Liveescort Service Website Honest Review | Complete Guide

As far as our opinion of Liveescort review websites and platforms is concerned, we have made it quite clear that we would not want any of our readers to be associated with an Escort service. We always encourage and try to convince our readers into signing up for dating websites. The reason? It is because escort services can be risky to use. Ever since Backpage or Craigslist Personals have been shut down for promoting sexual trafficking, a lot of new lowkey platforms have come up acting as Escort directories. But, with the passing of the FOSTA law in the USA, commercial sex services of any kind have been banned. This is why Escort review websites like Liveescort are not a very wise choice if casual sex is all you want. 

In this article, we will be reviewing and journaling in detail as to why you should not use Liveescort reviews website. Let’s get started.

Features of Liveescort

Features of Liveescort

Following are the major questionable features hosted by Liveescort. These pointers will make it clear why using the platform is a bad idea. 

Shady Terms of Service

It isn’t a surprise anymore when we come across an Escort Service website which is shady looking, has little reliability in terms of Privacy and is just a failed attempt at providing the claimed services. There are so many such platforms in the market today, most of which we have reviewed in the past. Even in the case of Liveescort, it gets no better when it comes to the quality of service. In fact, it is only worse when we speak about the Terms of Service. 

What’s Fishy about That?

Terms of Service

Now, you must be aware that Escort Services and other commercial sex activities are illegal in the USA. And the law enforcement authorities always look to arrest people who partake in such transactional sexual acts. To add fuel to the fire, Liveescort clearly states in the terms of service that they will record all user data at all times and use it for advertising and marketing purposes. So, if this illegal platform were ever to be raided by the law enforcement authorities, they would have your user activity data while you surfed their website and hand it over to the Feds throwing you under the bus. Therefore, you need to save yourself by not indulging in this escort service website at all. 

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In addition to this, if you don’t read the terms of service before you enter the website, as many of the users do, we will tell you what you just agreed to. If you ever decide to sue Liveescort for any fraud that they committed with you, you cannot do so. Even if you’re persistent, you will be held liable to pay for both your and their legal fee. You cannot hold them responsible for any mishappenings that might occur with you through this website. They hold zero accountability for the same. Also, you can never join another active Class Action suit against LiveEscortReviews com if it were ever to pop up as you would have agreed to these risky terms of service. These red flags must be enough to ring your bells and keep you off the Liveescort website permanently.

Ripped Images in Live Escort Reviews Com Website

Liveescort is not free of the same old problem with most Escort service websites, that is, fake profiles and pictures. As soon as you skip and go head first into the risky waters of Liveescort, you will land on the website homepage with various Escort profiles for you to choose from. If you look closely at these pictures, they seem too hot to be true. It’s not like there can’t be any great-looking Escorts on the platform.

But when every second picture is amazingly hot, it turns you suspicious, especially from past experiences. Following our gut feeling, we investigated these profile pictures by backtracking them on the Internet. And there it was, the truth. We could easily spot these images on other scammy websites and Google Images which proved that the Images were ripped. 

Annoying Pop-Up Advertisements

popup ads

If the existing red flags weren’t enough for you to walk out of this Live Escort Review com scam, we have another argument in our favor. The website homepage, as you surf, will be filled with large advertisement banners for other escort service websites or dating platforms. You will also find a lot of hidden redirecting links which will land you onto other websites. All of these are strategies to make money by advertising other websites. Hence, Liveescort is a total rip-off scam and must be avoided at all costs. 

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In the end, our take on the Liveescort review website remains that it is a total waste of time. You don’t need a weak and fraud escort review platform to look for sex. And that too is considered illegal in the USA. Liveescort really isn’t worth risking so much just for the sake of casual sex. Instead, you can sign up for a much safer and more reliable dating website. Here you can meet people who are like you, looking for similar things as you with whom you can meet up and have no strings attached sex, if you like. It is safe, consensual, free as well as legal. So, dating websites are the clear choice. Ditch Liveescort and move on!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What happened to Live Escort Reviews website?

Ans. LiveEscortReview has been officially shut down as it was captured by the law enforcement authorities of the USA since it was associated with commercial sex services. 

Q.2 How to remove live escort reviews as homepage?

Ans. To change or remove Liveescort homepage, go over to the Browser settings and remove Liveescort from the homepage.  

Q.3 How did live escort reviews get my number?

Ans. When you login or sign up on Liveescorts as a new user, you are generally asked to enter a few basic details to authenticate your identity. If you had chosen to give your contact information in those details, they would have recorded the data. Alternatively, if you tried contacting an Escort service through the Liveescort platform and shared your Contact details with a particular profile on the website, the information is recorded again.