Naughtydate Review: Everything You Need To Know!

Naughtydate is an Online sex dating website which offers some of the best website experiences with a holistically created interface keeping in mind the needs of all kinds of people. It is a gender inclusive platform with dating options for people with different sexual orientations. Not only is it progressive in the approach but also minimalistic in terms of the appearance. It has all the nice features of a premium and reliable dating website yet the web design looks neat and tidy unlike many other players in the market which believe in bombarding the users with a chaotic web page design.

Naughtydate is part of a larger dating network, as in the case of Jucydate which means that getting access to this platform makes you discoverable for a lot more people who are not on this website necessarily thereby increasing your options and chances of getting laid. 

In this Naughtydate review, we will be getting into deeper details of how the platform works and if it is worth your time and money. Don’t leave without reading our final verdict about the Naughtydate website.

Features of Naughtydate

features of naughtydate

We have divided our Naughtydate com reviews in terms of the major issues that concern the users- Sign Up & Safety, Platform Usability as well as the Affordability. Let’s break down each aspect one by one.

Naughtydate Sign Up & Safety Protocol


Most of the hookup dating sites these days ask for a lot of personal information from their users in the name of getting to know them better. It is being popularized as a way this information is fed to the algorithm which in turn, suggests dating profiles that would fit the criteria of these users. While this process might actually turn out to be fruitful by recommending great dating profiles, it definitely can get a bit too invasive in terms of the information that it requires.




Many users might not be comfortable sharing such sensitive information about their personal lives until and unless they are sure that the platform is completely safe. In this context, Naughtydate fares as quite a responsible platform which is conscious of the sensitivity such information holds & crosses no such boundaries to violate user privacy.

Email & Age Verification

When users enter the homepage of the site, they are first required to verify that they are above 18 years of age to qualify entering the website as it may contain explicit content. Next, the website asks users to register and sign up using basic information such as Name, Location, etc along with a valid email address. This email address is first verified by the platform to authenticate the proof of identity by sending an activation link on the registered address.

naughtydate login

The user account can be finally created by opening this activation link in your email. The purpose of this verification protocol is to keep any spam bots or fake profiles from entering the dating pool of naughtydate.

Private Domain

Not only does the naughtydate dating site check the identity proof of every user, it also gatekeepers user Privacy by setting up a fully private domain network for naughtydate. Any random user on the Internet who has not registered themselves on the website and is not recognized as a member of the Naughtydate community will not be able to access the dating profile and their information on the website feed. This is a great feature as most of the users on the network do not wish others to know that they have joined a sex dating platform. Having a privacy domain ensures anonymity of these users outside of the network and helps keeping secrets.

Safety Mode

In the case of most dating websites like Snapsex, even if there is a Privacy domain, there is no protection or anonymity from users within the network. But that’s not how naughtydate functions. It is cognizant of people’s choices to remain lowkey and safe on the platform which is why it offers a customizable Safety Mode for the users with flexible settings:

  • Safety Mode Off: Anybody on the naughtdate network will be able to view your information and contact you.
  • Basic Safety Mode: The profiles marked suspicious on the website will be automatically blocked from your feed.
  • Full Safety Mode: You can only contact or view the verified user profiles on the dating network.

Block/ Report Option

The security and privacy flex of doesn’t end here. In fact, it also allows the users to Block or report any indecent profiles. It is fairly common to come across random creeps on dating platforms who join the network only to stalk others and make them feel uncomfortable. To deal with such people, it’s best to directly Block or Report them and shut them out completely from trying to contact you or accessing your personal information. This way, users can maintain a certain autonomy over their dating account by controlling who they would like to interact with on the platform.

Website Usability & Experience


The Naughtydate web design believes in a minimalistic yet qualitative approach instead of bombarding the users with several options and tools. As soon as you complete the registration, users are directly taken to the main webpage where you have access to all the dating profiles so you can start surfing.

