One Big Red Flag To Avoid: Eurogirlsescort Service Website Review

It is our job to tell our readers what they are getting into when they sign up for a Dating Website or an Escort Service. There is zero judgment for our readers as we try to cover as much as we can as we leave all our judgment skills for these god-awful websites that have started existing in the market. The bizarre thing is that there are people who have decided to indulge in such clear scams and gotten themselves robbed. One such website is the Eurogirlsescort which you need to avoid at all costs. To put it simply, it is the most unreliable and unsafe website which will not only rob you but also leave you at the risk of getting arrested.

Read till the end to find out why to avoid Eurogirlsescort and what you need to be careful of when trying out other Escort Service websites so that you are able to safeguard yourself from fraud in the future.

Features of Eurogirlsescort

Features of Eurogirlsescort

Let’s begin with a step-by-step review of Eurogirlsescort Service to paint you a picture of what fraud looks like.

Flaky Terms Of Service

As a classic template of a fraud website, Eurogirlsescort is a complete waste of time. In terms of Terms of service and Privacy Guidelines, Eurogirlsescort takes no responsibility for any data leakages etc. There is no anonymity of profiles, no option to Block or Report spam profiles which basically offers a fully vulnerable website experience. Moreover, Escort Services are illegal in the USA so the terms of service clearly state that they would share the user activity if required and will be recording all of it. 

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Additionally, in case any of the real escort turns out to be a robber or something else, Eurogirlsescort takes no responsibility for any such consequences. If law enforcement ever raids them, they would happily hand over all your data activity to them and screw you over. So, you are basically on your own if you wish to go ahead with this fraud service. 

Flaky terms of service

On top of that, while you sign up for the website, all you need to fill in is a few basic personal details in the name of verification and an email address. Chances are no one checks them for authenticity. These websites have a clear motive of extorting money and they never even intended to provide honest services. So you would be a fool to sign up for a fraud and let them rob you.

Auto-Generated Profiles in EurogirlsEscort Raise Suspicion

We were pretty sure by the initial impression of Eurogirlsescort and totally saw it coming but to reinstate it for our readers, there are hardly any real escorts on the website. These are all basically Auto-generated chatbots who have been created by the designers to keep the users hooked. Since there is hardly any vetting process for users as well as escorts, no wonder they are all fake. 

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If you try to identify a fake profile, you can easily make that out by a too good to be true profile picture, ultra-revealing customer reviews, and limited personal information. We have so much experience with disclosing the facades of such frauds that we can identify them from a distance. These profiles could very much be traps laid down by law enforcement looking to arrest people for engaging in illegal activity like Escort servicing through Eurogirlsescort.

Auto-Generated Profiles

The controversial terms of service also state the same that these profiles are Love Stars which basically refers to these fake auto-generated profiles who are created to keep the new users entertained and get them to subscribe to the Premium membership plans.

Prepaid Service

Prepaid Service

By now it is clear that you need to avoid Eurogirlsescort as much as you can but wait for something amusing. The sheer guts of the website designers to add an option to Prepay for any services such as getting in touch with Escorts or ordering for them to meet up in a place. They do not even try to mask their money-minting strategies at this point by making it so clear that the users need to pay before they try to avail any services. So that by the time they realize about the scam, they can do nothing about it. Plus, it is not even a cheap amount ranging on an average from $150 – $200 per hour.

User Reviews

We looked into the reviews of real users on Eurogirlsescort and here we found a youtuber who reviewed the site:

“Hey guys, we will be talking about here. So what I saw was that the girls on this site are on fire, they’re bloody amazing, but you’re gonna pay for it super expensive. I’m going to talk about the drawbacks of using eurogirls It can get very expensive even though they’re amazing looking women. Some of the stuff that I’ve dealt with has been a switch where you’ll have women who’ve been 15. They have photographs of when they were 15 years younger and 20 pounds lighter so when you see them in person, you realize they are doing a scam. Third law enforcement can almost do their sting operations and you can end up in jail, have a criminal record if you’re married. You definitely don’t want that.”

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Needless to say, we urge our readers to steer clear of websites like Eurogirlsescorts who are running scams in the name of illegal services. We understand it is hard to resist but there are much better options and chances if you simply use an adult dating website to find partners for hookups and casual sex etc. There is no need to put yourself to the risk of having a criminal record by signing up for something illegal. Even if you were to find an escort, there are risks of contracting Sexually transmitted Diseases because of unsafe and unverified sex. Lastly, simply avoid Eurogirlsescort and move on to find better alternatives for your physical needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is EurogirlsEscort?

Ans. Eurogirlsescort is a fraud website that runs in the name of Adult Escort Service online, such as Theotherboard escort service. It is one of the dirty fish in the market of adult websites who exist with the sole motive of making money and scamming its users. There is zero reliability of profiles and escorts on the website and even asks you to pay for the service as soon as you Place an order. It has all the characteristics of a scam and you must avoid it at all costs.

Q.2 Is Eurogirlsescort Free?

Ans. Eurogirlsescort is an Escort service with free registration and surfing options. It is not a free to use service as you need to pay the escorts. However, what is fishy about Eurogirlsescort is that it requires the users to pay for an escort as soon as they place an order for them with no guarantee of them showing up. So, it is a clear strategy to scam people.

Q.3 Is EuroGirlsEscort Legit?

Ans. No, Eurogirlsescort is a classic case of a Scam in the name of Escort Services. They have no privacy guidelines, no email verification, no block/report option etc which clearly shows the weak security network of the website. Additionally, the profiles are all fake which dissolves the purpose of you even giving the website a try. It is better to stay away from it.