Uncovering Love: Top Dating Platforms for Lesbian Poly Love

Best Lesbian Polyamory Apps

  1. HER is a dating and social networking app designed specifically for the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. Taimi is designed to be a safe and inclusive platform for users to connect with others.
  3. LesbianPersonals It is part of the FriendFinder Network, which operates a range of dating.
  4. Okcupid It can be used by people who identify as lesbian, as well as those who identify as gay, bisexual, pansexual, and other non-heterosexual orientations.
  5. Feeld is open to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Lesbian polyamory can be an incredibly fulfilling, intimate experience, and there are more options now than ever before to connect with other lesbians who are interested in exploring non-traditional relationships. Finding the right community for you isn’t always easy, however; fortunately, there are some great apps and websites designed specifically for those seeking meaningful, lasting connections within the lesbian polyamory lifestyle. On that note, here’s a look at five of the best websites and apps that make finding true love or casual lesbian poly relationships a breeze.

With these five best apps and sites for lesbian poly relationships, connecting with partners and embarking on journeys of sexy exploration has never been easier. You can find like-minded people via a range of portals, from social media platforms to dedicated dating sites. You can share intimate moments or adventurous encounters with other women looking for the pleasure that comes from living life as a lesbian in an open relationship.

Meanwhile, these five choices also give you access to a variety of intimate topics such as how to practice safe sex, secure communication advice, and tips for creating strong foundations for all types of partnerships. As you search for potential partners or explore future possibilities, these apps and sites provide concrete paths that lead toward ultimate ecstasy! But before directly jumping in, let’s understand about the concept first.

Explaining Lesbian Polyamory Relationships

Explaining Lesbian Polyamory Relationships

Lesbian poly relationships allow for more freedom, exploration and pleasure. They provide both partners with the opportunity to experience deeper connection and connection with multiple partners while still maintaining a committed relationship between them. Polyamorous lesbian relationships embrace the concept of taking joy and sensuality in each other while exploring different aspects of sexual liberation.

As part of these relationships, partners don’t just get to build deeper bonds with one another but also can enjoy exploring their deepest desires without judgment or worries about negative repercussions. It allows for greater trust, understanding and acceptance between each partner as well as mutual respect for each other’s boundaries when it comes to engaging in intimate relationships outside of their primary relationship. By creating a safe environment within the relationship that encourages fluidity, lesbian polyamory breaks down the barriers that often exist in society today around expressing one’s sexuality.

A Detailed Review of Top Dating Platforms for Lesbian Polyamory Love

From dating platforms to discussion forums, you should join a community where everyone is respected and celebrated regardless of gender identity or orientation in order to form meaningful bonds that last a lifetime! With that being said, here is a detailed review of the best dating platforms for lesbian poly love. And with their advanced search capabilities and detailed user profiles, you can also customize the type of relationship that works best for you and your partners.


Her dating app


HER is an amazing app for individuals interested in exploring lesbian and poly relationship. Not only does it provide a safe and inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community to connect, but its hub locations span the globe – from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and France to Germany, Brazil and Thailand.

HER allows users to not only find others with similar interests close by, but it also provides an opportunity to discover 10+ million other registered LGBTQ+ members. This opens up avenues to broaden perspectives of this visually sensuous practice and potentially experience erotic adventures that otherwise may never have been possible. Allowing everyone to share their polyamory stories, HER is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading apps for those looking to explore alternative relationships.

2. Taimi


If you are looking to explore an authentic lesbian poly relationship and commitment, Taimi is the app for you. Their mission is to connect and support those on the gender and sexuality spectrum in meaningful ways. Having made strides in only a short amount of time, Taimi boasts an impressive 10 million users worldwide in March 2021 – offering a safe and secure space for one-time or casual dating or serious relationships.

Just like Adult Friend Finder where you can find advanced features to find hot women, Taimi also provides features like creating posts and stories, interacting over video calls, joining streaming sessions hosted by influencers, sharing content with each other, and hosting live streams to build meaningful connections. All of this is provided with a sensuous and erotic tone of voice that celebrates open sex-positive relationships of all kinds in a way that no other platform can match.

3. LesbianPersonals



Experience lesbian polyamory dating like never before with LesbianPersonals, an innovative and comprehensive app or site that puts its members’ needs first. Find someone in your area or elsewhere through detailed member profiles, allowing you to take the time to really get to know each other. 

