Doublelist Review: A Great Craigslist Personals Alternative

In today’s day and age, every kind of service is placed on a platter to the users by the growing technology. Anything from grocery shopping to hookup surfing is possible online using the various available apps and websites. If you look at it, Craigslist marked the beginning of online services through ads ranging from plumbers, and brokers to personals etc. Over time, Craigslist got rid of the personal ads feature after there was a growing number of cases of sexual trafficking. This worked well for a new and coming software called Doublelist which entered the market emphasizing on this personal dating feature for people to meet up for hookups. Now there are a lot of alternatives such as sites like Bedpage but Doublelist was one of the first.

Let’s see if it has aged well with time and is still worth using for the 40 million user traffic. We will review the features step by step for a deeper insight.

What does Doublelist Offer?

Doublelist is a software that found it’s calling right when Craigslist removed the personal ads feature where people were earlier able to post ads, looking to meet new people for hookups. Whatever the reason may have been for Craigslist, it sure worked in the favor of Doublelist as they picked up exactly that and made it into a wholesome and exclusive user experience. People can post their ads and get in touch with people they find interesting according to their sexual preferences and hookup. Statistically, there are around 40 million users on Doublelist, not all of whom are active users.  

How to Use Doublelist?

Doublelist, as a concept, is ofcourse nothing novel as it came to replace the erstwhile Craigslist. However, it is important to understand how to avail the service. First of all, it doesn’t have a Doublelist app. It is both a good and a bad thing but Doublelist can only be accessed via the browser which tends to make the usage even slower at times. Next, the Login process is pretty basic and simple. 

Doublelist Review

All you need to do is register using your phone number instead of your email or social media as the Doublelist software doesn’t accept anything but legitimate phone numbers. The users can skim through various preference options available on the website from straight, gay to bi and queer etc. 

When it comes to the inclusivity, Doublelist loses points as it does not have a transgender preference available, which is extremely important with the growing awareness around the LGBTQ+ community. There is no matching algorithm in place which matches you with like-minded people but the manual filters of sexual preferences and orientations can narrow down your choices. You can apply profile pictures and even post your ads on Doublelist down adhering to a certain amount as per their policy on the website. As far as the posts are concerned, a user can post twice a day with a maximum of four pictures. You cannot exceed this limit along with the check-in place for obscenity of profile pictures. 

Apart from that, you can also Post your ads, comment and interact with people, play games, create chat groups and enter them to have a good time getting to know people, playing games etc. 

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Is Doublelist Worth it?

is doublelist worth it?


First things first, Doublelist is an absolutely free service. It sure is mostly a reason for celebration but has a flipside of its own. The fact that the service is 100% free makes it susceptible to attracting a lot of scamsters and fraudsters, which takes away from the safety of the service. However, it is great for people who log on to the Doublelist service to find genuine connections as they can do it for free. Just beware of such profiles and you are good to go.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy

There is a crucial security guideline which lays down the basic rules and regulations for using the service. Theoretically speaking, it takes care of its users by ‘strictly prohibiting’ activities that seem to violate their community guidelines. Realistically though, there is only so much that a software can detect security and police. It mostly boils down to morality and code of conduct which is anyway loosely followed & conveniently forgotten. 

When you login as a new user, Double list requires you to verify your phone number instead of Email which is a good thing as it screens any fake usernames or social media. Additionally, the phone number is supposed to be registered in your name for you to be successfully added as a new Doublelist user. 

Is Doublelist Worth it?

Another security policy of Doublelist is that it is not for minors and has strict guidelines for any kind of minor-related kink fantasies like incest, son/daughter, daddy etc. Again, there can be innumerable loopholes in all these policies but Doublelist tries its best in accordance with its design to be at par with the security standards. 

While creating the user profile, another safety concern that Doublelist aims to solve is the obscenity of people’s profile pictures. The software is adept with identifying any sort of vulgar or obscene profile pictures like nudes. Therefore, all the users should set decent and wholesome profile pictures to attract people. 

As part of the security guidelines, Doublelist also rules out any possibility of transactional exchange over the website. They have set up a system that does not allow any direct and indirect monetary or service exchange between the involved parties like escort or prostitution services, massages or therapies etc. 

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To be honest, the User interface of Doublelist is far from attractive. It gives a very shady 90s vibe while operating especially in today’s times when we have the most attractive-looking interfaces in almost all our apps. It is also one of the important factors which drives users to sign up to the Doublelist service. Another way of looking at it is that the basic interface makes it easy to use for the target age group of 30-40 years. Such users really want nothing more than to be able to list their requirements and find a suitable person for a hookup. Technology can often get in their way with the more recent apps which is why Doublelist seems to work just fine for them.

The membership quality, on the other hand, is a real mix bag. The age group again, is 30-40 year olds with a marginal majority of men as compared to women. There is also an active presence of fraudsters who use ways like directly asking for money, misusing private information etc to extort it and other illegal ways. So, the users really need to be instinctive and alert at all times with all kinds of users. Building trust over such website services can get even more difficult because of such people. Even for teenagers, this is not the ideal space as they are less likely to find suitable hookup matches over Doublelist. You can always report profiles if you sense anything fishy about one and the software will take care of it. 

User review

Exploring YouTube channel’s “OnlineForLove” has been an enlightening experience that has undoubtedly enriched user’s review – “In case you’re not familiar, Craigslist Personals is essentially a website where you may create a single text post outlining your search criteria. This could mean that you’re searching for a hookup partner or a long-term partner. People would genuinely reply to the post with their email addresses. They would then communicate with one another before meeting up in person. Double list is really only focused on those relationship-exact goals.”

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In the end, what Doublelist offers is almost equally counterbalanced by the loopholes and the setbacks of it such as the existence of fraudsters, blurred security guidelines and an overall lower chance of actually meeting people. However, the idea in itself seems to be working for a lot of people if we look at the growing traffic on the website despite stiff competition from other apps these days. 

You can, for experience, sign up for Doublelist and see where it takes you. There is no pressure to indulge completely with the users but it’s nice to have options, in case you decide otherwise. Just don’t expect too much out of the overall user experience and you might actually end up meeting someone worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Doublelist?

Doublelist is a software that allows users to post personal ads where they can specify their sexual preferences and orientations and meet new people for hookups etc. It came into place when Craigslist got rid of its Personal ads feature even when it was widely being used.

How to get unblocked from Doublelist?

You won’t be getting your old account back if you have once been blocked by the Doublelist software for any of the listed reasons. You will have to create a new account using another phone number to reassess the Doublelist service.

How to delete Doublelist account?

You can delete Doublelist account in just a few steps:

  • Browse the Settings in your Doublelist Account
  • Click on Delete Account under the Account section
  • You’ll be free of any more Doublelist notifications

How to check messages on Doublelist?

Under the Messages Tab, you can access various categories of Messages that you want to view: SMS Inbox, Sent Messages, SMS Campaigns, Email marketing and Reminder messages.