Erotic Monkey Review: Escort Services Safe or Not?

Today, we will be reviewing another Escort Service website for all you horny monkeys out there, called Erotic Monkey. Now we don’t understand the rationale behind paying for sex when it is really not genuine and there are better alternatives like signing up on Hinge or Tinder etc., to meet like-minded people for hookups. But, without any such bias or judgment, we tried using the Eroticmonkey website and have compiled a detailed review so that you get a basic understanding of what it entails and why you should avoid it. Let’s get right into the review!

What Works & What Doesn’t for Erotic Monkey?

Take a look at the following features of Erotic Monkey to decide if you want to go ahead and use it.

Intrusive Terms & Conditions

On entering the Erotic Monkey website, you are supposed to agree to the policy terms and conditions of the website which we tend to overlook. What they suggest for this particular website is stripping themselves of any responsibility in case of a mishap. So, if you are a victim of a robbery through an escort service, it is not the responsibility of EroticMonkey and you are basically on your own. In such cases, the legality of every escort website is also in question whether it is Erotic Monkey or Liveescort, or any other escort service website. As they like to specify beforehand that there is no illegal activity but the loopholes call for all kinds of criminality from prostitution to the purchase of drugs, etc. 

Terms & Conditions of Erotic Monkey

The personal user information is saved permanently in their database. Your details can be conveniently exploited for advertising purposes which again is a serious breach of privacy. It also makes your information vulnerable to being leaked to the law enforcing authorities if ever the Eroctic Monkey website is raided by them for running shady businesses. 

Money Buys All

The self-proclaimed number on escort service Erotic Monkey is free on the face of it. It highly markets the free status of the user and that all services can be availed without any payments. In reality, there is a hard limit on how much you can use in the free membership status. For instance, every escort listing has a review or two. And you can fully access it only if you pay for the service.

Additionally, the escorts are not allowed to share their contact information in the ads that they post. So, in order to respond to an advertisement for an escort, you would need to avail of the paid membership to access the contact information first. Essentially, it cannot be categorized as a free service in this case as you need to basically pay for anything and everything.

The paid membership costs $29.95-$50 a month which is obviously a lot and not worth it. This is what you pay in order to get access to full reviews. And still, there is no guarantee that you will find the right escort for yourself. So, you need to think before you invest in the Erotic Monkey service.

Advanced Searches

One feature that makes Erotic Monkey stand out is the free Advanced Search option. What it offers is for you to fill in specific details of your preferences and the software shows you Escorts closest to your preferences. The parameters which can be filled in are Location, Age, Hair Style, Special Sexual fetish, Implants, Body Types, etc.

Pop-Ups and Redirecting Ads

Like most other monkey escort websites that you would come across like Babylonescorts, Erotic Monkey is in place to promote third-party websites through pop-ups and redirecting tabs. It can be a really annoying user experience. Reason? When you click on “Fuck Now” and are redirected to a random third-party website so that they can make money out of it.

Pop-Ups and Redirecting Ads

The best interests of the user should be ensured at all times in the website design. But it feels like EscortMonkey doesn’t seem to care for it. These external links are strategically placed at places where the user is expected to click. It is directly proportional to the earned revenue by EroticMonkey.

User Reviews

User review of eroticmonkey

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In a nutshell, if it weren’t for the free Advanced Search option, there is absolutely nothing that saves the Erotic Monkey website from a harsh review. Not that it acts as a total saving grace for the whole inconvenient user experience. But it has potential and makes it a little different from the other template escort service websites. 

What remains the same is of course the Privacy breach and the Redirecting Pop-ups. These are the website’s strategies to earn money. All in all, I think the fact that you need to pay for every service makes it slightly reliable as far as safety is concerned but it drives out large traffic who are not willing to pay for the website services. Also it is very expensive and risky, no one can guarantee that you will get the service or not. If you can afford it, you can try it. But keep in mind that it is not worth your monthly subscription amount although, in comparison, Babylon escorts, gives something to users on its platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Erotic Monkey?

Erotic Monkey is another Escort Service Website that lists a number of escorts in accordance with the personal preference of the User, as part of their free Advanced Search option. The users need to pay to get in touch with escorts and decide on a place to meet hookers online.

Q.2 How to Delete Erotic Monkey account?

  • On the Settings in your EroticMonkey Account, you will find an option to permanently delete your account.
  • Click on it, fill in your password if requires and save the changes to Delete the Erotic Monkey Account.

Q.3 How to Post on Erotic Monkey?

  • From the Forum Section, Click on Post an Ad.
  • Create an Attractive ad profile and post it.
  • Alternatively, you can simply register on Eros- the owner of Erotic Monkey. This way, your ad will automatically be uploaded to Erotic Monkey.

Q.4 What happened to Erotic Monkey?

It is still very much in use. But it has its fair share of negatives which makes it almost inadvisable to use like Privacy Invasion, Pop-Ups, and Redirecting Ads or High Monthly Subscription. What seems to work for them is the free advanced Search Option.