Total Rip-Off Sextfun Hookup Forum Review

In the era of Online dating and hookups, it is exciting to have so many options for dating websites served on the platter. However, it is also quite difficult to filter through these websites as the rate at which most of these websites turn out to be scams is also quite concerning. So, you only find out if it is authentic after you have signed yourself up. But don’t worry, as this is exactly where we come in. We are dating website enthusiasts and simply love trying new ones and revealing the true faces of all the scams that exist out there. 

Today, we will try testing the Sextfun hookup forum which is slightly different in concept from other profile-based dating websites, and see if it is true to what it claims to be. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get right into it.

Features of Sextfun 

Features of Sextfun 

We have divided the Sextfun website review into two parts, that is, Verification and terms of Service as well as the Performance of the website to get a better idea about Sextfun.

Verification & Terms of Service

Sextfun claims to be this open forum for people to connect with potential hookups but it is so not it. This facade of being a platform for free snapchat nudes stays on for hardly a minute after you login to the website. Any Software which is designed to provide a service to its user needs to ensure that there is ample trust and reliability that it builds beforehand with a certain kind of friendly interface. It is even more important with platforms such as kinky dating sites as the data that users post or share can be extremely confidential. 

To begin with, Sextfun does not care for trust or reliability. It believes in rushing into the hookup forum and therefore has no verification process for the new users. Sextfun creators even go on to market their website by giving the zero verification drawback a positive twist, calling it Fast Sign-Up.

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It is pathetic how you can simply add your name, email address and password without any email verification to create a new profile on Sextfun. There is no way to know if the people you are interacting with on this forum are even real, which also means that your activity and data are totally unsafe and could be exploited without your consent by random creeps on the Internet.

Verification & Terms of Service

Apart from that, if you go on to check the terms of service and verify it with, you will find that the terms are exactly the same. Sextfun does not even bother creating a term policy which is specific to their website and caters to the Safety and User convenience of their active users. This says a lot about the kind of website Sextfun is and if at all you should indulge with it in any capacity. 

Performance of Sextfun 

If you’re persistent enough to go further, we still have quite a few reasons to give you so that you just pack your bags and leave this scam in the name of a dating website. Honestly we just think this website is quite a lazy scam as they have not taken any efforts to even build a website trap that people would fall for.

On top of that, it is a free service so maybe the designers were just lazy and unambitious in general with no motive of active money extortion either. As you scroll through the hookup forum on the Sextfun website, you will find that there are no replies on any of the chat threads which almost never happens on such forums where you can connect for hookups and snapchat sextfun nudes etc. Had the users been real, these chat threads would be flooded with messages from the large community base that boasts.

Performance of Sextfun 

To support our laziness argument, we even tested the Profile pictures of existing women’s profiles and we could easily track the pictures on the internet. Some of these profiles have even attached their Social media like Snapchat usernames etc to lure the users which, no points for guessing, are also fake. So, these profiles are fake and so are the profile pictures that have simply been picked up from the internet.

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There is no authenticity to this website and simply has ads in the name of forum threads which redirect you to buy the subscription of other dating websites. Sextfun com is basically just a front for redirecting links and advertisements to other scammy dating websites like Snapsex from where they actually make money.

User Reviews

We looked for reviews of users of Sextfun and here is a user sharing his views:

“My encounter with Sextfun left me dissatisfied and disheartened. The platform’s interface was a major letdown. Cluttered and poorly organized, it made navigation confusing. This greatly hindered my ability to explore and interact effectively on the site. I encountered explicit and inappropriate content that detracted from any chance of genuine engagement. It was clear that the platform lacked proper moderation and quality control. The absence of robust profile verification and privacy settings raised serious questions about the legitimacy of users and the safeguarding of personal information.”

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In the end, we have looked hard at Sextfun and still couldn’t find one green flag in the entire website experience. It is a classic scam but also one of the laziest ones with no verification process, ripped off terms of service, profiles, profile pictures, snapchat leaked nudes, and everything in between. 

Needless to say, you should definitely not try this website unless you simply want to waste your time. There are many better options out there if you are looking for safe and reliable hookup or dating websites. Just explore your options, weigh them well by reading all our reviews and then decide which one you would like to go for. But definitely not Sextfun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Sextfun?

Ans. Sextfun is a hookup forum that allows people to connect through community threads, share social media and go ahead with sexting, sharing Snapchat nudes or meeting up for hookups etc. Besides, it is an out-an-out scam with no safety network or authentic profiles. So. you should avoid it.

Q.2 How to Delete Sextfun Account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Sextfun account permanently:

  • Sign in to your Sextfun Account
  • Browse Account Settings> Delete My Account
  • Confirm and save the changes to delete the account permanently

Q.3 Is Sextfun legit?

Ans. Sextfun com is definitely not your answer to hookups, nudes Snapchat, and dating if you’re into it currently. It has all the features of a classic scam with zero verification process, copied terms of service and fake profiles & profile pictures. On top of that, it tries to sell subscriptions for other scammy dating websites to make money. It is a big red flag like Eurogirlsescort and must be avoided at all costs.