All You Need To Know About Flingster Webcam Sex Chat Platform | Full Review

One of the major concerns of people looking for online hookups and casual sex is that it takes too much time and still the quality of the hookup is not assured. Most of the dating platforms ask users to fill in extensive personality and preference quizzes before the actual search for profiles begins. This tedious process hardly makes any difference in the recommendations of hookup prospects and is only a marketing gimmick to make users think that the list will be customized. Alternatively, there are sites like flingster which straight up offer instant hookup and casual sex services on webcam.

It has a format much like Omegle where the users keep meeting new strangers from different parts of the world who are looking for similar sexual experiences as you. It is an efficient concept but could go totally haywire in execution. This is where we come in with our honest opinion on the quality of services of Flingster hookup based on first hand experience of the website. Stick till the end to find out the final verdict.

Features of Flingster

From the online reviews of Flingster, we could gauge that it is a gender inclusive service which welcomes all sexual orientations. Hence, the platform is a customizable experience between straight, couple, bisexual or flingster gay dating. Let’s begin the review to know more.

Privacy & Data Protection

Flingster is simply a buffet of live cam chats that show up more like a slideshow one after the other. These live video calls are with absolute strangers from different parts of the world who want horny hookups and here to seek pleasure. As an idea, it may sound a bit bizarre to sit in front of your camera and talk to kinky strangers when you have no idea who is going to show up on your screen. There is a constant risk of running into a catfish or a creep on such platforms who are in search of an opportunity to exploit your personal information or data without your consent. This is why it is extremely important for every user to make sure they will be safe on any platform they join like Flingster.


The flingster login or joining process asks no extra personal information which is a great thing as all the profiles are fully anonymous. You are only expected to register using your valid Email id or Google account on the website. This way, you can be sure that the people on the website have been verified by the software to ensure user security.


It is also a great way to save yourself from any potential scams as the people you will be interacting with will have no information about you. In fact, the free version of Flingster does not even require you to sign up at all. New users can simply search the website and start having hot & happening live cam fun with people from all over the world without filling in any private details.

Flingster Platform Experience


Flingster is an easy to use Video chat dating & hookup site where you can either have fun on webcams or meet up with profiles in real life to hookup with them. Once the sign up or registration is complete, you can directly start scrolling through the network feed on Flingster. The user base is very young and active on the platform with a majority of profiles ranging between the age of 18 to 24 years.

The second largest age demographic is the 24-34 year olds so there is something for everyone to find on this dating platform. Flingster hosts a number of extra features and tools which work in collaboration to make the website experience holistic and interactive. Let’s take a look at some of the major tools & their functions:

Intro Message

Flingster gives an option to all the new users to write an introductory bio about themselves in their dating profile. This is the first impression of the users on all the other profiles on the website. Therefore, the opportunity should be well utilized and people must be innovative and authentic with their bios, on the basis of which more people will connect with them for hot hookups.

Interest Tags

Interest Tags are specific search tags that users can apply to find potential webcam hookup partners which fit the preference criteria. There are numerous interest tags like Straight, fun, Dating, Hookup, Friends, Big Dick, Kinky etc. on the basis of which users can get what they are particularly looking for on flingster chat. Additionally, there is an option to suggest more Interest tags to the platform if you don’t find your category on the list.

Verification Badge

A VIP Verification badge is exclusive for the users who subscribe to the Premium subscription of the website. These select users get a Verification tag right beside their profile which is visible to all other profiles on the network. It signifies that you are a premium user and can be trusted with your identification. Moreover, a verification badge helps you become more discoverable on the website which makes more people attract towards your profile.

Search Filters

The additional search filters on Flingster chat website are designed to enable users to find profiles more in tandem with their personal preferences. These filters can be applied on the basis of Location as well as Gender. For instance, a lot of Flingster users apply the location filter same as their current location. Then there is a real chance of meeting this person offline if it ever comes to that.


Translator is a handy tool on Flingster because of its cosmopolitan user base. There are people from all across the world who randomly connect with each other for some fun virtual date. In such cases, language barrier can be a major obstacle to hamper communication and block their hookup prospects with an International profile. Translator tool simply translates the dialogue from one language to another to aid better communication. 

Premium Membership Subscription

flingsters subscription

Flingster is not a completely free service. Instead, it qualifies as a Freemium service which has partially free and partially paid dating services to offer. The free version offers a basic sign up and video chatting with profiles for hookups. But the premium services entail a more holistic experience of the Flingster platform like Advanced Search filters, Verification Badge, Translator services etc. Here’s how the subscription model works:

  • 7-Day Membership: $6.99
  • 1-Month Membership: $19.99
  • 6-Month Membership: $89.94

All the payments on Flingster are done via Segpay which is a safe, third party payment service. It is a widely used mode of payment by many businesses in the country which makes it all the more reliable. Therefore, Flingster doesn’t require your private payment or financial details minimizing your risks of running into potential scams or frauds. 

Misspellings of Flingster

It’s a shame that when most people hear about Flingster and try to access the website, they are not able to spell it correctly and type misspelled variants of the name which lands them on strange web pages with unrelated search results. To make things easier, here is a list of common spelling errors of Flingster:

  • flongster
  • flingstwr
  • fligster
  • flingste
  • flingstrr
  • flingester
  • flingstar

User review

I wanted to share this YouTube “OnlineForLove” user’s thoughts and impressions on this website: “If you have used flingster yourself and what your experience was like as a premium member I know what the experiences are like for many free members and it’s not enjoyable for most guys let me tell you but for premium members let me know what you thought and if it was worth it for you I do want to mention as well if you don’t think flinkster is the right website for you that we do have that great online dating website like flingster.”

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To sum up our experience using Flingster sex chat, it would be enough to say that everyone looking for quick hookups online must definitely try this platform. It is such a wholesome experience with no risks of running into fake profiles. You can instantly verify if someone is lying about their identity by speaking to them via Video call. The transparent medium of finding hookups and an easy way of getting in touch with them is supremely efficient & interactive. It does not require you to sign up using anything more than the Email address.

Neither does Flingster ask of the payment details of the user, all of which makes it a safe to use website. Additionally, the website tools and features like Intro Message, Interest tags, verification badge etc. This only makes the overall experience better in so many ways. Apart from the fact that there is no Android or iOS application for Flingster. We don’t think there is much to complain about with this hookup platform. All in all, you should definitely go ahead and sign up for this unpredictably fun ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Flingster?

Ans. Flingster is an Online hookup and webcam sex chat websites like cougar sex chat which offers instant, virtual fling services to people of all genders and sexual orientations. There are interesting search tags like Intro bio, Search filters, verification badge etc. This makes the Flingster hookup hunt more like a fun game of video chats and a whole lot of sex.

Q.2 How to cancel Flingster?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Flingster account:

  • Firstly, login to your Flingster Profile
  • Click on My Account in the top right corner
  • Browse the Delete My Account option from the Menu below your Email address
  • Lastly, confirm the changes and you will be logged out automatically

Q.3 How to find girls on Flingster?

Ans. It is fairly simple to find girls for hookups on Flingster. You just need to sign up on the website using your name and email address following which you can start searching for women profiles. The video chat feature allows more of a random video chat dating experience where you can go on chatting with different people one after the other until you find someone you would like to hookup with.