Jucydate Review

As much as there has been a boom in mainstream dating & relationship platforms online, more and more people have also been drawn toward the Hookup and casual sex culture. Catering to the needs of such people, a lot of casual sex & hookup dating platforms like Jucydate, Snapsext, Adultfriendfinder, etc, entered the market offering similar services. However, not all of these websites have been successful at gaining the trust and traction of the public. This set of people comprises either singles who are just not ready for commitment and are actively looking for a lot of torrid, no-strings-attached sex in their youth; or it is married folks who are in long-term relationships with their monogamous partners but have boring sex lives. These users are majorly searching to add that missing spice back in their sex life by signing up for hot hookup sites with one-time action. 

In this article, we will be trying out and reviewing the Jucydate dating platform to see if it makes the cut into the list of genuine & reliable dating platforms or if it’s just another pass like most. 

Features of Jucydate


We will be looking at the major concerns of all the users before signing up for a dating platform- Sign Up & Security Protocol, Main functions of the website as well as the Subscription cost. Let’s break them down one at a time to understand better.

Signup Process & Security

Most of the users on Jucydate are people who are bored in their marriages or sex lives in general and are looking for a refreshing respite from the monotony. The men and women who sign up on Jucydate without the knowledge or consent of their long term partners would definitely not want them to find out randomly through the Internet. Therefore, it is important for them to be able to trust the platform with the confidentiality of their data and information so that they can have some uninterrupted kinky fun on Jucydate. There is also a high probability to find explicit nudity on the platform among the dating profiles. Hence, it is the responsibility of the website security firewall to protect such sensitive images and data from external cyber attacks.

jucydate login

First of all, the entire Jucydate app download process is easy and quick. As you enter the Jucydate login page, you will be required to register using your Name, Age as well as a valid Email address in order to create the account. This email address is verified by the platform using a link sent to the registered address opening which the user login is complete. This Email verification is performed to make sure no fake profiles or scamsters enter the Jucydate dating community so that all the members remain safe. 

The security firewall of Jucy date is also quite strong as it is a fully Private Domain. This means that a random user on the Internet who has not registered themselves as a member of the Jucydate website will not be able to access the dating profiles & the corresponding information. Such protective features give a reliable impression to the users as they can maintain anonymity on the Internet. It is also a secure network as the users do not have to submit any extra personal information like Phone number or Credit card details on the platform. Thus, they are free of any potential scams or fraud risks involving their contact or financial information. 

Another great feature of the Jucydates privacy network is that it allows the users to Block or Blacklist profiles. It is fairly common to come across verified profiles who are downright creepy or abusive in a certain manner. No user needs to tolerate any such behavior while they are on the platform as the users can simply Blacklist their dating profile and block them from accessing personal information. It gives a level of autonomy and control to the user over the Jucydate account. 

Key Functions of Jucydate

The overall user interface of the Jucydate dating platform is convenient and interactive. It doesn’t feel sloppy as in the case of most other dating sites like adultfriendfinder because the design is minimalistic and efficient at best without overcrowding with features and tools. The Jucydate algorithm works in a way that it suggests random dating profiles that might be compatible with the users which they can swipe right to match and swipe left to reject. These suggestions are based on various aspects of your personality that the algorithm picks up from personality quizzes, your preference list and basic questionnaires etc. We must add that the user base of Jucydate is full of young people actively in search of hookups- while some are here out of bored marriages, some are single and just want some casual sex like on Citysweeties. Let’s look at they key features that Jucydate offers to enhance the platform experience:


Jucydate has designed a Newsfeed much like most other Social media apps where you can see the latest posts and updates by other people. The platform allows for an open view of what the other profiles are up to on the app including a Jucydate notification for when someone posts new pictures to their photo album or when someone is online and looking for hookups or sextfun in real time. Such regular updates about the activity status of the Jucydate members makes it easier for you to hit them up when they are online to chat or propose a hot hookup. The users also have an option to like or comment on the pictures of others to initiate a conversation. 

Live Chat

If you have interest in a particular profile and would like to chat with them privately, you can start the conversation on the Live Chat feature and connect with whoever you match with. It is a great platform to get to know people better, discuss likes, dislikes and preferences before you decide on meeting them in person. This feature is not only a text-based interaction but also hosts a Video calling option if you would like some virtual webcam fun with each other. 

Priority User Access

The Jucydate algorithm works efficiently in a way that it gives you access to the high ranking dating profiles on the app. This ranking system takes into account various parameters like match frequency, activity etc, on the basis of which it puts a few selected profiles on the top of the list. This well-performing profile list is visible to everyone so that they can get in touch with such people and try their luck at hooking up with them.

VIP Membership Subscription

jucydate subscription

Jucydate is mostly a free service which does not require any payments for registering or looking at the dating profiles in the Newsfeed. However, for a better platform experience with access to all the add-on benefits, you can pay for the VIP membership, priced as follows:

  • 1-Month Membership: $4.99
  • 1-Year Membership: $29.99

User Reviews

“My excursion into the world of online dating with Jucydate has been strangely enjoyable and it has given me a new and fulfilling viewpoint on this service. I was immediately impressed with Jucydate’s user-friendly and cutting-edge interface when I first arrived. The platform’s many features and products are simple to explore because of its combination of elegant layout and usability. This creates the conditions for a simple and engaging user experience.”

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If you are someone single or married, who is into casual, no strings attached hookups & just some unabashed sex, Jucydate is the right option for you. It considers all major requirements of the users including a strong Privacy network as well as great User interface and design. The Profiles are verified, authentic and private which means all data and information is securely stored. Moreover, users get a Social media experience by getting regular updates about other users’ activities on the platform newsfeed. 

There is a Live Chat as well as Best Profile access option as well, all of which work together to offer smooth hookup services to the users. The best part is that the Jucydate is not just a responsive website but it also has an Android and iOs compatible Mobile application which makes things a lot easier and efficient. The users do not have to worry about logging in time & again on the website to access the dating account as they can simply open the app to find hookups. In totality, it is a must try for all the horny singles and bored married people!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Jucydate?

Ans. Jucydate-website for meeting online hookup partners or casual sex dates if you want to come out of your monotonous sex life or are single and looking for some action. You can get laid by simply signing up on this website and scrolling through the profiles until you match with someone. It has various extra benefits like Newsfeed, Live Chat and Priority user access which makes it a fun dating & hookup search environment.

Q.2 How do I contact Jucydate customer service?

Ans. Follow the steps below to access the Customer contact service on Jucydate:

  • Login to your Jucydate profile
  • Click on the Dashboard & scroll down to the Contact option
  • Find the suitable contact information you’re looking for & dial in

Q.3 How to delete a Jucy date account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to Delete your account:

  • Login to your Jucydate Profile
  • Click on the three stripes on the top & Browse Settings
  • Choose Profile Settings > Delete Profile 
  • Confirm the changes and all your data will be deleted permanently