Truth Revealed : Sextingbook Dating Website Review

In this technical era, it is amazing to see how every real-life experience now has a virtual replacement for it. Be it the Virtual Reality experience, Shopping, or Online dating, every field has shifted from real and organic to online & virtual. It is both a quicker and a more efficient way to avail services. Even in something related to sex or romance, people prefer Online dating platforms much more than organic meetings these days. 

The talking phase and the tease are now replaced with some dirty talk and sexting, which we can do on Sextingbook, which is a whole other goldmine for business. Tapping this potential and looking at the growing sexting trends, several websites came up with the concept of finding real sexting partners that may or may not materialize into real-life meetings. The market has been up and running for quite some time now with a plethora of websites like Sextingbook, Confide, Dust, etc. providing similar services.

This is where we come in with our dating website reviews to help you distinguish good from bad. In this article, we will tell you from personal experience if Sextingbook is worth your time and money. 

Features of Sextingbook

Features of Sextingbook

Let’s begin by breaking down the features of the Sextingbook website to get a better idea about the quality of the platform.

Confidentiality Clause

The creators of exclusive online Sexting platforms must be conscious of the fact that the conversations and data of the users on their website can be highly sensitive. They need to ensure a safe space for all the users where they do not have to worry about the exploitation of the explicit data in their name. It is one of the most basic requirements anyone would have before creating a profile on a certain dating platform. 

When it comes to Sextingbook, consciousness is visible through the assurity that it provides in the terms of service. The website commits to the policy that all the user data will be safe and encrypted on the Sextingbook platform. Even the profiles are kept private to the Sextingbook community. This means that anyone who is not a registered user of the website will not be able to view the profiles. 

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Sextingbook assures the user privacy but forgets to create an equally stringent sign-up process. The Sextingbook login is pretty simple with hardly any authentication protocol apart from email id verification. But emails do not qualify as legitimate identity proof anymore as fake ids can be created very easily. This wouldn’t stop people from creating anonymous stalking profiles on Sextingbook. 

Confidentiality Clause

The shady terms of service part also admit to the fact that many of the profiles that you see on the platform have been artificially created by the designers to engage the user network. These are fictitious profiles or chatbots who will sext with you all you want but there are no prospects of a meeting with these profiles.

Website Experience & Quality of Sextingbook

We really don’t know how to feel about Sextingbook as of now. It offers a fairly established privacy network but at the same time explicitly mentions the chatbots. As soon as the formality sign up process is complete, you can start searching for potential partners for hookups and casual dates, like we do on Jucydate website. One great thing about Sextingbook is that it is a gender-inclusive platform, that is, it is open for people with all kinds of gender or sexual orientation be it gay, lebisan, trans or queer. You just have to specify your preferences in your profile so that the website displays customized options available for you. 

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However, fake profiles and chatbots spoil a lot of your experience on the website. Even if you do not apply a profile picture, you will immediately be bombarded with sext messages from these profiles which makes the inauthenticity of these profiles quite obvious. They will constantly ask you to buy the Sextingbook subscription so that it helps the website make some money. This self-serving agenda of the dating platform is genuinely very annoying and only made us limit our stay on the page. In case you find a genuine profile, you can only chat with them and have a nice sexting session if you have subscribed to the premium version of the website. 

Pricing Structure


Pricing Structure

Sextingbook misleads their users by advertising a 100% Free platform under their brand, which is not the truth. It is only the registration and the basic surfing of the website that comes for free. The core motive of the website is to aid people in hookups and sexting, both of which are not free services. You will have to buy the monthly membership plan to avail these benefits.

User Review

User review of sextingbook
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To sum up the Sextingbook review, we would just say that there are plenty of better dating websites available in the market. You do not need to put yourself through this uncertain and unreliable website experience which hosts Fake profiles, and other features which point towards the website being fake. It also aims to extort money out of your pockets before providing any decent services or hookups which is an unfair bargain, to say the least.

On top of that, it is a very new platform which doesn’t even have a sexting app of its own. In today’s times when almost everything is accessible through our phones and apps, it is bizarre to create a new dating software and not come up with an app for it. In the end, it is best that you invest in a better dating platform for your horny needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is Sextingbook real?

Ans. From first-hand experience, we don’t think Sextingbook is a real platform. We must say that it does have basic privacy & dating service features but the red flags seem overpowering. The low verification, fake profiles and chatbots contribute to making the dating experience on Sextingbook pretty cumbersome and suspicious. So, we recommend against using the website.

Q.2 Which are the best apps to find sexters?

Ans. There are some great dating apps for sexting in the market today which provide an authentic and safe avenue to find people who will respond to your sexts as kinky as you like. Here are the top picks:

  • Headero
  • ZALO
  • Confide
  • Wickr
  • Signal
  • Juicebox

Q.3 How to find people to sext with?

Ans. It is pretty simple to find people to sext with you, especially in today’s time. The online dating market is filled with people and profiles who are eager to connect with people for some fun. A lot of these people would be into sexting too. All you need to do is sign up for a private, safe, and reliable adult dating or sexting website, create your profile and mention your preferences, and simply choose people you like. You can initiate the sexting after taking consent and if they’d be into it, you can have a lot of fun with it.