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The newest self-proclaimed king of the Escort service market, Skkoka claims to be the best Backpage Alternative and aims to replace it. But we aren’t too sure if that is a compliment since Backpage basically ran sex trafficking rackets and was shut down by the Feds. Skkoka is already banned in the USA and will be put to dogs very soon in other countries as well if they continue the same quality of service. We randomly came across the website while surfing through dating websites and escort services and could see right through all the legitimacy that they try to sell. 

So, in this article, we will be presenting to you the true colors of the Skkoka Escort listing service scam so that you know the red flags of such websites well enough to avoid them henceforth.

Features of Skkoka Escort Listing Website

Features of Skkoka

We will be reviewing the website by breaking it into the main three issues that we found with the platform- Data Vulnerability, Fake Profiles as well as STD Risks. Let’s begin.

Data Vulnerability

With ample experience reviewing dating and escort service websites, like Theotherboard for so long, we can almost smell when something is wrong with a website. Even the template of a fraud or a scam has become so generic among the Escort services that it is easily identifiable, such as Rubrating. The requirements that any new platform needs to meet are pretty basic which easily makes us classify a particular website as reliable and authentic. 

The first and foremost prerequisite is a strong firewall boundary of the website as well as non-intrusive data handling. As for the Escort service website, it is as if there is no Protective Firewall safeguarding the website. The Sign up process has hardly any verification protocol apart from the Email verification. 

Data Vulnerability

Next, your data activity is constantly recorded and can be accessed and exploited easily by hackers. Skkoka is not available for people in the USA since escort services and paid sex is illegal but for the countries that the website works like Skokka Mexico, Skokka Tijuana etc., it is even riskier to trust a stranger from a different country with your data. 

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Apart from this, they can trap you as there is no way to be sure of the intention of such hookups. Therefore, if by chance you end up being robbed or beaten up by a potential escort, you wouldn’t even be able to report them to the police because of the shady nature of your indulgence. So, it is highly inadvisable to register as a user with Skkoka for safety reasons.

Fake Classifieds in Skkoka

If you have still decided to go ahead with registering on the Escort service platform in a new country, the disappointment doesn’t end here. It’s not like the USA doesn’t have up and running escort service platforms operating on the low. But for the authorities to catch hold of Skkoka and ban it from operating in the country, must have given them something to be highly suspicious about. Since Skkoka runs in a lot of different countries with varied laws on prostitution and paid sex, the network should ideally be culturally diverse. But this somehow becomes a disadvantage for the platform as it gets harder to trust these strangers if you’re in a new country trying to get some action from Skkoka. 

After the Sign Up process, you can first select the location of browsing by choosing the country. After that you will be able to see various escort profiles available on the platform. If you take a closer look at these profiles, you will find that all the pictures are of supremely hot and beautiful women.

Fake Classifieds in Skkoka

As our suspicion alarm goes off, we tried backtracking the profile pictures on the internet. With no element of surprise, we could find almost all these pictures on a stock image website through a quick and easy search. Most of these Sokka escort profiles are a scam and there is no effort that the creators have taken to even pass it off as legitimate. 


Skkoka is not free of the usual redirecting links and advertisements either. Anywhere you go on this shabbily created website, you will find big banner posters trying to lure you into clicking them and landing on a random scammy looking escort website or some dating website. Such selfish money making strategies of platforms make them even worse & unreliable. 

STD Risks

If you’re one of the lucky few who manage to get an authentic escort in exchange for money through the Skkoka network, it’s not like you are actually that lucky. It could still hit you out of nowhere as you would have some rough and reckless, unprotected sex with this hooker without knowing their working conditions or background. This means that they could be drug addicts or people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases because of their past sexual encounters which could easily be passed onto you this time. Therefore, it is not only the cyber risks that you should beware of but also the physical risks of such infections and diseases. 

User Review

User review of Skkoka

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In the end, we think we have stated enough reasons as to why you must avoid using the Skkoka escort service listing. It is definitely not worth it with the weak security network, the fake profiles as well as the annoying redirecting link advertisements. Skkoka is just another scam in the name of escorts listing which states that they do not promote any commercial sex or exchange of money in any form but that is exactlywhat happens under the wraps. The facade is only to maintain a legit image in front of the law enforcement authorities. We’d rather recommend you subscribe to a safe and reliable dating website if you’re looking for casual sex. There is no hassle of Privacy concern or legal risks in the consensual dating website option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Skokka?

Ans. Skkoka positions itself as an Escort service listing platform which runs internationally in multiple locations giving the best recommendations for escort services near you. It claims to provide genuine profiles as well as user reviews which makes it easier for the newer customers to take a pick. However, on further investigation it was revealed that Skkoka must be avoided.

Q.2 Is Skokka network reliable?

Ans. No. Skkoka escort network claims to be the best in business by providing the best recommendations. However, our review reveals that most of these profiles and profile pictures are fake. There is no way to authenticate any of the profiles on Skkoka which raises our suspicion once again pointing towards the platform running a scam.  

Q.3 What are the best Escort service websites?

Ans. Escort service websites are always risky in the sense that it promotes commercial sex which is illegal in the USA. However, if you’re an adult who still chooses to opt for Escorts, here are some of our top picks:

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