Rubpage Sexual Massage Listing Website Review | Complete Guide

Sexual gratification and pleasure are highly subjective as different people derive it differently. While some need romance and passion in the Vanilla sex for absolute pleasure, others may be into kinks and fetishes. It is true for sure that there is a lot of pleasure to be found in mixing a fetish with sex as in the case of many kinks such as sex toys, BDSM, Feet Fetish, etc. In due course of time, services also moved online in the form of Sexual massage listing websites like Rubpage. 

One such amalgamation of two individually pleasurable activities that is Massage and sex, is extremely popular. So much so that it is statistically one of the most searched porn categories. Massages with happy endings seem to be high on relaxation as well as pleasure and that is the very reason people enjoy it. Reading into the trends, the body massage industry came up with lowkey services where they provided special happy endings to their clients. 

In this article, we will be testing out and reviewing the Rubpage Massage listing website to see if it’s real or just another scam like most websites. 

Features of Rubpage

Features of Rubpage

Risky Terms of Service

As far as the infamous market of sex massages and listing websites such as Onebackpage is concerned, one needs to make sure that the platform that they opt is completely safe and reliable. With the shady nature of such services and listing websites, the risk is even more as people are conscious about their data activity. In the case of Rubpage Website which positions itself as a Listing website for hot massage services in the country, there are some major red flags. Rubpage is a platform with negligible Privacy and security protocol. 

Risky Terms of Service

The new user sign-up process is a mere formality and requires no more than your Email Id to register you as a member. It does not explicitly advertise the sex part of these massages but let’s face it, it is easily evident and no one’s that dumb anymore. With this comes the risk of blurring of the Legal lines as technically sex massage would be a part of Commercial sex which is illegal in the USA. Additionally, there are a lot of victims of human and sex trafficking who are forced to do sex work or massages thereby increasing your chances of being in proximity of such unlawful activities.

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When it comes to the terms of service, RubPage clearly states that they will be recording all user data and activity and would not mind working with law enforcement if need be. This means that they will conveniently hand over your personal information and activity on the website to law enforcement authorities which could directly link you to illegal activities. So, the Rub Rating massage website will leave you high and dry in no time as soon as they smell any trouble coming their way. The risk stakes are entirely upon you and you can avoid it by not using the website altogether.

Unverified Profiles in Rubpage

The unsafe features of the Rubpage website are not limited to the Privacy and Security guidelines. Even when it comes to the Profiles on the platform, it is clear that these are all fake massage profiles. As you look closely, you will find that almost all these profiles have too hot looking profile pictures with almost unreal beauty standards. It is exactly what proves that these profiles have been rigged. On further investigation and backtracking of these profile pictures, we could easily locate them on stock image websites as well as Photos on the internet from where they must have been picked.

Unverified Profiles in Rubpage

Even the reviews of these massage services and body rub providers are fake. The language and the template pattern that is common to almost all the bodyrub reviews indicates clearly towards an unreliable review system at Rubpage. The website is also not free of the usual redirecting links and advertisements. In the website, you will find large banners of other scammy dating websites and escort services which pay them money. All of this combined makes the User Interface of Rubpage quite sloppy and annoying, to say the least.

Membership Package

On top of scamming with absolutely nothing to offer, Rubpage comes with a Membership plan for both users as well as Advertisers. These are expensive prices that both parties need to pay in order to avail the fraudulent services of Rubpage. Following is the Subscription model for Advertisers on the website:

  • 6-Month Regular Listing: $400
  • 6-Month Featured Listing: $600
  • 1-Year Regular Listing: $500
  • 1-Year Featured Listing: $1000

User Review

We found a real user’s review who used this website. His reviews were:

My experience with Rubpage Escort Listing was far from what I expected, leaving me disconcerted and deeply dissatisfied. The platform, which promises to connect users with escort services, presented a series of issues. The platform’s interface was outdated and lacked user-friendliness. Navigating the site proved to be an arduous task, marked by a cluttered design that hindered my ability to explore effectively. The outdated interface, questionable content, and inadequate security measures make it an unfavorable choice for anyone seeking safe and reputable escort services.”

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Finally, it is obvious that Rubpage is not where you should be looking for Body rub reviews. The expense chart that the platform puts forward in exchange of negligible services and total scams in the name of Massage listings, is definitely not worth it. Even as customers, the bodyrub ratings on Rubpage are totally unreal and the website lists them in a way that more and more people join the website. The fake reviews as well as profiles along with the legal risks that follow make Rubpage a big red flag.

We are highly against recommending this website to our readers as we wouldn’t want to be associated with an unreliable platform such as this. Move on and sign up for better dating websites instead if casual sex and hookups is all you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is Rubpage legit?

Ans. No. Rubpage is a true blue scam running in the name of a Massage listing website. It claims to be a Craigslist alternative for sex massage and body rub review. But neither is a secure platform nor is it real in terms of the reviews and profiles. Thus, Rubpage is a scam and you must try to avoid it.

Q.2 Which are the prostitute sites?

Ans. Technically, it is illegal to engage in commercial sex in whatever capacity. But there are quite a few lowkey escort and prostitute websites which you can surf. Here are some of the popular ones:

  • EscortsAffair
  • TrystLink
  • Ashley Madison
  • ListCrawler

Q.3 How to find hookers online?

Ans. Following are a few options if you are looking for hookers for hire – 

  • Adultlook
  • EscortDirectory
  • Slixa
  • Bedpage
  • Doublelist