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We have recently been on a spree trying out and reviewing new dating platforms for our users, as we will look at Simpleflirts website. It is fun to come across so many new websites every day with newer features, newer glitches, and a whole new experience. However, there are some commonalities that exist with almost every dating platform. They seem to broadly copy each other which is why they end up making the same mistakes in terms of the privacy networks or the Dating pool quality etc. By now, we are easily able to draw patterns and identify a scam from a distance as they all have similar giveaways. It can be disappointing as well to witness carbon copies of websites that don’t bother innovating ideas around the services that they need to provide and simply prefer to follow the herd blindly doing what is exactly being done by others. 

Today, we will be presenting Simpleflirts reviews from our first-hand experience with the website, giving you a better idea of how it works and if it is worth your time and money.

Features of SimpleFlirts

Features of Simpleflirts

We have divided the key features of assessment for Simpleflirt website into three, namely: Sign Up process, Quality of Service, and Credit System. Read till the end to find out our final verdict.

Registration & Sign-Up Process

Before trying to understand the Dating Interface and the service features of Simpleflirts, it is important that we establish how we would rate the platform on the basis of its Security and Privacy. It is indeed one of the most important factors that determine whether or not you should try the dating platform at all. The data and activity on such platforms can be highly sensitive which makes it all the more important to be sure of data protection. 

Registration & Sign-Up Process

The first thing that Simpleflirts offers its users in order to ensure a safe environment is that the domain is private like in Searchingforsingles. This means that anybody who has not registered on the website as a regular user will not be able to access the dating profiles on Simpleflirts. Therefore, you will have to first register yourself to be a part of the dating pool. 

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The Registration and Sign Up process is fairly simple without much hassle. All you need to give out is your personal details along with your Email address which is verified. We must add that Email verification is not a very strong filter to gauge the authenticity of profiles as there are fake email addresses created every second. There is no further verification that the website undertakes. So, we are not quite sure if there is ample data security provided to the users by Simple flirts.

Quality of Service

Moving on to the actual dating experience that makes or breaks the review of a platform. After an average Privacy network, we honestly don’t expect much from the platform so anything will be a bonus. Lowering our expectations further, we come across the website terms of service where Simpleflirts blatantly admits to using Fake Profiles and Chatbots such as in Adultlook.

The platform calls itself a ‘Fantasy Entertainment Service’ which makes it very clear that there is nothing real about the profiles you see on the website. This also means that the messages and the chats you will have with other supposed people over Simpleflirts are simply chatbots sending you replies already fed into the system. It has even been confirmed by Meteorinteractive software that these are all fake chatbots instead of any real profiles. Obviously then, there is no chance of ever meeting someone in person to hangout or hookup as all of this is fake and made only to indulge the users & lure them into buying the Premium Subscription credits.

Quality of Service

Simpleflirts also has other features to help you find matches which are practically of no use since almost all the profiles are fake. Features like Compatibility Quiz stage a series of questions about your personality and based on that, show you profiles of other people which the algorithm thinks you will like. This would have been an interesting feature had the dating pool been authentic. You can also chat with these chatbots privately if you are into it but keep no hopes of ever getting to meet anyone for quickie because that’s certainly not happening. 

Membership Plan of SimpleFlirts

The Simpleflirts platform allows you to Sign Up, Create a Profile, and Search and Browse the dating database all for free. However, for a complete website experience with Private chatting, etc you will be required to buy credits which are charged per message that you send on the platform. Here’s how the credit system works:

  • 3 Credits: $6 at $2/message
  • 16 Credits: $9 at $0.6/message
  • 7 Credits: $20 at $2.90/message
  • 25 Credits: $50 at $2/message
  • 105 Credits: $150 at $1.40/message
  • 300 Credits: $300 at $1/message

These are not recurring payments which means that you will have to manually buy more credits every time you exhaust your existing balance. But, we really don’t think there is any use spending so much on sending messages since there are no real people you will ever get to meet through

User Reviews

User review of simpleflirts
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Honestly, going by the basic Privacy network and the sub-standard features, we would have actually considered giving Simpleflirts a half-baked recommendation. But as soon as we read the website’s terms of service and got to know about the whole Fantasy Entertainment, we were ticked off quite badly. The one thing that you expect out of a dating platform is to meet other people and have fun with them by hooking up or having casual sex. 

Now, if a platform takes away that exact feature and just offers chatbots and fake profiles that will send you kinky messages, you obviously wouldn’t want to try the platform. In legal terms, simpleflirts might not be in the wrong as they are admitting to what they are doing but as users, it does feel like a betrayal. Added to this, there is no Simple flirts app in place which would slightly increase the chances of considering the platform.  Hence, Simpleflirts is a total waste of time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is Simpleflirts a scam?

Ans. Simpleflirts is a dating platform that claims to find your best partners for hookups and casual sex. However, the terms of service clearly state that the platform is a Fantasy Entertainment Service which means that they use Fake profiles to indulge the users and keep them hooked onto the website. So, technically Simpleflirts might not be a scam as they admit to using chatbots in the Terms of Service but it surely feels like a scam when you realize that there is no actual potential to ever meet anyone through this website.

Q.2 How to do sign-in?

Ans. The Simpleflirts sign-up process is fairly simple. You just need to fill in your personal details and get your Email verified to register yourself as a new user.

Q.3 What is Simpleflirts?

Ans. Simpleflirts is an Online dating website that offers adult hookups, flings, or casual sex services to consenting adults through their dating pool. However, the Profiles are all fake because of which you better not use the platform.