Snapsex Is it Legit or Not? Adult dating Website Review

In the age of technology and social media, online dating has taken over the market space in a way no one predicted. It is absolutely amazing to see the smart algorithms and features creators are coming up with to aid people in finding partners for relationships, hookups, flings etc. While there are some sincere market competitors who are here to serve the users, there will always be a few rotten apples trying to take advantage of the booming markets and making money out of inauthentic services. Today, we have come across Snapsex, a prime example of the rotten apple we just mentioned who, in the name of a dating website, is just a running scam trying to extort money. 

Join us as we scrutinize this website from head to toe and reveal to you the reality behind it in this comprehensive review.

Features of Snapsex

Features of Snapsex

Read till the end so that you realize why you need to stop hopping random dating websites and have patience with the reliable and well-established ones. 

Annoying Redirecting Links

It seems like the Snapsex website does not even try to pass off as authentic. Right from the sign-up process they are completely okay with giving up the facade and reveal the true colors. The sign-up process entails questions like ‘Are you okay with nudity?’ or ‘Can you keep secrets?’ which are clearly not aimed at any identity or legitimacy check of the users.

As soon as the formality in the name of these questions is completed, you are simply asked to confirm that you are above the age of 21 which is a redirecting link to It is a partner website of Snapsex which basically uses Snapsex users to lead the traffic to their website. The scam of a website doesn’t end with redirecting links here. 

Annoying Redirecting Links on Snapsex

As soon as you click on ‘Register For Free’, you are once again redirected to another website which goes on to show that Snapsex is completely fake and has no service to provide other than the redirecting trap, such as Skkoka.

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Love Stars

The fraudulent terms of service are not visible or you can stay they have very strategically placed by Snapsex. Users anyway tend to ignore the fine print and the legal jargon on these websites which Snapsex takes advantage of. In this same fine print, there is a mention of the Love Stars. When you read more about it, it is clearly mentioned that all these prospects that you see available on Snapsex are fictitious models or bots who have been created so that the users are kept engaged on the website.

These bots are adept with sending messages etc. and talk dirty with the users which keeps them hooked to Snapsex when in reality these are not real people who the users are interacting with. Moreover, Snapsex has the guts to ask for paid subscriptions on top of running this scam in the name of a dating website.

Hidden Charges in Snapsex

Snapsex Club gives the impression that it is completely free-to-join service but it doesn’t let you login before you enter your Credit Card details for ‘age verification purposes. Such white lies just to get the financial information so that you can be charged later on. There are promotional offers in fine print that users can ignore only after agreeing to a monthly subscription of $49.95 plus other services and memberships of partner websites taking the total to around $100/monthly.

Hidden Charges in Snapsex

It is highly advisable to be aware of such fine print especially when you involve financial details with sex dating apps such as Snapsex as they are mostly a scam. This is primarily why we recommend our readers to steer clear of Snapsex altogether to save them from being conned.

User Reviews

User Review of snapsex
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We don’t think there needs to be any more justification as to why you should absolutely avoid using Snap sex. They are running a novice scam, falling prey to which would be really foolish on the users’ part as there are clear red flags on the whole website experience. Everything from the signup process to the Love Stars is one big lie.

On top of that, you may have to pay charge without explicit consent. There are other reliable adult dating sites in the market these days where you can find great dating profiles who are genuinely looking to meet other people. It is better that you sign up for one of those and wait until you meet someone for casual sex, hookups, relationships and what not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Snap sex club?

Ans. In theory, Snap sex is an adult dating website which provides the users with dating prospects for casual sex, hookups etc while in reality it is just a fraud website which keeps redirecting you to other websites and charges you money for it. It is a partner of and both these websites run fraud to make money out of it.

Q.2 How legit is Snap sex?

Ans. Snap sex is a red flag in itself as it has everything fraudulent from redirecting links, fake profiles to Hidden charges without consent and fishy terms of service. It is highly advisable to stay away from any fraud websites such as Snap sex. 

Q.3 What is a Snap sex notification?

Ans. Snap sex notifications are the pop-ups you get when you match or want to connect with a potential date.

Q.4 How to delete your Snap sex account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Snap sex Account

  •  Browse Settings> Delete Account Permanently
  • Click OK

This however, does not erase all your data and they still hold your confidential financial information.