The Best Polyamorous Dating Apps Where Your Match Awaits

Best Polyamorous Dating Apps

    1. BiCupid helping singles find other singles that are also looking for love online
    2. Down Dating single individuals who are looking to find their matches on social media
    3. MoreThanOne – ENM Dating helping you find the best dates as a college student
    4. PolyFinda helping individuals who are single meet potential love interests online
    5. BullFinder – Hotwife Dating helping singles find other singles that are also looking for love online
    6. Feeld finding the best online dates for adventure seekers

Polyamorous people are those who engage in multiple consensual romantic and/or sexual relationships at the same time. They are often misunderstood, as many believe that they are unable to commit. However, polyamorous people have a different perspective on love and relationships, and they see their lifestyle as something special and unique.

They are often seen as pioneers in the world of love and relationships. After all, they are willing to explore uncharted territory and forge their own path, instead of following the conventional wisdom that says there is only one right way to love. When it comes to love, we all have our own unique preferences and tastes. Some of us are happy with one partner, while others feel more fulfilled by multiple relationships.

Polyamorous relationships are becoming increasingly popular, but finding the right dating app for them can be a challenge. Here, we present you with the best apps for Polyamorous dating that are game changers. They’re designed with the need of polyamorous users, you won’t have to worry about running into any judgment or negativity. Let’s begin with our selection of the best Polyamorous Dating Apps.

Quick Tips for Using Polyamorous Dating Apps

If you’re looking to explore the world of polyamory, polygamy dating sites and apps can be a great way to meet new people. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of your experience. 

  1. Make sure you’re on the right app: There are a few different dating apps that cater specifically to the polyamorous community, so starting your search on one of these platforms will increase your chances of meeting compatible partners.
  2. Be upfront about your intentions: When creating your profile, be clear about what you’re looking for in a relationship. This will help to attract like-minded individuals and avoid any potential misunderstandings further down the line.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be specific. In addition to stating that you’re interested in polyamory, you can also mention specific relationship arrangements that you’re open to, such as solo polyamory or triads. This will help you connect on a couple of dating sites with partners who are on the same page as you.
  4. Be respectful of other users’ boundaries: One of the key principles of polyamory is consent, so always respect the boundaries of other users and only engage in relationships that all parties have agreed to. If someone says they’re not interested in pursuing a polyamorous relationship with you, respect their decision and move on.

List of Best Apps for Poly Dating – 2023 Picks

The world of online dating has come a long way. People can now explore their options and find partners that best fit their desires. To help you find the right one for you, we’ve rounded up a list of the best polyamorous dating sites and apps. They’re packed with features that will make your search easier and more fun. 

1. BiCupid




BiCupid is a bisexual dating app that caters to people who want more than one partner. It lets you find new friends or lovers while exploring your sexuality and relationships with others. Once you visit the site or install the App, you’ll go through some basic sign-up questions. You’ll need to provide your phone number (Optional) and upload a profile photo, headline, about me, about my match/friends.


The number of members on BiCupid is staggering-1.3 million! But you’ll get some quality matches on it. While looking for a match, you may get profiles with no pictures at all. However, if you upgrade to a paid account, you can use the no photo filter on your search results. The quick search option is great for people with the same interest, making it the best open-relationship dating App for polyamorous relationships.

  • One of the best dating sites for bisexual women and men
  • Most of the profiles are detailed and help you understand them better
  • Visually appealing and useful interface to match with partners easily.
  • You may encounter fake profiles who are bicurious and not bisexual
  • The website design may feel outdated; downloading the app is better.

2. Down Dating

When Down Dating launched a few years ago, it was one of the first dating apps to cater specifically to polyamorous relationships. And while there are now plenty of options for those looking to date or hook up with multiple partners, DownDating remains one of the best apps for poly dating.

Down Date for Polyamorous Match

Why? Because it’s straightforward. You don’t have to waste time swiping left or right on potential matches – just swipe up if you’re interested in dating them and down if you’re only interested in a one-night stand. Plus, there’s no need to worry about someone being offended if you’re not interested – just swipe left and move on.

Down dating is one of those apps for polyamory where you want a hassle-free way to find new partners without having to deal with complicated negotiations or hurt feelings. So if you’re looking for something casual fun, give Down Dating a try!

  • The design is simple and clean
  • There are no hard feelings involved
  • Reputable and trustworthy
  • Easy to get your match
  • Registration requires FB sign up
  • A little user base than others
  • The free version bombards you with intrusive ads

3. MoreThanOne – ENM Dating

As the name suggests, “MoreThanOne”, you can expect it to be one of the best dating apps for poly couples. It is designed specifically for those interested in exploring polyamorous relationships, and it has several features that make it ideal for that purpose. 

