Extreme Chat Review: Tons of Kinky Chatting & Hookups!

The Online dating industry has evolved a great deal over the past few years. What started off as just an avenue for meeting new people and dating them has transitioned smoothly into the speed dating, hookup & fling culture and now is slowly incorporating sexual niches like kinks and fetishes. Kinks and fetishes have been of people’s sex lives since time immemorial but it is only now that people have started being vocal about their fetishes and overall sexual needs. It is great to see the industry change progressively and promote a sex-positive environment by accepting kinks like BDSM, Foot fetish, Role play, etc. One such platform is the Extreme Chat Hookup & Kink Sexting platform. As the name suggests, it is not a typical hookup dating site as it offers a whole range of features to a particular niche.

In this article, we will be presenting an unbiased review of one of the most extreme dating sites – Extreme Chat to give our readers a better idea about how it works and if they should consider trying it at all.

Features of Extreme Chat

Extreme Chat advertises itself as a Kink sexting platform for people interested in niche fetishes like Footjobs, underwear play, BDSM Play, Role Play, etc., as well as an active hookup & casual sex avenue. Let’s find out in this review if they manage to pull their core concept off!

Platform Security & Terms of Service

Extreme Chat as a platform hosts a lot of explicit content in terms of the data and personal information shared by the users. These private photos and other information can be highly sensitive and more susceptible to exploitation across the Internet. Therefore, it is really important for a website of this nature to have a well-established Privacy & Security network in order to protect the data.

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The Extreme chat login process is fairly simple and basic. All it requires is to sign in using your Personal details and a valid Email address or Google account. This Email is then verified via a link by the platform to confirm your User identity proof and keep any fake profiles or bots from entering the Extreme chat forum.

Platform Security & Terms of Service

Another great thing that double locks the security network is that the domain is completely Private thereby saving all data & information confidentially. This means that any random user on the Internet who has not registered themselves on Extreme Chat, as a new user, will not be able to access the data and profiles on the platform. This maintains a certain level of User anonymity and keeps the data free of risks and exploitation at the hands of hackers and cyber criminals.

As far as protecting personal space on Extreme Chat is concerned, the website also allows its users to Block or Report any spam profiles. It is quite common to come across creeps on adult dating websites who are just here to make everyone uncomfortable with indecency and obscenity. To shut out such users and keep them away from your Profile & Information, you can simply Block or Report them.

Things To Explore on Extreme Chat

While we are quite impressed with the overall Privacy and Security network, the real test of worth, which is the platform usability and features, is still pending. We do have high expectations from Extreme Chat as the dating pool of this website increases by thousands almost everyday. This is a great feat for a Chat & dating platform which most dating sites are unable to achieve. The user base is also quite excited about finding hookups or sext buddies which makes the overall experience much better.

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Extreme Chat is both a Hookup Dating website as well as a Sexting platform like adultfriendfinder. As soon as you complete the login process, the website lands you on the homepage which has explicit pictures of the numerous dating profiles that it hosts. After selecting what you are looking for in terms of the gender, you may start scrolling through these profiles right away. The following steps like getting in touch and chatting with the shortlisted profiles are also easy to access. You can discuss your likes, dislikes and preferences with the people before you decide on meeting up in person. 

Things To Explore on Extreme Chat

The Dashboard sign beholds the vast Sexting arena of Extremechat.com, which shows around 8 Chat categories to choose from. Clicking on the preferred Chat category leads you to the concerned page and connects you with profiles so that you can sextfun your way into the conversation. The Chat feature of Extreme chat pre determines the consent of both the parties involved and does not, in any way, promote forced sexting or sexual activity. Even in terms of security, the messages and the information shared in these chats is completely encrypted using Secure Socket layer connections. So, there are no leakage risks either.

Categories of Extreme Chat 

The chat categories are kind of on the extreme end catering to specific kinks and fetishes popularly found among the users, listed as follows:

  • BDSM Chat
  • Dominance or Submission
  • Footjobs
  • Patent & Leather Chat
  • Tattoo Chat
  • Piercings
  • Role Play Chat
  • Underwear Chat

Extreme Chat Credit System

Extreme Chat is not a completely free service, rather it is a Freemium Chat platform. The Free version of Extreme Chat allows the users to login & sign up, view other profiles as well as open messages received by others. But, in order to experience the platform fully in terms of interacting and participating equally in Chats, Extreme Chat offers the Coin Credit system which needs to be availed. It is priced as follows:

  • 100 Coins Plan: $1.82
  • 200 Coins Plan: $3.05
  • 400 Coins Plan: $6.11
  • 800 Coins Plan: $12.23
  • 1600 Coins Plan: $24.48
  • 3200 Coins Plan: $48.97

User Review

user review of extreme chat
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Finally, it can be concluded from the Extreme Chat review that this website is totally worth your time and money. It is a great avenue to find an outlet for all your specific kinks and fetishes and find like-minded people who are into similar things & would consent to you living out these fetishes like Footjobs, BDSM, Underwears etc.

The hookup and dating service on the Extreme Chat platform is also up to speed as it offers a whole range of features to enhance the overall experience of the users. There is nothing to complain about with Extreme Chats as the platform is completely safe and easy to use. The Chats and other user data information is held confidentially by the website. It is a blessing to come across a dating website you can trust with your pleasure as well as safety. Extreme Chat is one such rare find and you must try it out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is Extreme Chat safe?

Ans. Yes, Extreme Chat is a completely safe sexting and hookup platform. It offers a Private domain website which safeguards all user information from external attacks. The users also have an option to Block or Report profiles within the network if they come across someone indecent or outright creepy. The Chats are protected using Secure Socket layer connections. It prevents any kind of leakages of data and images. Therefore, extreme chat can be declared a safe platform.

Q.2 How to Delete an Extreme Chat account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Extreme Chat account via the browser:

  • Login to your account
  • Scroll to My Profile and click on the three gray bars right beside your name
  • Select the Delete Account option
  • Confirm the changes. You will receive a link on the registered email address opening which finalizes the deletion process.