Massage Planet Review And Why You Should Avoid It

Kinky massages seem to have risen so much in popularity over the last few years mostly because of porn. There is a high eroticization and sexualization of the act of body massages that people have increasingly been drawn to getting a massage with a happy ending themselves. Of course, to meet the popular demands, the onset of such kinky massage spas came about in sites like Massage Planet. This is a misleading and low-key massage service that you need to specify if you have additional requirements.

There are many online avenues to look for such services but we can’t really say if they are authentic in their ads and service. One such website is the Massage Planet. It has grown to be highly popular for its wide variety of ads and operates not only in the USA, where it’s illegal but also in Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. 

Needless to say, Massage Planet has a large pool of such massage service ads on its websites based on user preferences. In this article, we will be digging deeper into the workings of Massage Planet to see if it is legit and worth your time and money. Let’s find out!

Features of Massage Planet


Features of Massage Planet

We have broken down the review in the following parameters to scrutinize the website step-by-step and give out an honest and detailed review for our readers.

Terms of Service

The primary red flag that you encounter if you are paying attention are the Terms of Service. Websites like Massage Planet are well aware of the shady businesses they operate. This is why they shrug off all responsibility from their shoulders if anything were to go wrong. The terms of service state that Massage Planet takes no responsibility if the user has any kinds of complaints from the Massage attendant or the service.

What it actually means is that if the customer has been robbed, beaten up or even been arrested through ads posted on their own website, they take zero onus for it. This goes on to show the accountability of Massage planet as a platform suggesting Massage Listings.

Terms of service

Additionally, these terms of service state that all the User-generated content on the website, that is, the ad banners to various massage services is published in the owner’s opinion only. Therefore, they have nothing to do with it turning out to be a total scam.

Homepage & Forum of Massage Planet

Homepage & Forum of Massage Planet

The Website design itself is so flashy that is enough to give you the impression of something shady going on. As soon as you enter the Homepage of Massageplanet, you will see numerous ad banners. When you click them, it will redirect you to a different website like Terb, Spasbywendy, etc which seem to match the vibe of Toronto Massage Planet. There is also a Massage Planet forum where former customers have posted about their experience.

Honestly, it seems so rigged by the descriptive ways people have shared their experiences with absolutely no consciousness of getting caught considering half those services are illegal. It wouldn’t be shocking to know that these are fake reviews and accounts created by the website itself to forge traffic.

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Finally, coming to the shady profiles of these Massage ads. To put it simply, they seem as unreliable as you can think. These Massage ad banners have pictures of women in suggestive clothing with mention of services that they can provide along with a Contact number. Who’s to say any of these profiles may be a way for law enforcement to reach out to criminals. So, one should only use these contact numbers at their own risk but we highly suggest against it.



In places where such services are illegal, many of these listings could very well turn out to be traps laid out by Law enforcement in order to arrest the people indulging in the same. Hence, there is a huge risk in signing up for Massage planet and ordering a massage through them. 

User Reviews

User Review of massageplanet
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Finally, we think it would be very foolish to go ahead and sign up for this website for a massage because of the safety reasons we just mentioned. You can alternatively browse through trustable websites or if you’re simply looking for casual sex and hookups, sign up on adult dating websites instead of going the massage way. It would be a much better turnout in terms of potential dates. Plus, the idea of paying a fortune just to scam yourself is a no-go. So, you better avoid Massage Planet altogether. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Massage Planet?

Ans. MassagePlanet is a platform for Massage listings where MPAs who offer services much more than body massages can post their ads and attract customers. Massage Planet seems to blur the legal lines with its activity or at least what these ad banners claim to offer which is why it is risky to use it.

Q.2 Is Massage Planet Legit?

Ans. Massage planet has a wide array of listings posted by private owners or other websites for Massage and more services for its customers. It could very well be a scam as many of these listings may not be legit. Massage Planet takes no responsibility for any fraud consequences of a Massage appointment which again indicates the existence of a scam. The fact that they mint huge amounts of money out of it and that the law enforcement can set them up to arrest criminals are all the reasons to be suspicious about Massage Planet.

Q.3 What happened to the Massage Planet? Is it not Safe Anymore?

Ans. Massage Planet surfaces with numerous flashy ad banners on the homepage for massage Services in your area. It could be a scam underneath the flashy facade because of the low-security network, no profile verification and money-minting strategies. It is advisable to stay away from it.