The quality of profiles is quite rich and active, more so, because the website has been around for more than 10 years. It has built a loyal user base over the years and keeps attracting newer users. There are numerous add-on tools and features that naughtydate offers which make the overall website experience much smoother. Starting with the basic Profile Management, here are the options that the users can explore:

  • Personal Information: your personality traits, preferences, likes & dislikes etc.
  • Photos: You can add an album of profile pictures with your profile so that people know more about your appearance as well as lifestyle
  • Videos: Naughtydate allows users to upload a video profile where you can better articulate the kind of person you are, what you are looking for etc. so that you are more discoverable on the network
  • Status: It is your main profile heading which should be innovative to leave an impression
  • Additional Information: It is optional to upload extra personal information about yourself like education, height, weight, income etc.

Search Filters

To make the hookup search more efficient, naughtydate offers a range of filters which can be applied to customize the search results according to individual preferences. You can search for dating profiles on the basis of various parameters:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Location
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Hair & eye color
  • Piercings or tattoos

These filters help the users find more suitable hookup options and saves a lot of time by eliminating any recommendations that do not match with what you’re looking for. 


The Naughtydate com Live Chat feature comes into use when the users like someone and wish to connect with them or initiate a conversation. This feature makes it easier to directly message someone if they will be up for a hookup or take it slow with a conversation to get to know them better. It also allows users to send likes and add members as favorites so that they remain at the top of your searches and priorities.

If you sense a mutual connection with this person, Live Chat is a great avenue for both the parties to get to know each other better, discuss likes, dislikes & preferences, etc before they decide on meeting in person. It is a completely safe space as all the chats have full encryption. Thus, the information shared within the Live Chat space is completely private and inaccessible to a third party.

VIP Membership Cost

Naughtydate is not a through and through free service. Instead it offers a hybrid Freemium dating service with partially free and partially paid features. The free version allows a sign up, basic searching and surfing of profiles, reading messages in Public chats as well as uploading profile pictures. On the other hand, if you wish to avail extra premium benefits like Advanced search, Unlimited chatting & viewing full size images, you will be required to buy the VIP subscription priced as follows:

  • 1-Month Membership: $39.00
  • 3-Month Membership: $65.70
  • 6-Month Membership: $106.20

Naughtydate outsources all these payments and has received an encryption certificate for the safety protocol it follows to complete the transactions. Therefore, users need to fill in any payment information on the website to avoid any potential financial risks.

User Reviews

User review of Naughtydate
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Naughtydate is the perfect sex dating avenue for people who are looking for a hot hookup at the end of an interesting and super interactive website experience. It has so many extra features and goes out of the way to make sure the users are satisfied that more people are motivated to use it. Naughtydate checks most of the boxes as it provides a Private and safe network where users can safely post pictures however they like. It has a custom Safety Mode where the users can regulate the quality of dating profiles. It even allows users to Block or report others if they find them creepy or offensive. 

Additionally, the dating pool of Naughtydate is rich and diverse enough to accommodate the needs of all kinds of people. It hosts extra tools like Live Chat and Advanced Search filters to make the hookup search more efficient. Apart from the fact that there is no Naughtydate com Mobile Application as in the case of Flingster, we don’t think there is much to complain about. Overall, this Naughtydate review reveals that it is a must try for everyone into casual sex, flings and hookups!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How much does NaughtyDate cost?

Ans. No. Naughtydate is not a fully free service. It offers a hybrid model of half and half. But to experience the dating website fully with access to all the extra benefits and features, you will have to buy the subscription:

  • 1-Month Membership: $39.00
  • 3-Month Membership: $65.70
  • 6-Month Membership: $106.20

Q.2 Is NaughtyDate safe?

Ans. Yes. According to our and many other Naughtydate reviews online, we can say that it is a safe & secure dating platform. It goes out of the way to ensure that all data and information shared by the users on the website is completely safe. For instance, naughtydate com has a private domain & a mandatory email and age verification to keep out any fake profiles. Not only that, it also provides the users a choice to keep a check on who they interact with within the network by applying the safety mode feature as well as a Block and report option.

Q.3 How do I Delete my NaughtyDate Account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Naughtydate com account:

  • Firstly, login to your Naughtydate dating profile.
  • Browse Account Management Settings > Remove Account.
  • Enter the password to confirm the command. 
  • Choose a Complete Account Removal option.
  • Select a reason to delete the account & fill in the cancellation code sent on the registered email address. 
  • Finally, you will be logged out automatically.