Honest Skipthegames Review And Why You Should Avoid It At Every Cost!

Are you still curious about trying a genuine Escort service and persistent enough to keep trying despite encountering numerous scams? Well, we bring to you another sample to test out and indirectly urge you to stop browsing through these illegal Escort services- Skipthegames. It is a template fraud website which has all the red flags to be proven guilty. Right from the word go, Skipthegames is an out-and-out fraud running to extort money out of the horny users. In this article, we will patiently test this website only to prove our hypothesis that Escort Service websites are a no-go! Come along as we do it and read till the end!

Features of the Skipthegames Website

Let’s take a detailed look at the parameters to find out the overall review of Skipthegames website for Escort services.

Privacy & Safety 

Just like most other Escort websites like escort babylon ,Skipthegames too treads on the dirty side of the waters when it comes to the Safety and privacy of the users. What we mostly overlook and don’t pay attention to are the terms of service that pop up on the screen as soon as you log into these websites.


The Skipthegames Terms of service clearly state that they will be recording all activity that the user does on their website and that nothing is confidential. This is a clear breach of privacy and can prove to be highly risky in the USA where Escort services are illegal. This is to say that Skipthegames, if ever raided by law enforcement, will happily hand over all activity data to them and screw you over. In fact, it is known that Skipthegame has been recently captured and is being used by law enforcement to carry out sting operations in order to arrest Escorts as well as the users engaging in escort services. 

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Additionally, they shrug off all responsibility from their shoulders by stating in the terms of service that they take no guarantee of authenticity of the profiles. Therefore, any robbing, crime, or fake profiles that you encounter on their website is completely your responsibility if you decide to engage with them. This goes on to show that there is a little background check that is carried out by Skipthegames for their enlisted escorts. 

Usage & Performance of Skipthegames 

Moving on to the User experience and Performance of the Skipthegames Escort website, it is a total snoozefest to even browse through the website. The design is quite old-fashioned and outdated, especially considering it is essentially an escort service website like erotic monkey website which is supposed to be all kinds of fun. On the contrary, it gives off typical Craigslist vibes with little effort in designing. On the home page, you will have to fill in your details and preferences as to what you are looking for. Skipthegames website is inclusive in terms of gender which is why you have the option to specify the same beforehand. You can add filters like hair color, body type, kink-specific ,gender, etc which will screen and bring out filtered search results for you. 

 Skipthegames review

But, as soon as the search results pop up, you just know they are not genuine. Almost every second or third profile you come across seems to be a stolen profile picture or simply a scam running to extort money. There is all the information included Contact information given out for each escort which again maintains no safety standards and anonymity for the Escorts. Even if you find a real profile, there is a high chance of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection because of the unsafe sex that you might indulge in. Another red flag of Skip the game is that there is no functional refund or cancellation policy. Putting so much of your money in something as shady as this is definitely not something we would recommend. So, it is better to skip the website altogether.

User review

Here I am sharing this user’s review through her youtube’s channel “VixenTurnedPedestrian” and here is the user’s review – “don’t recommend rushing and booking last-minute appointments you know because doing that shit is all kind of situations you can get yourself into those be the kind of meetups that dudes do and then like they’d be mad if they got catfished they’d be mad that it is her picture but she don’t look like her picture like she didn’t get herself together ladies and gentlemen here we’re gonna keep it lit.”

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We hope that it is clear from the shaky terms of service and primitive designs of the website that it is just not the thing for you. Besides, we suggest that you sign up on some legit adult dating apps instead of looking for Escorts which is anyway illegal. There are much higher chances of you finding someone for casual sex or hookups over these dating sites for free and it’s legal. Just take the straightforward road to pleasure and you will get equal satisfaction by the end of it. And best of all, there is no fear of robbing. Thank us later for saving you a trip down this scam of a website called Skipthegames.com. Move on and look for better options!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Skipthegames Website?

Ans. Skipthegames is an Escort Service website where escorts have listed their ads and people looking for them can login and surf the options that are available by applying preference filters. They can select the profile they like and try to get in touch. The website, however, takes no responsibility for the legitimacy of these profiles which means that they could very much turn out to be fake.

Q.2 How to Cancel my Skipthegames?

Ans. There is no functional Cancellation policy for Skipthegames according to their terms of service. This makes it a very risky website to use. 

Q.3 How to Avoid Cop ads on Skipthegames?

Ans. The maximum you can do is cross the ads and try to skip them. The infinite spam of ads is a peculiar feature of such websites and there is no way to get rid of them.

Q.4 How much is Skipthegames for?

Ans. It is a free service to login to Skipthegames for Escort services.

Q.5 What has happened to Skipthegames Web Site?

Ans. Skipthegames started out as an Escort Service which is illegal in the USA. People could browse among the escort listings and select an escort to get in touch with. Recently though, it was confirmed via sources that Skipthegames had been captured by the law enforcement and is being used by them to arrest escorts who have listed themselves here and the users who login to avail these services as they are all criminals, by law.