4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using InternationalSexGuide Escort Forum

In our journey of religiously trying and reviewing dating websites and escort services, we have yet to discover an Escort website that actually stands true to its terms of service and provides an honest experience to its users. By virtue of being illegal in the USA, these websites hardly ever adhere to their services and operate only to make money via redirecting links and premium subscriptions. It is our responsibility to maximize our reach and report such scams to all the readers and potential users of such websites. In lieu of the same, we will be uncovering the lies of InternationalSexGuide today.

InternationalSexGuide is a lazy duplicate following the footsteps of the USAsexguide which shut down due to legal reasons. It claims to be an International sex forum with Escort listings across the world along with customer reviews so that readers can decide on the best escort for a night of fun and spice. Wait until we check it out completely and reveal the scam that the website is.

Features of InternationalSexGuide

Features of InternationalSexGuide

Following is the step-by-step breakdown of our issues with the International sex guide and why we think it should be avoided at all costs. Let’s begin the review without wasting any time.

Annoying Redirecting Links

InternationalSexGuide seems like a sister concern to previously reviewed USAsexguide and to be honest, there are so many things in common between these two Escort review websites. It is mostly the grave issues that we have with USAsexguide that persist in the case of InternationalSexGuide as well. To pinpoint the problems, redirecting links and ad banners are one.

Annoying Redirecting Links

The website constantly tries to promote and take you to random shady websites for Escorts or adult dating through these ad banners. That too while InternationalSexGuide claims to be an unbiased platform for honest Escort reviews. So, the fake and annoying marketing gimmicks adopted by this sexguide forum does not take it far enough.

Unreliable Profiles on InternationalSexGuide 

Unreliable Profiles on InternationalSexGuide

Being a typical scam, InternationalSexGuide hosts a range of fake profiles with no authenticity. There is no verification of the profiles that are uploaded on the website to see if they are even real. It could very much be possible that these escorts have written marvelous reviews for themselves or have paid the website to get it done. 

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If you would go into a deep investigation like us and try to track these profile pictures on the Internet, you will literally find them all over the web which clearly means that these pictures have been stolen and simply pasted on the website as Escort profiles. Technically, it is the responsibility of the creators and moderators at InternationalSexGuide to check for authentic profiles and filter out the fake ones but it seems they just don’t bother. 

Privacy Invasion Done by InternationalSexGuide

InternationalSexGuide has attached a Membership fee of $19.95 to the website experience if the users wish to avail of extra features like Private messaging and zero ads. This is obviously a way to extort money out of the users’ pockets but it will be quite foolish on the users’ part who would fall for this scam by giving their financial information to an Escort forum which is practically illegal in the USA. 

Privacy Invasion

Even all the other user activity and data is recorded by such websites and will be conveniently handed over to law enforcement authorities if they were ever to be raided for illegal sexual activities. This not only risks your data and privacy but could even land you in serious legal trouble for indulging with illegal Escort and paid sex services. Therefore, it is highly advisable to keep yourself away from such scams to save yourself.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk

Even if you were to find a reliable escort through the Internationalsexguide, there is absolutely no way to be sure of the safety measures and protection clauses. These escorts might be drug addicts or sex workers who have a history of rough sex with their previous customers without protection. This increases the susceptibility of you contracting a sexually transmitted disease after one night of fun.

We’re not sure if it’s worth it to stake your health for something like this. Again, InternationalSexGuide or any other websites that list escorts for their users without performing any background check are equally responsible for such accidents.

User Reviews

User review of InternationalSexGuide
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In the end, it is clear that we stand nowhere in favor of using the InternationalSexGuide to look for escort listings around you. It may claim to be this multinational platform for Escorts with legit reviews but it is far from it and we have more than one reason to believe so. 

We hope that you too have understood why Escorts are not the way to go if you’re looking for casual sex or hookups. Instead, it is better to sign up for the adult dating websites in the market which are safe, reliable, and free connecting you with people looking for similar things as you. It is also legal unlike Escort and paid sex services which makes it an even better deal plus a no-brainer between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is InternationalSexGuide?

Ans. InternationalSexGuide is an Escort forum which has a user interface similar to that of Craigslist like Doublelist. It operates by listing various escort profiles, region-wise on their website along with their customer reviews and is for people to read and choose from. However, on deeper analysis of the website, it isn’t what it claims to be.

Q.2 Is InternationalSexGuide Safe?

Ans. We’re afraid not. InternationalSexGuide has all the symptoms of a classic scam from Unreliable profiles and STI Risks to Unwarranted ads and Legal Vulnerability. This absolute breach of inconvenience makes the website far from safe. Hence, we recommend that you avoid using it completely.

Q.3 Is InternationalSexGuide a free service?

Ans. Most of the website experience like signing up and reading the escort reviews is free. However, in order to enjoy extra features such as Private Messaging as well as Zero Ads, Interntionalsexguide requires its users to pay a monthly amount. Since we found the website to be a scam, we do not recommend any expenditure of your money on this website.