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In today’s day and age, Social media apps seem to have gained so much popularity as well as power because of the large and growing user base. Everything from news sharing to weddings can happen over Instagram or Facebook. These platforms are not merely avenues to post about one’s life anymore but are almost a part of the modern lifestyle where it is as much a business as it is a place to interact with new people. With ample skills and the environment to fix & set up matches, dating platforms kind of feel left out with this whole Social media hegemony as people can simply meet up and date over their respective Social media accounts. 

Picking onto this trend, Fuckbook came up with an idea to barge into the markets with a hybrid of being an exclusive hookup and fling dating service but getting inspiration from Facebook in terms of socializing opportunities. On top of that, the easy pun with the name only adds more effect to this inspiration. 

So, in this article, we will be presenting our Fuckbook review on the basis of our experience while trying out the various features of the dating website. Stick till the end to know if you’ll find worthy hookup matches on the site or if should you just stick to Adultfriendfinder.

Features of Fuckbook

Features of Fuckbook

The online Fuckbook reviews are glowing with recommendations and other great things to say about the platform. But, we won’t be forming any prejudgments about it before we can testify in favor of the platform ourselves by trying it out first. So, let’s get started!

Security & Privacy Network

Fuckbook advertises itself as the R-rated version of Facebook. Now, if we were to draw conclusions from this marketing gimmick and inspiration, it would be tough to recommend the website to our readers as we’re all well versed with the Privacy or Security that Facebook promises. If there is going to be the same level of privacy invasion and security breach, it’s better to avoid the website altogether as Fuckbook will obviously be a lot more adult than the content on Facebook.




The users on fuckbook are known to be pretty out there with what they post and the hotness quotient of their pictures. It is either that these users don’t care for Privacy or Security and are completely okay with data exploitation or fuckbook offers genuine security services. Surprisingly though, it turned out to be the latter in the case of this dating platform.

Email Verification


For new users to register on the Fuckbook dating platform, it doesn’t take much time or information. There is nothing beyond the basic age, gender, location and email id, password demanded by the website to confirm the entry of a new candidate in the dating pool. However, Fuckbook requires a valid email address to support your identity as a new user. The platform further verifies this email address by sending an activation link which needs to be opened by the user to confirm their legitimacy as an authentic user of the dating service. This email verification is a mandatory protocol followed by most dating websites like Spicy desires in order to make sure that no spam bots or fake profiles enter the dating pool to pollute the whole network. 

Privacy Domain

Paired with the email verification, a Private domain acts almost like a Diamond security firewall to protect all the personal data and information on the site. A Private domain basically implies that any random user on the Internet who has not registered themselves on the website or is not a recognized member of the dating community will not be granted access to the dating profiles on Fuckbook. Therefore, it reinforces the idea of Proof of identity verification to uphold user privacy. It also helps the users to maintain an anonymous status on the web as they would like to remain lowkey about their sexdater experiences. 

Block/ Report

The security and privacy strength of Fuckbook.com even crosses the boundaries alone. In fact, it also allows the users to Block or report any indecent profiles within the dating network. It is fairly common to come across random creeps on dating platforms like iflirt dating who join the network only to stalk others and make them feel uncomfortable. To deal with such people, it’s best to directly Block or Report them and shut them out completely from trying to contact you or accessing your personal information. This way, users can maintain a certain autonomy over their dating account by controlling who they would like to interact with on the platform.

Fuckbook Design & Tools


Fuckbook offers a unique set of features and services when it comes to the tools and the overall interface. As soon as the registration is complete, users are asked to fill in a short questionnaire about their personality and the things they are looking for so that the algorithm can use the information to recommend dating profiles that might be compatible for you. From here on users are directly thrown into the pool of dating profiles on the main feed. The fuck book newsfeed is a lot like that of Facebook which honestly isn’t a surprise. Added to that, the quality of profiles is quite premium and active.

