Escort Babylon Review 2023: Illegal and Wrong Service

To begin with, paying to have sex with random people called escorts doesn’t sound very convincing personally. Especially when there are so many avenues where you can meet singles for hookups and casual sex or even serious relationships, why would someone go out of the way and indulge in an activity like prostitution when there are reliable ways for the same. There are a lot of trap websites like Escort Babylon which run to extort money in the name of escort services. In this article, we will be reviewing this website and our experience while using it. A Comprehensive Babylon Escort review will help you understand why you need to avoid using any such websites in the future.

Why Should You Not Use Escort Babylon?

escort babylon

Following is a step-by-step breakdown of the reasons why an escort service like this is an epic fail and how it is unsuccessful at building trust and reliability for its users. Let’s take a look.

Privacy Invasion

As soon as you log into the Escort Babylon site, similar to Erotic Monkey website, you will be asked to agree to a few terms and conditions which are discreet. That itself should ring your alarm as to how shady this site could be. If you’re one of those who blindly agree to website term policies, you may be in for some trouble with this one. 

Privacy Invasion

If you read further into these terms and conditions, you will realize what actual crap you will be signing up for. Babylonescorts records and shares your personal information with third party apps and services for advertising. It constantly keeps a check on your activity while you’re on the website and may even share the information with law enforcement, if need be. Someone who would voluntarily hand themselves to the police after reading all of this seriously needs some help. 

There is an outright privacy invasion that this site partakes in, in the name of advertising and extorting more money out of your pockets. You think the escorts will get nicely in your pants while all they want to get into are your pockets. This should be enough to pack your bags and leave the site but if you need more reasons, read on.

Unreliable Listings

If you have still decided to stay on the website looking for escort listings, you are in for some disappointment as these listings are mostly fake and stolen from other sources. There is hardly any reliability and are a front for other websites and ways to extort money. Escort Babylon is a great facade to lead you on to such bad sites and make money from these pop up clicks. The available pictures of the escorts are too weird to be real. In addition, there is only a phone number that is available for you to get in touch with these escorts which makes it even worse. You wouldn’t want to straight up reveal your phone details and location as soon as you find some escort. There is no way to be sure that you’re not signing up for a sting operation or a robbery. 

STI Risks

If you are lucky enough to find an escort option that you find reliable and have been able to get in touch, you have automatically signed up for Sexually transmitted Disease risk. The chances of contracting an STI by having sex with an escort are dramatically high as you have no idea about their background, medical history or drug intake habits.

STI Risks

Additionally, paying money to get a Sexually Transmitted Disease is quite an unfair deal as you wouldn’t want to get admitted to a hospital just for having unsafe sex. If you are still persistent on going ahead with it, you better be safe as heck and make sure you take all the precautions to avoid any risks like usage of condoms etc. 

Annoying Pop-Ups & Redirections

By now, we have established that there is only a speck of reality to the Babylon Escorts service. Another proof of it is the popping up of ad recommendations for some sites like MegaPersonals or SecretBenefits or others such rentmen while you are trying to find suitable escorts for yourself. Many tabs like ‘Live Sex Cams’ are all redirecting tabs which will only take you to new websites which can be very annoying for the user. 

User Reviews

escort babylon user review

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Last thought on Escort Babylon

All of these factors combined come together to form this culmination of a really bad website by the name of Escort Babylon. There are not one but four to five major red flags hoisting about this service which advise you to steer clear of it. Any educated and well-aware individual would simply sign up to meet singles for flings or hookups instead of opting for a paid, unreliable service such as Escort Babylon as well as what we can ascribe to “monkey escort”. Needless to say, it is a big No from our side for the escortbabylon website as we would always want to ensure the best interest of our readers which unfortunately this service doesn’t care for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Escort Babylon?

Escort Babylon is an escort service website which has listings for escorts. In theory, An interested user can pay and avail this personal service by selecting a suitable escort. Practically though, there is a lot that goes haywire with the Escort Babylon software from unreliable listing to pop-up advertisements.

Q.2 How to post on Escort Babylon?

You are supposed to post an ad on Megapersonals which then reflects on Escort Babylon. These ads can be easily reported and are hence, taken down by the software while there ,ay be other prostitution promoting ads.

Q.3 What is wrong with Escort Babylon?

There is so much that is wrong with Escort Babylon as a website service. It is a front for running Backpage. Following are other cons of it:

  • Unreliable Listings
  • STI Risks
  • Annoying Pop-Ups and Redirecting Ads
  • Privacy Invasion

Q.4 What happened to Escort Babylon?

Everything wrong has happened with the Escort Babylon service ever since its inception. It is almost obsolete now but still manages to con a few of its users with ad pop-ups and fake listings from other sources. It is better if you just steer clear of this website service as it is so not worth it.