OkCupid Dating App Review 2023: Is it Still Relevant?

As the competition in the Online dating market has increased so much, there is a constant need for the existing competitors to up their game and put out their absolute best by adapting to the changes in society. It is very rare to find dating platforms and apps that genuinely take the pain of introducing updates with better and well-rounded features as they simply prefer sticking to the same old template of dating websites. This is one primary reason why so many dating sites have become dormant now, the old-fashioned features as well as the interface does not interest the users of today.

But, if there is one platform that has taken every user’s feedback seriously and totally turned around its image with marvelous updates, it is OkCupid. There might have been so much criticism about the website design and features in the past but the updates are bringing in genuinely great reviews from the current users. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into the OkCupid website to see the quality of services this online Cupid offers & if it is still relevant to modern users. Let’s get started!

Features of OkCupid

features of okcupid

The OkCupid stats revealed that despite introducing multiple genders and sexual orientations in the mix, the majority is still formed by the cis-het men and women. While men form 67% of the dating mix, the remaining 33% is occupied by the women. Additionally, the average age group has come out to be 25-34 years. Let’s get into the details of how OkCupid works!

OkCupid Login & Questionnaire

OkCupid Login & Questionnaire

A major problem with most of the dating apps in the market today is that they have adapted the existing swipe template introduced by Tinder and put in no effort to break the mold and innovate a bit. It can be disappointing to swipe mindlessly based solely upon a superficial parameter of the person’s appearance. As a result, the dates or hookup opportunities that people finally end up with are not quite satisfactory as the decisions did not involve a deeper check into the personality of the candidate. In this context, OkCupid makes an attempt to break out of cliches and come up with a question based algorithm which might take a bit longer to login but offers the best results on the basis of the users’ answers. We can say that the questionnaires are rewarding if the date prospects are worthy enough in the end.

How to Sign Up on OkCupid?

For starters, the initial signup process on OkCupid is the same as the Unicorn Dating app as it requires no more than the basic personal information of the users. As soon as you enter the website homepage & Click on the ‘Join OkCupid’ button, you will be required to fill in the details like Birth date, Zip Code, Email address etc. This Email address is then verified by the software through an activation link sent to the registered email address. This proof of identity verification works towards keeping any spam bots or fake profiles from joining the platform and makes the existing users feel safer on the OkCupid website.

Next up, you will be asked to choose your gender & sexual orientation. This is one of the best features of OkCupid which is rare to find even with the most modern dating apps these days. OkCupid has around 12 options to choose from in the Sexual orientation category like Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, demisexual, pansexual, queer etc. Even when it comes to the Gender category of the individual signing up on OkCupid, there are 20 options to choose from with woman or man to genderqueer, intersex, transgender, androgynous etc. This progressive and gender-inclusive approach to online dating automatically widens the target group of the app as it is accessible to a much larger audience by doing so. 

OkCupid Questionnaire

Once the gender and sexual orientation information is recorded, users head towards the extensive relationship questionnaire on the Okcupid app. Here, you can specify the kind of relationship you’re looking for- whether you want a commitment or just a casual hookup opportunity, so that you are directly categorized under the similar set of people to avoid confusion. There is a set of questions that the website asks like your opinion on monogamy or a few social issues so that the people can gauge your personality based on the same.

There are various questions about religion, politics, astrology etc. which are optional to answer. The users can also rank the more important questions out of this questionnaire and choose to answer them. The answers to these two questions are visible to the public eye. Therefore, you need to be thoughtful and innovative with what you write. 

Add-on Tools & Usability

OkCupid add on tools

Okcupid is known to be one of the trustable dating platforms in the market which is the reason why there is a large user base on the site. It has an active and enthusiastic dating pool with diverse options for dating, relationships or casual sex. Once the questionnaire is filled & the Okcupid signup is out of the way, the users can start searching for dating profiles on their feed. It is better if the users fill in as much information in their profile as possible as they help you be more discoverable.

If you like, you can upload a profile picture and a whole album of other pictures on the dating profile for others to see how you look. The algorithm of the app works in such a way that it suggests profiles which fit your preference criteria. So, there are numerous features which aid the dating process on the app. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Selective Communication

The Hookup app & even the older versions of the Okcupid app allowed absolutely anyone on the platform to message you which leaves no privacy or security for the users. But after they received feedback regarding the risks and vulnerability of profiles, the new updates of the okcupid allow a selective communication. This means that only if there is a mutual like shared by both the parties will they be able to communicate with each other and chat. So, it automatically leaves out the creeps you don’t like on the OkCupid feed as they will never be able to contact you.

