Fetoo Review: Exclusive Dating Site for Kinksters

There is already so much taboo around sex that it is a real sin to be openly talking about it. And this is the case of the basic Vanilla sex. The discourse around BDSM, fetishes, or kink enthusiasts is much more limited and frowned upon, which really shouldn’t be the case.

Although there has been some change in favor of a sex-positive environment which will be more interesting with Fetoo, there is still a long way to go. This makes it very difficult for people with fetishes and kinks to communicate their needs and to be able to find people who would be interested in similar kinks to explore as partners. This is where the lowkey sex dating apps come in that do the noble work of connecting like-minded people. One such dating site is Fetoo.com. It is an exclusive kink-related dating site for kinksters.

In this article, we will be reviewing the UI, Performance, and basic features of the Fetoo Review Site for you to gauge if it is a suitable fit for your kink needs. Let’s get into it.

Features of the Fetoo Site

Following is the step-by-step review of the Fetoo dating app experience for you to get a better insight into the workings of this website and whether or not you should try it for yourself.

Exclusive Kinkster Dating

Exclusive Kinkster Dating

The Fetoo Dating site is an exclusive platform for people who wish to explore their kinky sides. There is not much to find for the Vanilla people on this website as everyone who enlists themselves on the Fetoo Dating Site has some sexual fetishes and Affairalert that they want to actualize.

The subscribers can specify their sexual desires and kinks as part of their dating profile which makes it easier for them to find people who are into similar things. You can connect with these people through the chatting mode on the site and discuss all your desires first. After that, you can both complement each other and serve the respective fetishes over a webcam or in person. In the end, it should be an enjoyable experience for both parties.

Fetoo has Coin System

Fetoo has Coin System

The Fetoo Site is not essentially a free service. However, there are no monthly subscription programs either that this site requires of its subscribers. Every person looking to connect with fellow kinksters through Fetoo gets a Coin balance in exchange for money, which acts as the currency to connect and chat with the dates. Another website called Womenwithsecrets comes with the same Coin Based Model. In fetoo, the basic plan for $5.49 comes with 220 coins. And you can use these coins to send messages to people you prefer. 

There are higher coin balance plans as well such as 500 coins for $10.99, 1270 coins for $27.49, 2640 coins costing $54.99, and 5500 coins worth $109.99. The coin system makes it convenient for you to use the site if you are not very frequent with your kink surfing. You can simply purchase the coins every time you feel like indulging in your fetishes without caring about any monthly subscriptions.

Fetoo offers Easy Accessibility

First of all, there is no Fetoo app in place which would have made things much easier. The users need to log in to their profiles via a browser and operate from there. With all the features included, the website allows you to access, chat and engage in your kinks with your respective partners in play.


There is a long list of users which are all displayed on the website for people to choose from. You can skim through the profiles of people with specific interests and desires and choose to connect with people you like. The large user base that it has built over the years provides a wide pool of options for its users.

Suspicious User Interface

As much as the lucrative features of Fetoo.com attract users, the User Interface also sets in some suspicion about the reliability of the website. The service seems to be fake because of incorrect English on the website or the direct Payment methods that are readily available on the Fetoo site. This sends the impression that the website is only designed to extort money out of the users’ pockets as the Coin balance, too, exhausts really quickly. Additionally, the dating profiles seem to be Artificially created and the responses seem robotic over chats. As a result, we have some reliability concerns with the Fetoo dating site which might be untrue. 

User Reviews

User review of fetoo
Source – trustpilot.com

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If you’re looking to expand your kink circle and find your soulmates in the community who will be up for experimenting with kinks and fetishes, Fetoo is the right place for you. You can simply register and log in to the site, create an attractive dating profile, and surf through the numerous options of people willing to try out new stuff.

Barring the expensive Coin system and the Suspicious User Interface, Fetoo can prove to be a great avenue for kinksters. There are a lot of such fake dating sites these days like Tuscl and Affairalert which run only to make money. If Fetoo isn’t one of those, it could be a promising option. You should definitely try it once keeping in mind all the safety parameters!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Fetoo Website?

Ans. Fetoo is a kinkster-exclusive dating platform. It connects people who are proactively looking for partners to experiment sext friend and actualize their fetishes with. It is a website-based service that runs on a Coin System instead of Monthly memberships.

Q.2 How to Get Free Coins on Fetoo?

Ans. There is no hack as such which gets you Free Coins on fetoo. The only way you can add a coin balance is by purchasing them for the available price. The Coin System pricing is as follows:

  • $5.49 comes with 220 coins
  • 500 coins for $10.99
  • 1270 coins for $27.49
  • 2640 coins costing $54.99
  • 5500 coins worth $109.99

Q.3 What is Fetoo Site?

Ans. This is an online dating platform which is designed for people who have sexual fetishes and are looking for partners they can indulge in those fetishes with. It is useful in connecting people who share the same interests in kinks as they can experiment together.

Q.4 How to Delete Fetoo Account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Fetoo Account

  • Login to your Fetoo Account
  • Browse Settings> Delete Account
  • You will get a confirmation link in your email
  • Click on the link in your Email and Confirm the deactivation process
  • Your account is permanently deleted