Take advantage of the two-way webcam and Instant Messenger options to help you form a deeper connection with potential partners. Plus, view thousands of hot photos and videos of other members! With just a few clicks, you can be a part of an international community that supports trans women, or lesbian poly relationships. Join this incredible platform today – set up your free profile in less than five minutes, use the advanced search tools to narrow down your options and get in touch with someone special! Show off your sensual side, send a flirt or message – make it yours!

4. Okcupid



OKCupid is the ideal place for lesbians and poly relationships looking for a no strings attached encounter. Intuitively designed to identify your expectations with minimal effort, OKCupid doesn’t just match singles with compatible partners, just like searchingforsingles, that helps initiate conversations.

With free private messaging capabilities available to all members, users can decide if they want to include their interest in polyamory on their profile or remain discreet. This efficiency and transparency has proven revolutionary: OKCupid facilitates 50,000 dates each week! Better yet, you’ll be able to browse all profiles on the site absolutely free of charge. It raises the bar of essential LGBTQ+ dating sites available globally. Get ready to dip your toes into a sea of sensuality and exploration today!

5. Feeld



Finding the perfect polyamory lesbian partner can be difficult, even more so when you want a lesbian partner or are in a relationship beyond femme-femme. Feeld was designed with this in mind: for exploration, curiosity and pleasure. Feeld is about open mindedness and embraces all genders, including heteroflexible, bisexual, polysexual and pansexual people. So, it can be your perfect gay dating app as well if you have such preferences. What’s more better is the ability to date solo or as a couple, users can also join group chats to come together and create a digital polycule that fits to your needs. 

If privacy is something you want there is an option to hide the user’s profile until they decide to like someone first. For those who desire the connection of two partners but also wish to explore individuals within their relationship-structures, Feeld allows couples accounts where they can date while still being within a pair. Seductive yet sophisticated in its nature – Feeld provides an online experience full of excitement without sacrificing security.

More Suggestion for Lesbian Polyamory

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Some Last Words

While there are many sites and apps geared towards those who engage in polyamory, few have put so much effort into their design and commitment to the community as the top five platforms listed above. As safe havens of communication, connection, and acceptance, they offer a unique platform for those engaged in or interested in entering into a poly relationship with another woman. That makes them a great choice if you want to explore the dynamic that comes with lesbian polyamory without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

Even though these apps and sites aim to bring people together with similar lifestyles, always remember to exercise caution when dealing with strangers. Regardless of which website or app you choose, it is important to stay informed about safety protocols in order to ensure that those involved in any relations remain safe and healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I be polyamorous and lesbian?

Ans. Many people assume their sexual orientation needs to be exclusive, and they have to have interests in one gender only. However, individuals can identify as both polyamorous and lesbian – this identity often referred to as polylesbianism. 

Being polylesbian doesn’t mean having to have romantic relationships with both genders; it means being simultaneously sexually and romantically attracted to women and nonbinary individuals, regardless of gender or number. Polyamory (having multiple concurrent romantic relationships) also is not an exclusively heterosexual practice; it’s all about each individual figuring out what works for them when it comes to the nature of their relationships.

Q2. What is lesbian polyamory?

Ans. Lesbian polyamory is the practice of being in several committed romantic relationships at once, all involving women. By having multiple partners, it challenges traditional assumptions of what a “normal” relationship looks like and redefines the concept of monogamy. It requires an immense level of honesty, trust, transparency, and respect for boundaries if it is to work correctly.

Q3. What is a unicorn poly relationship?

Ans. A unicorn poly relationship is an ongoing, committed romantic relationship between three people. It can be two established partners and one person who is new to the relationship. The newcomers are often referred to as “unicorns” due to their rare yet desired presence in the relationship.

These relationships are formed when two people wish to have a throuple, threesome positions, or “three-way partnership,” with someone who is generally willing and understanding of both partners’ needs. While every couple’s dynamic will be unique, these relationships tend to rely on open communication, trust, and respect between all parties involved in order for them to thrive.

Q4. How long does the average polyamorous relationship last?

Ans. Many polyamorous relationships have the same potential longevity as any other relationship. The amount of time a relationship lasts is largely dependent on the individuals involved. While there is no definitive statistic that articulates how long the average polyamorous relationship lasts, it is anecdotally accepted that these kinds of relationships often rely heavily on each participant’s communication skills, negotiation abilities and emotional maturity.

With right platforms, tools, and a basic understanding of consent, many polyamorous relationships can last indefinitely, but as with all intimate relationships they can also come to an end when circumstances change or if someone decides they no longer want to continue in a relationship.