There are a lot of young people actively in search of some hot hookup opportunities which is fun for everybody on the platform as it keeps the cycle going just like 3fun app. Fuckbook offers a host of other tools to make this hookup hunt more interactive & smoother. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Search Filters

Search filters on Fuckbook essentially work towards quickening the process of finding a hookup buddy. This tool makes the process more efficient as you can search the dating profiles that fit your criteria. These filters can be applied on the basis of Age, Location, Gender etc so as to streamline the results in tandem with the users’ preferences. If you’re looking to hookup with someone located closer to you in your neighborhood, you can simply enter the regional filter to find the available dating prospects in your area.

Likewise, advanced search filters such as ‘Online Now’ set you up with profiles of the people who are currently online on the site and looking for someone to hook up with in real time. Having access to activity stats of profiles makes it easier for the users to connect with others who are eager for sex. Another filter ‘With Photo Only’ smooths out the dating pool by eliminating any shady profiles.

Live Chat

The Fuckbook.com Live Chat feature comes into use when the users like someone and wish to connect with them or initiate a conversation. This feature makes it easier to directly message someone if they will be up for a hookup or take it slow with a conversation to get to know them better. It also allows users to send likes and add members as favorites so that they remain at the top of your searches and priorities. If you sense a mutual connection with this person, Live Chat is a great avenue for both the parties to get to know each other better, discuss likes, dislikes & preferences etc., before they decide on meeting in person.

It is a completely safe space as all the chats have full encryption. Thus, the information shared within the Live Chat space is completely private and inaccessible to a third party.

Prices of VIP Membership


As in the case of most premium dating sites like Dinkyone which offer good quality dating services, Fuckbook is not a completely free dating site. Instead, it offers a Freemium service which entails a free version and a paid version. The free version only allows a sign up & profile search on the Fuckbook feed. But in order to avail the extra features on the website in all of their glory, you will have to buy the VIP Subscription membership. Its pricing is as follows:

  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $44.85
  • 1-Year Membership: $95.40
  • VIP Lifetime Membership: $199.95

User Review

User review of Fuckbook
Source – sitejabber.com

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Fuckbook is the perfect sex dating avenue for people who would also like to socialize on the side and make new friends. Not only does it offer great dating services but the facebook-like interface makes the whole website more like a social media platform where you can interact with new people for fun. Fuckbook checks most of the boxes as it provides a Private and safe network where users can safely post pictures however they like. It even allows users to Block or report others if they find them creepy or offensive.

Additionally, the dating pool of Fuckbook is rich and diverse enough to accommodate the needs of all kinds of people. It hosts extra tools like Live Chat and Advanced Search filters to make the hookup search more efficient. Apart from the fact that there is no Mobile Application in place for Fuckbook.com, we don’t think there is much to complain about. Overall, this Fuckbook review reveals that it is a must try for everyone in the casual dating scene!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How to find your partner on Fuckbook?

Ans. It doesn’t take much to find yourself a hot and suitable hookup partner on Fuckbook. 

  • Register and Sign Up on the platform with a valid Email address
  • Fill in your Personal information including Name, age, username, location etc.
  • Specify your preferences and what you’re looking for in a potential hookup or spicy fling situation
  • Start scrolling through the dating profiles & apply advanced search filters to make the process more efficient
  • Chat with them privately and discuss your preferences before you decide on meeting them personally

Q.2 How to unsubscribe from Fuckbook.com?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Fuckbook account:

  • Login to your Fuckbook profile
  • From the Dashboard, Click on Account Settings
  • Click on Delete My Profile
  • Confirm the changes. Now you will be logged out automatically

Q.3 Is Fuckbook legit?

Ans. Yes. Fuckbook is a completely secure and encrypted dating platform in our experience. The website offers a fool proof Email verification and a Private domain to keep any random chat bots or fake profiles to enter the dating pool. It also allows users to Block or Report any offensive profiles which gives more control to the users to control their dating account.