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Curvybbw Review: Honest First-Hand Experience of the Hookup Site

As much as the world body shames and revolves around the standard hourglass body sizing and shapes, there is an eye for everything. A lot of people when looking for someone to have sex with prefer Big, Beautiful and Curvy women instead of the skinny and shapely ones. It could be a turn on or they are just progressive enough to not care about the size which turns them into appreciators of a Big & curvy woman. Fortunately, this unusual preference has also found a market niche of its own which led to the development of a dating website like Curvybbw which positions itself as a platform for Big and Beautiful women to find hot hookup partners online. The online reviews of the website suggest that it has been working wonders for the target group.

In this article, we will find out if the Curvybbw website is worth giving a chance or should you simply take a hard pass.

Features of Curvybbw

This review of Curvybbw will analyze the major aspects of a dating platform such as the Privacy network, the Platform usability as well as the Subscription cost. Let’s try to break each of them down one by one.

Curvybbw Security Network

Being in a niche dating market as a service provider already limits the target group as not everyone relates to the particular niche kink dating or hookups that they might offer. As in the case of Curvybbw, it is tough to accommodate a large general dating pool since it is specifically a platform for people interested in finding a little older & curvy women. It becomes even more important for such websites to develop a tight and secure network so that at least the niche is fully satisfied and decides to join the platform. 


Curvybbw makes a good start by introducing a mid-level registration and sign up process. It requires some basic personal information of the user like Name, Address, Zip code etc along with a valid Email address. A link is sent in the registered email using which new users can finally login as members. This email verification helps in authenticating the identity of a user. So any fake profiles or bots can be screened out. You will also be asked about your gender preferences and other details along the way which should be filled in. It is also necessary to create an impressive & fun username for your dating profile before you are admitted as a member.

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The Email verification works well in combination with a Private Curvybbw domain network. This means that any random user on the Internet who has not registered themselves on the website as a member will not be able to access the dating profiles. So, login or signup becomes a mandate to be a part of the dating pool & view profiles on Curvy bbw. This way, users can remain anonymous on the Internet and prevent any potential data exploitation or hacking at the hands of random cyber criminals.

Quality of Service

This is the section where we discuss the overall tools and features that Curvybbw offers and if they are any good. Once the registration and sign up is complete you will be asked to fill a questionnaire answering a few basic questions about your personality, your likes and preferences. This short quiz helps the Curvybbw algorithm to understand you as a person and suggest dating profiles that might be compatible for you. This feature is quite efficient and it also maintains unpredictability. 


The large dating pool of the Curvybbw is active and enthusiastic to find hookup partners which makes the experience even more exciting. What adds a little more spark to the mix are the advanced search filters. These filters allow the users to search for dating profiles more in tandem with their preference criteria on the basis of Age, Location, Gender etc. More filters like Online Now show profiles of the people who are currently surfing the Curvybbw feed to find hookups in real time. You can choose to hit these people up and meet them for hookups soon after if you’re too eager at the moment. 

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The Live Chat feature also allows you to get in touch with other profiles conveniently. Users can send and receive messages once they accept a message request from someone. If you feel a compatibility after you can get to know them better through Chatting, you can decide to meet them personally and have fun. In order to make the hookup search faster, users can also use the paid Priority Listing option wherein the algorithm ranks your profile higher in other people’s search results making you more discoverable on the curvybbw.com platform. 

Get Premium Access to Curvybbw

Curvybbw com is not a completely free service. It only allows the users to sign up, register and scroll through the dating profiles for free but any further benefits are only available with the Premium membership subscription, which is as follows:

  • 3-Day Trial Membership: $8.90
  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $49.95
  • 6-Month Membership: $69.90

More Sites Like Curvybbw

If you are someone who is into young & hot women instead of the Curvy & bold type, you can ditch this platform and sign up for one of the following hookup platforms to quench your sex thirst!

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In a nutshell, the Curvybbw dating website is beyond our expectations in terms of the quality of service. It offers a niche bbw curvy women hookup service with an enthusiastic dating pool eager to find sex. The platform offers a safe & secure network with a private domain along with many additional features such as Live Chat, Advanced search filters, Paid Priority Listing etc. All these tools and features accentuate the overall experience and make the User interface more interactive & convenient. 

If we were to find a fault, it would be that there is no Mobile application in place for the Curvybbw website which would have made things better for the users. Apart from that, you must definitely give the website a chance & you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Curvybbw?

Ans. Curvybbw is an Online hookup and dating platform exclusively for the Bold & beautiful women looking to find hot hookup & casual sex buddies on this website. It offers a range of features like Advanced filters, Live Chat etc.

Q.2 Is Curvybbw Safe?

Ans. Yes. We can say that Curvybbw is cognizant of the Privacy and safety risks on a dating website and does the needful to tackle the same. It offers an Email verification along with a Private domain in order to protect all user information from external attacks.

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