MoreThanOne - Best apps for Poly Dating

First, the App allows you to create a profile that includes your relationship status and what you’re looking for in a partner. This ensures that you’ll only be matched with other polyamorous singles who are also looking for open relationships. 

Additionally, the App offers an “Explore” feature that allows you to search for women interested in polyandry or your specific relationship criteria. And finally, the App has a strict privacy policy that ensures your data will never be shared with third parties. 

The user interface is simple, with only four menus that make the navigation easier and better. Once you find a match for your needs, their profiles take up the full screen and help you have a good look at them. You can see their location and ages with their interests as well. The best part is you don’t have to spend a dime to talk, making it the best among the free poly dating sites

  • There are no charges for using the App
  • Registration for the App is anonymous
  • There is no advertising on the App
  • Easy to get your match
  • The lack of identity verification leads to fake profiles
  • Despite being easy to use, there are reports of glitches after its update
  • With only a small number of users, finding more matches is difficult.

4. PolyFinda

Now we have the best couple dating App for all alternative relationships. We’ve tried all of them, and this one beats the rest by a long shot. One of the things you’ll love about Polyfinda is its ease of use. The interface is sleek and simple, and user-friendly. It takes some time to create a profile, but you can start browsing through profiles almost immediately.


Another thing we love about Polyfinda is the community. Many people on the App are looking for polyamorous relationships, and everyone is friendly and supportive. It’s a great place to find like-minded people and to make new friends. It’s not just for consenting adults but also includes singles looking to spice things up with threesomes or their kinkiest desires on the scene! 

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The filters make it easy and fun – no matter your needs, there will be something perfect waiting at every turn. PolyFindA also has events across multiple cities, giving lovers of all types the opportunity to be in non-monogamous dating. 

The credits are limited, but it helps prevent spamming the use of this App. Overall, if you’re polygyny and looking to add members to your relationship, PolyFinda is one of the best apps for poly dating that’ll work perfectly fine for you.

  • The UI is appealing and easy to use
  • The live Chat feature comes in very handy
  • Your profile remains private
  • You can report spam profiles
  • Limited credits for liking profiles
  • You can’t make anonymous payments

5. BullFinder – Hotwife Dating

BullFinder – Hotwife dating is a safe Tinder-style dating application designed for cuckolds, swingers, hotwives, and bigamy relationships. Finding matches with the same ideology as yours was never so easy. Despite being relatively new on the market, the App has already established itself among the best dating apps for poly couples Just as you may have seen in Asian Dating Apps.

BullFinder Housewife Dating

The sign-up process is pretty straightforward and takes a little time. The search options are plenty, and you get to chat, date, and meet potential matches for your naughty fetishes. You can create a profile by providing some basic details about yourself, and you’re all set to explore your sexual interests.

The user interface is simple for everything. You can upgrade your plan to BullFinder Plus and get credits to make yourself stand out. It’s easily one of the best apps for poly Dating where you get the opportunity to meet other poly couples as well.

  • The small but genuine user base
  • The free version is also a great deal
  • Straightforward sign-up process.
  • The small user base may cause delays in matches
  • The App is in its initial stage and still developing.

6. Feeld

When it comes to alternative relationships and exploring your sexuality, there’s no better app than Feeld. This revolutionary platform provides a safe haven for those looking beyond the norms of society with over 20 different sexual orientations from which you can choose or be yourself without fear of judgment! This makes for a welcoming and open-minded community perfect for polyamorous dating.

Feeld App for Poly Dating

It has Tinder-like features. You’re presented with profiles of people who fit the criteria you’ve defined and then can either select a heart or “-” next to them depending on whether they interest you compared to other users! One standout feature of Feeld is the group chat function. Here, users can create a digital polycule where they can get to know all their potential partners at once.

This is a great way to connect with multiple people simultaneously and see if everyone is compatible. And if you’re unsure if Feeld is the right App for you, don’t worry! The Feeld Poly dating app team offers a free trial, so you can explore all this App has to offer without having to commit straight away.

  • The UI is intuitive and useful
  • You remain quite anonymous
  • You can further explore your sexuality and kinks
  • Link profiles with your favorite partner
  • It’s reliable and safe with easy billing methods
  • The user base is smaller than AFF or Tinder
  • You may see someone you know personally
  • Even if you match with a partner, the meeting can take time
  • The App can log you out automatically, resulting in missing notifications.

Wrapping Up

One thing that is true for most poly people is that they desire open communication and honesty within their relationships. If you’re curious about dating someone who identifies as polyamorous, or if you are poly yourself and are looking for a new dating app, we’ve mentioned some of the best apps for poly dating that would be a great place to start.