Datezone Review: Ditch All Others & Join Immediately!

I have been a dating site veteran for as long as I can remember. Since I’m not into monogamy and have no current partners, I’m almost always on the lookout for some great hookup options near me. Honestly, going to clubs and picking people up from there sounds really old school and slow which I neither have the time for nor the energy. So, it’s actually a dating site hopping from weekend to weekend. I just sign up for a new sex dating site every week and find & hook up with the best options on it before I move on.

In my experience, I have hardly ever come across a platform that is holistically designed and takes care of all my needs. If it has a great privacy & Security network, the dating pool kind of sucks, and if the dating pool is great, the subscription cost is sky-high. So, in my opinion, there was no great dating website until Datezone came along. I’m stunned at the sheer brilliance of its design which takes into account every aspect from privacy to the dating pool & features. Even the subscription cost is really affordable. I highly recommend Datezone to all the hookup enthusiasts.

Hearing great things about the Datezone dating website, we grew excited to try it out ourselves before writing an honest review about it & passing our judgment on the performance quality. Let’s take a look!

Features of

Features of Datezone

Datezone is an Online sex dating platform which is open to all genders and sexual orientations. It is not only gender inclusive but also a safe avenue to find hookups and no strings attached sex as all the sensitive data & information is completely safe. Let’s take a deeper look at the features of this dating site in the following review.

Datezone Sign Up & Privacy

Today, one of the alarming issues with most adult dating sites is the explicit nature of the web design paired with an unsafe firewall. This is a deadly combination as people are desperate enough to go all out with what they put up on their dating profiles but the Privacy & Security network is not as strong to safeguard all the sensitive data and images. This makes all the information vulnerable to data exploitation and tampering by cyber attackers & hackers. This is why it is extremely important for users to make sure that the dating network they sign up for is safe & responsible enough to take care of their personal data and information.

Login Process

Login Process

As far as the login process of is concerned, Just like Fuckbook, it is completely free and convenient for the users. If you’re new to the dating site, you will be asked to register first using your Name, Age and a creative username which will be visible to everyone on the site. New users also need to provide a Valid email address for proof of identity verification. This email receives a registration or login link for verification which can be accessed by the user to complete the registration process. The email verification is a mandatory protocol to check the legitimacy of profiles and keep out any spam bots or fake profiles from joining the dating network. 

Private Domain

The email verification process goes well with the fact that the datezone dating site is a fully Private Domain. This means that any random users on the Internet who have not registered themselves on the platform & are not recognized as members of the community will not be able to access the existing dating profiles. It is a great tool as many people prefer remaining lowkey about their sexual fantasies & experiences. A private domain helps them remain anonymous on the Internet & keep all their secrets safe. However, all the members on the platform can view every dating profile.

Block/ Report Option

Just like Okcupid, another great feature of the platform is that it allows its users to Block or Report profiles. This tool comes handy in dealing with random creeps that you might come across on the website who simply spam you with inappropriate remarks and try to contact you without your consent. Users may simply Block or Report any such indecent profiles which violate the community guidelines to blacklist them completely from accessing their personal information or messaging them on the website. This way, users can exercise their control over the dating account on datezone. 

Datezone Add-On Tools

Datezone Add-On

Alongside a well established Privacy & Security network, Datezone offers a wide range of dating options to its users. The dating pool on Datezone is quite diverse and excited to find hookup & casual sex partners. The platform has been around for more than 5 years and the site has only built an active and loyal user base over the years. As soon as the users are done with registering themselves on the platform, they can begin surfing the dating site for various hookup & casual sex options. Further, it can get tedious to keep scrolling on the dating feed until you stumble upon someone hot & worthy of your attention. To make the search more interactive & simpler, Datezone offers a host of extra tools, as follows.

