Sex Dater Review: Is It Worth Your Time & Money?

With so many Dating platforms in the market, it gets really difficult to zero down on one website that does it all for you, taking care of the requirements and expectations you set for a dating service. But, we have been loyal reviewers for all the newest and the oldest websites on the block to tell our readers in detail and help them arrive at a decision about what website they should invest in.

Today, we will be sharing our experience trying the Sex Dater website for hookups and casual sex. It is a well-established dating platform that is also gender-inclusive. It has dating prospects for people with all kinds of sexual orientations from lesbian gay, bisexual, trans and queer etc. You can simply register as a new user and start scrolling through the large user database to find a hookup partner. 

Features of Sex Dater

Features of Sexdater

Sex dater positions itself as a consistent service provider with all the desired features from great Privacy network to low Subscription cost. Let’s break down these features to assess the quality of service.

User Data Privacy

Data Breach and Exploitation is one of the most common forms of cyber crimes which can result in irreversible consequences to your Online reputation as well as your data activity. It is extremely important to understand that the users must always make sure their data is safe and protected, especially when operating dating websites where you don’t even know most people. So, you should never share your personal information with a stranger online. About the data that you are required to share with Sex dater and the data activity record that they keep, it is fairly safe.

User Data Privacy

A basic level of Privacy is provided by Sex dater in the sense that their website domain is private. This means that anybody who has not registered themselves on the Sex dater website as a regular user will not be able to access your profile details. However, the registration process isn’t very extensive. Sex Dater only asks for the User Email address among other things and verifies that for identity authentication, which is not a strong method to check the identity as Fake email addresses can be created easily these days. Therefore, you need to be cautious of what you post on the platform as it isn’t very safe.

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Sex Dater allows you to Block or Report users that you think are indecent or obscene in any way. This gives the users some level of autonomy over their profiles as they can choose to shut people down if they don’t want them peeping into their profile. The private Messaging option is also safe as the messages are fully encrypted through an SSL connection. 

User Interface of Sex Dater

Honestly, barring a few flaws pertaining to the Verification process, the Privacy and Security network only encourages you to use the website further and see what it does with the design and experience of finding a dating partner. To begin with, the user base of Sex dater is quite large as it has been in the industry for a long time now, which makes it easier for you to find a hookup partner. This also shows that the platform has managed to get a few things right at least to attract users.

As soon as you complete the registration process, you will head to the website homepage with various dating profiles to choose from. Sex dater allows you to search for people around you by adding the Regional Search filter. This Location filter only shows you people in the areas you prefer.

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Another premium feature on this website is the Paid priority Listing tool. It is quite easy to get lost in the large dating pool of Sex-dater. To tackle the same, you can pay the website to rank you higher in other people’s searches thereby making you more discoverable and increasing your chances to find a hookup sooner. 

User Interface of Sex Dater

To make up for all the good that Sex dater does, the website terms of service clearly admit to using Moderated profiles and Chatbots which are artificially designed and placed on the website to attract user traffic and lure them into buying the Premium subscription. SexDater is doing nothing illegal as they have clearly stated the same in terms of Service. But it doesn’t feel particularly nice to know that a profile that you had been speaking to was simply a chatbot. However, there are only a handful of such profiles if that makes you feel any better.

Coin Currency Model

Sexdater is not a free website. It only allows you to sign up and register on the platform for free. But to avail the extra benefits and the premium features, you will have to buy the coin credits. Here’s how it works:

  • 200 Coins: $9.90
  • 300 Coins: $20.90
  • 900 Coins: $53.90
  • 2000 Coins: $108.90
  • 6000 Coins: $ 218.90
  • 12000 Coins: $438.90
  • 25000 Coins: $878.90

The best thing about Sex dater Subscription is that it is an anonymous payment. This means you can pay for the Coin currency without worrying about it showing in your statements. All it shows is a charge from a company instead of a hookup site. That said, the Coin subscription is quite expensive and not worth so much.

User Reviews

So, here is a satisfactory user’s review about this website Sexdater:

My experience with Sexdater has been an exceptionally fulfilling journey in the realm of online dating. I was struck by the platform’s inviting and intuitive interface. It combined modern design with user-friendliness, making exploration of the site’s diverse features a seamless and enjoyable process. I encountered profiles that exuded sincerity, featuring individuals genuinely interested in forming meaningful connections. It felt like a platform where connections were not just facilitated but celebrated, and meaningful relationships were given ample room to develop. Also, the platform’s commitment to privacy and security was evident throughout my interactions.”

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To give a final verdict, we shall weigh the Pros against the Cons. The pros would be a decent Privacy Network- a Private domain, Block/report option, Regional Search, paid Priority listing etc. The cons, on the other hand are- Low verification protocol, No Mobile app, fake profiles.

If we compare the pros and cons, in our opinion, we would give Sex dater an overall green flag as you can still find real profiles and avoid the Fake ones. To take care of the safety, you can just be cautious as to what information you share about yourself on the profile. This tackles most of the disadvantages and leaves you with a lot of advantages to enjoy. Hence, you can go ahead and try out the website to find a great hookup partner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is Sex dater legit?

Ans. Yes. Sex is completely legit with a reliable private domain, Block/report option, Regional searches etc. They do have a handful of Fake profiles strategically placed by the website itself. But they admit to the act in their terms of service.

Q.2 What is Sex dater?

Ans. Sex Dater is an Online adult dating platform for people who wish to go beyond the talking and situationship phases of dating. The ones who are not bound by commitment and just want to have fun with hookups, flings and no strings attached sex can log in or register on the platform.