You Can Do Better | Sextfriend Online Sexting Website Review

With a rapid boom in the Online Dating market, we see a major surge in the platforms coming up providing these dating services. While most of them end up being a cliche template of other dating websites, some still try to carve a niche by providing other services as well. As in the case of Sextfriend which caught on to the Gen-Z sexting trend and the expression of love and lust through dirty talk and made a platform out of it. To give credit where it’s due, the concept does have a lot of potential as people are constantly looking for partners to sext with or hookup with. Unfortunately, Sextfriend ends up in the same pile of scams and fraudulent websites with zero reliability.

We tried the platform ourselves and will be presenting the full honest review in this article below. Read till the end to know why you should avoid using

Features of Sextfriend

Let’s break down the review into three basic issues that we find most concerning about the Sextfriend platform: Privacy, Performance and Financial Analysis.

Data Intrusive Platform

Anyone getting into a Sexting platform to look for a sexting buddy and turn them into hookups is bound to be explicit in their conversations on the website. In such situations, the website creators must keep in mind that they create a completely encrypted chat feature as well as a strong firewall to protect the website from any cyber-attacks. This is important as highly sensitive user information can be exploited and tampered with by hackers without the consent or knowledge of the owner.

The Sextfriend login process is a formality added just for the sake of pretense while in reality there is little personal authentication that the website requires before admitting them as a user.

Data Intrusive Platform

Sextfriend as an open sexting platform shows no responsibility towards their user’s privacy. They have a weakly built firewall which can be easily broken into thereby opening the website to attacks. Moreover, all the profiles on Sextfriend are accessible to the public. This means that any random person can surf Sextfriend and see all the profile photos and personal details whether or not they have registered themselves as a user of the Sextfriend website. 

Low Profile Quality

Honestly, there is not much left to expect of a website as weak and lousy as Sextfriend. As soon as you finish the registration, you will enter another step of profile creation where you will be asked various questions about yourself. Apparently, these questions are asked to understand the preferences of the users better and show search results according to the same so that there are higher chances of hooking up with a sexting friend. However, even if you try and edit your answers multiple times, you will still land on the exact same homepage every time.

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Moving on, the website homepage is where you find various sexting buddies options. It is no surprise that almost all these profiles turn out to be fake since there is no Identity Verification protocol that the website follows while registering a new user. The profile pictures on the Sextfriend website seem too good to be true. This is why we led an investigation into these pictures. We found that so many of these profiles were ripped off from other dating websites. Also, some photos were even randomly picked from the Internet to lure the users into using the website. So, do not expect to find any real sext buddies on the platform.

Low Profile Quality

Next, there are so many camouflaged links on Sextfriend which redirect you onto a different scammy website altogether. There are large advertisement banners which are posted all over the website, giving it a very shady 90s vibe. These advertisements are all sponsored so that users may fall deeper into the scam.

Financial Risks with Sextfriend 

Sextfriend also makes a lot of false promises just to sell the platform. It advertises a ‘Completely Free Service’ And ‘Unlimited Time with Sexting Friends’ none of which is true. There are hidden charges that are involved in the website services. Sext friend feeds your financial details and charges money out of it which is non-refundable. So, you really need to be careful about such extortion strategies while you surf the website. Or just avoid the website altogether.

User Review

Here is a review of one of the user’s experience in the website:

My experience with Sextfriend was far from what I had hoped for, leaving me disheartened and dissatisfied. Despite initial curiosity, my journey through the platform was fraught with various issues that greatly overshadowed any potential benefits. Instead of facilitating meaningful interaction, I encountered explicit and often inappropriate content that detracted from any chance of genuine engagement. There is absence of user verification and privacy controls cast that doubt on the legitimacy of users and the safeguarding of personal information.”     

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In a nutshell, we would just want you to never try this website out for yourself. Trust us, had it not been for these reviews, we wouldn’t even bother going beyond the login and signup page. It is one of the most disappointing sext sites, to say the least. From Fake profiles, low security network to Financial Scam Risks, Sextfriend does it all to prove its worth as a fraudulent website. Obviously we don’t think it is worth it to tolerate all of this and not even get a sexting buddy by the end of it. Turns out to be quite an unfair bargain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What Is Sextfriend about?

Ans. Sextfriend advertises itself as the ultimate sexting and adult dating platform for people looking. It hosts various hot profiles which would help you get in touch with more people who you think you vibe with. But, it is a scam running only to extort money out of your pockets. It has no intention of offering quality services.

Q.2 How to find a sexting buddy?

Ans. There are various adult dating avenues these days where you can sign up and look for potential hookup or sexting partners. There is a lot of scam that also runs along. But you need to make sure you choose the safest platform out there. Following are some of our top picks if you’re looking for a Sexting buddy:

  • Ashley Madison
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Flirt .com
  • BeNaughty
  • Men Nation

Q.3 Is Sextfriend legit?

Ans. No. Sextfriend is a total scam which records your Financial information and claims to be a free service through and through but then goes on to charge you with in-app purchases or other hidden charges. Apart from that, the Privacy and Security network on the website is quite weak which also proves why most of the Profiles are fake too. Hence, it is an unworthy sexting platform.