Search Filters

Search filters on datezone essentially work towards smoothening the process of finding a hookup buddy, as we do on OnlyHookup platform. This tool makes the process more efficient as you can search the dating profiles that fit your criteria. These filters can be applied on the basis of Age, Location, Gender etc so as to streamline the results in tandem with the users’ preferences. If you’re looking to hookup with someone located closer to you in your neighborhood, you can simply enter the regional filter to find the available dating prospects in your area. 

Likewise, advanced search filters such as ‘Online Now’ set you up with profiles of the people who are currently online on the site and looking for someone to hook up with in real time. Having access to activity stats of profiles makes it easier for the users to connect with others who are eager for sex. Another filter ‘With Photo Only’ smooths out the dating pool by eliminating any shady profiles. 

Live Chat

Live Chat feature comes into use when the users like someone and wish to connect with them or initiate a conversation. This feature makes it easier to directly message someone if they will be up for a hookup or take it slow with a conversation to get to know them better. If you sense a mutual connection with this person, Live Chat is a great avenue for both the parties to get to know each other better, discuss likes, dislikes & preferences etc before they decide on meeting in person. Additionally, it is a completely safe space as all the chats are encrypted. Thus, the information shared within the Live Chat space is completely private and inaccessible to a third party, just like Extreme Chat.

How Much Does Datezone Cost?

Datezone is not a free dating site. In fact, it qualifies as a Freemium service which offers a free registration & surfing of dating pool. However, in order to experience the platform fully and gain access to all the premium features, the users will be required to buy the subscription plans, priced as follows:

  • 1-Day Trial Membership: $2.68
  • 30-Day Membership: $6.75
  • 90-Day Membership: $16.23
  • 360-Day Membership: $48.75

It is a relief that all the payments made on Datezone are anonymous. They are carried out through a third party payment service. Hence, users need not provide any payment information to the datezone platform thereby minimizing the risks of falling prey to scams.

Misspellings of Datezone

As the Datezone dating platform gains more and more popularity among the users, people are learning of it through word of mouth & trying to access the website on the Internet. At times, a lot of aspiring users make mistakes with the spellings while searching for datezone which lands them on entirely different web pages. To make things easier for them, following is a list of common errors that users usually make:

  • datezome
  • dattezone
  • datezine
  • datezobe
  • datzone

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If you’re looking for some hot, raunchy & spontaneous hookups according to your preferences, datezone might just be your best bet. It is a great platform which not only offers an active user base but also a well-established privacy & security network which takes care of all your personal information and holds it close to save it from any external attacks. Apart from this, the diverse Search filters make your life a lot easier as you can simply filter out profiles which do not fit your requirements to save time. Once shortlisted, you can connect with people privately through Live Chat. 

The best part about datezone is that it has a full fledged Mobile application in place for the Android users, which makes date surfing & hookups a lot more convenient & easily accessible. All in all, Datezone offers a great deal for all the horny people wishing to get laid and must be tried at least once. So, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is

Ans. Datezone is an Online adult dating & hookup platform which offers casual sex prospects for people across the gender spectrum with different sexual orientations. It hosts a rich dating pool network with add-on tools like Live Chat and Search Filters to make the hookup hunt more efficient. 

Q.2 Is Datezone Safe?

Ans. Yes. As per our experience of the Datezone website, it can be tagged as a safe platform as it undertakes the necessary steps to ensure user privacy. There is a mandatory Email verification for the new users to avoid any spam bots or fake profiles. Datezone is a completely private domain which allows no external users to access the dating profiles and even allows users to Block or Report offensive behaviors and profiles. 

Q.3 Is Datezone Free?

Ans. No. Datezone is a Freemium dating service which provides partially free and partially paid dating services. The free part of Datezone entails signing up and scrolling through the dating options while the paid options offer full access to all the website features like Live Chat & Search filters. Following is the price structure of Datezone Premium:

  • 1-Day Trial Membership: $2.68
  • 30-Day Membership: $6.75
  • 90-Day Membership: $16.23
  • 360-Day Membership: $48.75