Is It Legit? Rubrating Massage Services Listing Website Honest Review

The world of pleasures is definitely more accepting these days with more conversation around kinks and fantasies coming to the fore. People have started owning up to what they like and what they don’t and even feel that it is important to have transparent communication with their sexual partner or hook up about the same. When talking about sexual fantasies, one of the oldest fantasies in the book would definitely turn up to be sexy body rubs and massages with a happy ending, The Rubrating website is for this only. This whole concept has given rise to so many massage parlors as well as spas offering lowkey services that end in a sexual encounter.

With the onset of Online dating and services, the same avenue also shifted virtually where we have a market full of Sexy massage service listing websites or independent sex massage suppliers. One such listing website is the Rub Rating Massage. Basically, it acts as a Craigslist alternative for independent as well as organizations providing sexual massages with happy endings. While many such websites turn out to be scammed when you try them out, we have yet to reveal what we felt about the Rub Rating Massage Website. Read till the end to know our final verdict about the listing service.

Features of RubRating Website

We have broken down the review into features of the Rubrating website such as Unlawful Activity or Legal Risks, Profile Quality as well as Subscription Cost. Let’s get started.

Borderline Unlawful

When treading into the arena of sex massages and other related services, one needs to make sure that the website that they opt for is completely safe and reliable. With the current reputation of such services and listing websites, the suspicion is even higher than it must be. In the case of the Rub Rating Website which claims to be a Listing website for hot massage services in the country, there are a few red alerts too. Rub is a platform with minimal Privacy and security infrastructure. 

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The new user sign-up process is a mere formality and requires no more than your Email Id to register you as a member. It does not explicitly advertise the sex part of these messages but let’s face it, it is easily evident and no one’s that dumb anymore. With this comes the risk of blurring of the Legal lines as technically sex massage would be a part of Commercial sex which is illegal in the USA. Additionally, there are many victims of human and sex trafficking who are forced to do sex work or massages thereby increasing your chances of being in proximity of such unlawful activities.

Borderline Unlawful

When it comes to the terms of service, Rub Rating clearly states that they will be recording all user data and activity and would not mind working with law enforcement if need be. This means that they will conveniently hand over your personal information and activity on the website to law enforcement authorities which could directly link you to illegal activities. So, the Rub Rating website will leave you high and dry in no time as soon as you smell any trouble coming your way. The risk stakes are entirely upon you and you can avoid them by not using the website altogether.

Fake Profiles in Rubrating

Fake Profiles in Rubrating

Once you complete the SignUp Process, you will enter a fairly professional-looking homepage of where you find a state-wise list of cities where they provide massage services. On first look, it does appear to be well structured and organized to have a compiled list of massage services sorted city and state-wise. But, the strategy behind this is to put on a deceiving facade of a legit massage listing and review website without any doubts of sex involved. In any case, it works well for the users by making things easier. 

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However, as you click on a certain city to see the outlets listed on the Rub rating sex massage website, you will be disappointed by the limited number of profiles. There are very few massage parlors even in larger cities like New York. Of these limited profiles, most seem too hot to be a real woman’s profile picture which is sure to make you doubt the reliability and authenticity of these profiles. If you look at the corresponding Live rub reviews of these sex parlors, it is as if someone paid Rub Rating to give an automated nice rub review to the place. Hence, there is no way to know if the massage service that you are about to order will be real until it shows up.

Cost Structure

Cost Structure

The RubRating listing and review website has specific subscription plans in place for the advertisers as well as the Users. As for the new Advertisers who wish to list themselves on the website, here’s how the Subscription model works:

  • 6 Months Regular Listing Plan: $400
  • 6 Months Featured Listing Plan: $600
  • 1 Year Regular Listing Plan: $500
  • 1 Year Featured Listing Plan: $1000

In comparison with the shady and uncertain services provided by Rubrating, the subscription model for advertisers is too expensive. They hardly have any features or conveniences that they provide for their clients hence making it quite an unfair bargain.

User Reviews

We looked for some real users review and found a frustrated user who said:

My interaction with Rubrating left me deeply disappointed and frustrated. The platform’s interface was a letdown. It appeared poorly organized, making navigation a challenging task. This affected my ability to explore and engage with the site’s offerings effectively. Regrettably, the content and discussions on Rubrating were far from what I expected. The platform’s lack of robust user verification and privacy controls raised serious doubts about the legitimacy of users and the safeguarding of personal information.”

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Final Verdict

In the end, it is clear from the Rubrating review that there is not much to be trusted about the website. It positions itself as Craigslist for massage services but only runs with the sole motive to extort money out of advertisers as well as the Users’ pockets. The high subscription rate, Low Privacy network, and Inauthentic profiles all point toward the website is a scam. The Rub Reviews are mostly paid and not reliable at all either. All of this combined with the looming risk that you could land in legal trouble for accessing the Rubrating massage website. Clearly, it is not a good deal to shake hands-on and it is better to avoid it. Instead, sign up for a nice dating website where your potential hookup might agree on sexual massage foreplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What happened to Rubratings?

Ans. Rubratings is a website with an extremely low-security network. The Firewalls are easily penetrable and that is exactly what happened with the website. They underwent regular cyber attacks due to the explicit content on the website resulting in a lot of content being stolen and exploited online. For the same reason, they have terminated their website in many ways.

Q.2 Is Rubratings legit?

Ans. No. Rubrating is a complete scam running to make money. It has a disappointing User Interface, Low-Security Infrastructure, Fake Profiles and Reviews, and other issues all of which indicate the fraudulent nature of the website.

Q.3 Which is the best massage rating website?

Ans. Following are a few of the best picks for Massage websites:

  • Tangan
  • Peng’s Spa 
  • Mauri Oranga
  • Wish Me Studio