  • scd swingers
  • sdc swimger
  • sdc swuinger
  • sds swingers

User Reviews

So, we searched for some real users of Swingersdateclub and here is what we found, review of a user on this website”

“My journey on this website has been amazing and full of enjoyment. Firstly, entering the website, when I jumped on the interface, I can’t explain how different and unique is its user interface. Privacy and security are not a issue on this site as it have a strong protocol of verification which doesn’t allow any fake profiles to enter in the dating pool. There are no chatbots or automated profiles. You all will surely have a good time on this website and must sign up fast.”

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Our final verdict of the Swingersdateclub is that you must definitely sign up for the website. It is a great avenue to increase your social skills among the swinger community if you identify with the Swinger kinks. You can find great hookup opportunities as well as Swinger party invites which are a lot of fun. So, even if you don’t find someone to hookup with, you will at least have alcohol at the party and make a few new contacts to potentially hookup with while the exchange rotation goes on within the Swinger community. So, grab the opportunity and try the Swingersdateclub. Who knows, maybe you end up having the night of your life at one of these Swinger parties!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Are swingers dating apps worth it?

Ans. Of course. If you are into threesomes, cuckoldry and other swinger sex experiences, Swinger dating apps are the only options you have to find interesting opportunities. Swingerdateclub is one of the leading choices when it comes to swinger dating.

Q.2 Which are the best swinger hookup fantasy apps?

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