Honest Reviews 101: Sensual Agenda Dating Website Review

It can get quite frustrating to keep trying and reviewing adult dating websites especially when there is nothing exciting about most of them. Many of these either turn out to be absolute scams or they are simply not at par with what the users require these days in an ideal dating website. The hookup and casual dating market is really booming but that also carries with it the weight of unsuccessful attempts at creating a decent dating platform. One such missed opportunity is the Sensual Agenda dating website. It positions itself as the go-to website if users are looking to hook up or meet people in their area for casual sex or kinky time. All these websites come with similar manifestos but only a handful manage to actually meet the expectations.

In this article, we will be taking a deeper look into the Sensual Agenda dating website and assess if the website is worth your time and money by the end of this Sensual Agenda review.

Features of Sensual Agenda

Features of Sensual Agenda

Let’s begin the review by understanding the Security and Privacy protocol of the Sensual Agenda website before getting into the Performance review and Subscription details. 

Sign Up & Privacy Concern related to Sensual Agenda

Sign Up & Privacy Concern related to Sensual Agenda 

Sensual Agenda really needs to set the agendas straight because it is the users who can come with a Sensual agenda but if the website itself does that, keeping all other features and agendas aside, it could turn out to be quite a disappointment. This is exactly what happens with this website as they seem to have paid no attention to the design and features of the website to make it a better experience. 

Beginning with the Sensual agenda login, you straight up fill in the ten required fields or login with your Gmail to create a profile. Email verification is hardly a formality since there is no dearth of fake email ids. There is no further verification that the website requires so you are free to go take a stroll in the buffet of Sensual agenda dates.

Sign Up & Privacy Concern related to Sensual Agenda 

In order to understand the Privacy terms, you should always read the terms of service thoroughly. You will gauge that there is no feature as such to Block or Report any profiles. So, the user essentially has little control over the indecent creeps that they are bound to encounter while they are on the website.

Moreover, unlike many reliable dating websites, Sensual agenda does not allow its users to set their Profile private. This usually stops strangers from looking and peeping into your profile unless you allow them to. 

In an attempt to compensate for all of this, Sensual agenda does not allow its users to view any profiles on the website unless the users are registered. Once that is out of the way, you can check out all the profiles you want. So, it is not even half a step in the right direction after all the Privacy they snatch from the users.

Experience Evaluation of the Website

Experience Evaluation of the Website

It is both funny and deeply disappointing to find out that there are hardly any add-on features in the Sensual agenda website experience. It is a bland and lazy attempt at building a dating platform for people looking to hookup. 

The little that it offers is that users can search for potential partners for hookups and casual sex around their area. This location search comes with no added filters of age, gender, sexual orientation, etc, which are quite basic to be honest. But, only if you’re lucky will you find an appropriate hookup partner out of an unfiltered lot of people in your area. 

Sensual agenda.com claims to host a network pool of 3 million profiles. It which is hard to believe as there are very limited profiles to see on the website homepage.

Experience Evaluation

Another bare minimum feature on Sensualagenda.com is the Chat feature. Literally, Just Like Sweetsext website has a chat feature where that allow users to connect privately. So, there is absolutely nothing new that sensual agenda offers. Interestingly though, they have managed to come up with innovative ways to screw the website. 

Now let’s come to the existence of Fake Profiles and chatbots. These are deliberately placed profiles so that the user pool is constantly engaged in using the website. But who would want to talk sexually about their hookup plans and fantasies with a chat bot? It is a turn off to say the least if you get to know that the person on the other end of the screen is an automated bot. 

Sensualagenda does not understand the fact and goes ahead with the idea. It is clear that Sensual agenda is a below-standard service and accentuates the image by not having an app of its own in times when everything is available via apps. Website experience, as it is, can be quite cumbersome especially when dealing with a lazy website like Sensual agenda.

Premium Customer Memberships

Since Sensual Agenda hardly has any features to offer, they have devised a Coin plan to avail the Chat Feature on the website. These are non-recurring payments and can be bought only when you think you will be interacting with another profile privately. This is how it works:

  • 10 Coins: $21.67
  • 25 Coins: $51.23
  • 50 Coins: $95.25
  • 100 Coins: $177.39
  • 200 Coins: $328.49

Keep in mind that these are not anonymous payments. So, it could be another Privacy concern for many of the users. 

User Reviews

We looked for some users of Sensualagenda and here is a user’s review for this website:

“My encounter with SensualAgenda was frustrating and disappointing. The platform’s interface is a mess and poorly organized, it posed a significant challenge to navigation and exploration. The content and discussions on SensualAgenda were also a letdown. I was met with irrelevant and often inappropriate content. The lack of quality control and content moderation was evident, detracting from any chance of valuable engagement. Lack of security and privacy issues left me feeling uneasy and cautious about using the platform.”

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In the end, it is clear from the Sensual Agenda reviews that it is far from recommendable. There are too many false notes that the website hits as compared to the few that it gets right. From a lazy User interface with limited features like Chat and Location search to extremely low-Security network and verification protocol, Sensual agenda leaves no stone unturned to disappoint and dissuade new users. There is nothing scammy about the website as such but it is just a novice app at its premature stages. 

So, maybe the creators need to incubate a bit and come up with a better design update with added features. That might work in the favor of Sensual agenda and attract a new and enthusiastic network pool. Until then, avoid using the website and sign up for a better and safer dating platform if you’re looking to hookup with singles in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the Sensual Agenda Website all about?

Ans. Sensual Agenda is an adult dating website like Snapsex for people looking for hookups, casual sex or flings in Flingster. It doesn’t have much to offer except the bare minimum of Location-based search as well as a Chat feature. It is a paid website and does not have an app of its own either.

Q.2 How to delete my Sensual Agenda Account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Sensual Agenda account:

  • Scroll to the sidebar and Click on the given link
  • Click on Close My Account or Deactivate, as per your choice
  • Confirm the changes and you can log off for good

Q.3 Is Sensual Agenda a Legitimate website?

Ans. Sensual Agenda does not come off as a scam looking to mint money from its users. However, there is a fair chunk of fake profiles and chatbots that are designed strategically by the creators to retain their users. Apart from that, it has a Low-Security protocol and does not care much for the privacy of user data.