On the flipside, if you’re into someone but they don’t press the like button on your profile, there is no way that you can get in touch with them. Overall, it is a great safety measure and helps remain private within the network.

Deal Breakers

The Okcupid profiles also allow the users to specify their deal breakers in a relationship. These are the hard limits or characteristics/traits which are absolutely non-negotiable and intolerable for you while looking for a partner. This tool acts as an additional filter by eliminating the profiles who exhibit any such behaviors in their profile. However, there is still a loophole in the algorithm as the profiles are not filtered if they have chosen to not answer the deal breaker question.

For instance, if you don’t want to see or go out with people who smoke you can mention that in your deal breakers & if there are people who have also specified that they don’t like smokers, you will be suggested that profile to get potentially matched.

Super Like

Picking up straight from Tinder, Superlike is a tool which is quite exclusively used for profiles which stand out according to you. As you scroll through dating profiles on Okcupid, you can swipe right or left for the profiles you like and dislike respectively. But, if you come across a profile which is one of the best you have seen in a while, you can send a Super Like for them. They could have at least like your profile for you to be able to talk else a superlike is wasted. There is a limited number of Super Likes each user gets to use per week. So, you would not want to waste it on just about anyone. 

OkCupid Membership Plans

okcupid subscription

OkCupid being one of the Premium dating sites is not completely free. However, it has a reputation of being one of the affordable ones. It does not charge insanely despite the quality of services that are ensured. Even the free version of the OkCupid app allows users to sign up, register as well search for dating profiles. Unlike the Interracial dating app, the free version permits all users to see all the photos posted by other dating profiles. However, the paid services include two different packages which come with higher upgrades as the package increases. Following are the prices and features of the two Subscription packages on OkCupid.

Basic Tier Membership 

  • 1-Month Plan: $15.99
  • 3-Month Plan: $11.99/month
  • 6-Month Plan: $7.99/month

Features: No Ads, Dealbreakers, Unlimited number of likes & Intro visibility

Premium Tier Membership

  • 1-Month Plan: $29.99
  • 3-Month Plan: $24.99/month
  • 6-Month Plan: $19.99/month

Features: Access to all the answers that your match has filled to say the right things, Profile Visibility of all the likes you get.

User Review

user reviews
Source- https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/okcupid.com

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In nutshell, our experience with the OkCupid dating app could not have been better. We honestly did not expect much from the website as the online reviews of the previous versions of this app suggested that the quality of services has declined drastically over the last few years since there was a 100% visibility clause followed earlier. But to our surprise, the updated versions of the website are much more responsive and conscious of user convenience. 

The OkCupid website now runs on a a data-based Compatibility and Dating which is run by the algorithm. It works in a combination with the swiping system which makes the process much more efficient & private. One of the best features about the OkCupid platform is that it is gender inclusive. It hosts more than 10 options in the gender and sexual orientation category to a larger audience.

Additionally, the app availability on Android and iOS is like a cherry on the top. The user convenience is increased manifold because of the same. Overall, OkCupid is a must try dating platform for all your dating needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is okcupid app?

Ans. OkCupid is one of the most reputed Online dating app for people with more than 10 gender and sexual orientations. It has been around for more than 10 years & as a result has a rich and diverse dating platform with profiles looking for different kinds of relationship like hookups, casual sex or long term romantic partners. The dating app works on the basis of an algorithm and questionnaire compatibility which suggests profiles to the users that they deem compatible.

Q.2 How does okcupid work?

Ans. Okcupid has an extensive Sign Up & Login process which is followed by the actual dating profile search. Here’s how it works

  • The initial OkCupid login requires basic personal information with Email verification
  • Users choose their gender and sexual orientation out of the many given choices
  • The questionnaire follows which determines the personality of the user based on several questions about personal, political and social opinions
  • The algorithm suggests profiles on the basis of which you can check who you like
  • A mutual like fosters the availability of Chatting as you can get in touch with them personally
  • Several other features like deal breakers, Super Likes, Intros etc help enhancing the website experience
  • You can decide to meet a potential match in person if you feel there is a chemistry

Q.3 How to delete okcupid account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Okcupid account:

  • Login to your Okcupid dating profile
  • Browse Settings & Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Click on the ‘Need a break? Go Here’ hyperlink
  • Select the option to Delete Account 
  • Specify a valid reason why you wish to discontinue
  • Enter your password & Click on delete to confirm the changes