All You Need To Know About Instaboink: Website Review 2023

The new age of living with the gen-z entails a lot of Instaboink experiences. This means that with so little patience and attention span in the newer generation, it is extremely important for them to derive instant gratification from experiences. Likewise in the case of dating, the new generation simply needs quickies, hookups, and flings that are easily available online and move on to the next.

Every day is a new day with newer opportunities and newer hookup matches. To keep up with the same, a plethora of dating websites came about some of which worked while some didn’t. Now, what works and what doesn’t is completely dependent on how the users feel while using the platform. This is also where we come in with our consistent reviews of these dating platforms to help our readers differentiate good from bad. One such dating website is Instaboink.

It is essentially the same template of adult dating websites with hookup and flings prospects for everyone but we will have to dig deeper to understand if it actually works as well as it claims. Read till the end of the review to find out.

Features of Instaboink

We have divided the Instaboink reviews in the following parameters of Privacy & Security, Performance as well as Subscription Cost so that you can get a detailed insight into how the website works to help you decide better. Let’s get started:

Privacy & Security

Instaboink offers all the basic features of a typical dating website but also commits almost all the rookie mistakes that such websites do. While it positions itself as the platform for hookups and flings, it seems to forget that it needs more than horny and hot profiles to do that. A lot of catalyzing and incentivizing needs to be done by the website by creating an attractive & reliable experience. 


What is also vital is to make sure that the Privacy and Security network on the website is tight enough to safeguard the data. In the case of Instaboink login, there is very little that goes into signing up for the website which shows that not much profile verification is performed by the software to filter out indecent and fake profiles. However, you do need to fill in about 12 fields about your information none of which cater to profile authentication. 

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Subsequently, Instaboink compensates by introducing the option to Block or Report profiles that any of the users deem indecent or obscene. This vests a fair amount of profile control in the hands of the user. Along with that, users may also choose to keep their profile private making them discoverable to only a selected few profiles according to preferences. The personal data and information of the users can be protected through such features.

Performance of Instaboink

After a sub-standard mix of Privacy networks, you would expect Instaboink to up their game if they need to rank higher among the thousands of adult dating websites in the market today. Unfortunately, though, there is not much to look out for when it comes to the usage of the website. As soon as you land on the profile page, you will find a great deal of varied profiles sorted according to distance and your location so that you can find hookup partners near you. 

There is a cool feature to filter the searches on the basis of gender, age, sexual orientation and who’s online. This lets you streamline your results as per your preferences and increases your chances of connecting with people who are currently online and looking to boink now on the website.

One feature that stands out is the Live Chat option which works well if you want to have fun over a Video call. Insta boink also allows the users to rate other profiles in terms of hotness so even if you don’t find someone to satisfy your – ‘oh my hot hookups thirst’, you will find a great pastime for judging and scoring others. At the same time, there is the same old presence of Fake Profiles on the website. 

Performance of Instaboink

Due to the weak Security network and Verification process, a lot of potential scamsters get the opportunity to percolate and lay their traps. The chances of finding more fake profiles increase as Instaboink is not an exclusively running website; Rather it is a part of a larger dating website network, which means logging into instaboink automatically logs you into the larger user base of multiple dating websites which may or may not be safe. 

Subscription Cost

Obviously, not all the features on Instaboink can be used for free. After a free Instaboink login and some profile scrolling, you will eventually have to pay for the subscription to avail the extra premium features on the website. Here’s how the Subscription plan works:

  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $44.85
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Keep in mind that these payments are not anonymous which again breaches the user’s privacy. 

Reviews of Instaboink


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Final Thoughts On Instaboink

Overall, if we were, to sum up, our review experience it would lie somewhere in between. While it has quite a few features like Block/Report, Private profile, Live Chat, etc to offer, it kind of counterbalances with Weak Verification Techniques and Fake Profiles. Plus, the membership cost for isn’t too high but the payments are not discrete. Hence, Instaboink is a true mixbag of advantages and disadvantages. 

So, it really boils down to how much weightage one gives to these disadvantages against the advantages. If you think you can bear with a few fake profiles with the actual hope to find someone authentic, you can definitely go ahead and sign up for the website. Who knows, it might actually turn out to be a great experience for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Instaboink?  

Ans. Instaboink is an adult dating website which is open to people across the gender spectrum with varied sexual preferences. It is a part of a larger network of dating websites by virtue of which the user pool is quite large. If you want to know what do people say about instaboink then in short, it aims at connecting people through location, distance, age, and gender as well as algorithms and sets them up for hookups, flings etc. 

Q.2 How to Delete the Instaboink account?

Ans. It is fairly easy to delete the Instaboink account. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Login to your Instaboink Account and Browse Settings
  • Go over to the Account Settings and Click Delete Account
  • Confirm the action and follow the required steps to delete your account permanently.

Q.3 Is Instaboink legit or not?

Ans. Instaboink does have a lot of Privacy and authenticity glitches like Low verification setup, Fake profiles etc, but it compensates these disadvantages with Block/Report feature, Private setting feature. It is subjective upon personal usage and experience as it is not a 100% safe website but also not a total red flag.