Actualize Your Cougar Fetish: CougarSex Dating Full Review

If we remove our Vanilla tinted glasses to view sex, there is an equally huge demographic inclined towards exploring newer stuff and playing with their fantasies, kinks fetishes, etc. It is completely normal to have sexual fantasies or fetishes if communicated and acted upon in the right way by obtaining prior consent. It is weird how almost everyone has a fetish yet it is such a taboo to speak about. Take a look at the Porn Viewing statistics and you will be surprised to see how many people like to watch MILFs / CougarSex or Foot Fetish Porn.

The online dating market seems to have caught on to the Cougar fetish trend and a lot of them came up with exclusive dating platforms to find cougars for hookups or casual sex. One such website is the Cougarsex Dating platform. In this article, we will be dissecting carefully the features and performance of the Cougarsex website to see if it delivers what it promises. Without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Addressing the Major Concerns About Cougarsex

Major Concerns About Cougarsex

We have tried and tested the website ourselves to provide a first-hand honest review. We will answer all the major questions and apprehensions one by one that new users have before joining a dating platform. 

Is It a Private Network?

When looking at most of the dating websites in the market, it is so rare to find a platform which pays equal attention to the Privacy and Safety of user data as it does to the sex prospect services. These intricacies of such platforms is what makes a holistic dating platform and helps them stand out. Surprisingly enough, the Cougarsex website seems to check most of these boxes on the list and meet almost all the requirements of a Private dating network for mature women. 

The Sign-up process is fairly simple with a few basic details such as Name, Address, Sexual Preferences etc. And it does not take very long. The website undertakes an Email verification procedure to ensure authenticity of the profiles but is not a very strong filter as fake email ids can be created very easily. All the user information, including personal data and chats, is completely safe and is held confidential by the Cougarsex platform. Hence, the basic Privacy concerns are out of the way and taken care of.

Is It a Private Network?

Cougar sex site even allows its users to Block or Report a profile that they feel is indecent or obscene in any way. They can also choose to set their profiles private which prevents random creeps from peeping into your profile. These features vest a lot of autonomy to the user and how they choose to run their Cougarsex account. 

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Since, this is a platform majorly to find cougars for hookups and casual sex, there is a provision to report any Child Sex Abuse Images if you happen to stumble upon something as offensive. This initiative goes on to reflect the responsibility that the website takes to make sure they host a safe and reliable platform for consensual sex and hookups, keeping the boundaries in mind.

What does Cougarsex Offer?

After an impressive start, we honestly had built up our expectations with the overall performance of the Cougarsex site. As soon as the signup process is complete, the website leads you to the homepage where you finally enter the buffet of mature women dating options to hookup with. As far as the legitimacy is concerned, the Cougarsex profiles are all authentic as these are not unreal and too hot women. You will find a great variety of genuine profiles who are eager to meet up for some fun such as in 3fun app

What does Cougarsex Offer

You can filter your search results by applying basic filters such as Gender and Age etc. To add to that, Cougarsex also offers additional filters such as-

  • The Regional Search which enables location-based search for cougars in your area
  • Online Now Filter which shows only the profiles who are active on the website in real-time 
  • With Photo Only filter which basically leaves out the random profiles without any pictures who are on the website to stalk other people.

These filters help you streamline your search results and increases your chances of finding a suitable cougar partner for hookups and casual sex.

There is another feature that Cougarsex offers which basically allows the users to rank their profiles higher in other people’s search results, thereby making you more discoverable on the platform. This is a paid feature known as Paid Priority Listing. Additionally, the Cougar Sex Chat option is available to all the users. Here all the private conversations and the data shared over the chats is encrypted and totally safe.

How much is Cougarsex for?

The free version of Cougarsex allows the users to sign up and scroll through various profiles on the website. For any further access, you will have to buy the subscription and avail the benefits that come along. Cougarsex works on a Coin currency plan which is convertible into extra perks of the website like Chatting. This is how the subscription model works:

  • 500 Coins: $19.25
  • 1000 Coins: $37.95
  • 2000 Coins: $54.45
  • 5000 Coins: $131.45
  • 10000 Coins: $241.45

Keep in mind that these payments are non-recurring and anonymous. So, you do not have to worry about your financial information being exploited. 

User Review

To prove honesty in our words, we also looked for real users review and here is one of them:

My experience has been satisfying and enjoyable with Cougarsex. When I joined the platform, I was impressed by its user-friendly interface and the features it offers. Communication on Cougarsex is seamless, thanks to its interactive chat features. This allows for meaningful conversations and connections to develop naturally. Moreover, the platform’s emphasis on privacy and security made me feel at ease while engaging with potential matches.”

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Finally, we have managed to find a website which performs at par with our expectations with an ideal dating website. This cougar sex platform can do wonders if they find the right market for the website. It offers everything from a safe and reliable environment with Encrypted Chats and user data to fun and affordable perks like Paid Priority listing and varied search filters. 

Apart from the fact that they don’t have an active mobile app yet. So, we don’t think there is much reason to avoid using the website if you’re into cougar porn. Besides, the website experience is designed strategically keeping in mind the user convenience which never lets you feel sloppy or lagged. Hence, the Cougarsex website is highly recommended as it is sure to help you find a great partner for hookups, flings or just a fun night. Go ahead and sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q.1 Which are the best cougar sex sites?

Ans. There are many Cougar sex websites in the market these days. Take a look at the top options:

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • eHarmony
  • Cougarsex
  • Cougar Life
  • Elite Singles
  • Match com

Q.2 What is a Cougar in porn?

Ans. The porn cougar category is one of the most popular and searched ones. It is basically a mature woman engaged sexually with a much younger man. This is a fetish many boys or even mature women seem to have resulting in the popularity of the porn category.

Q.3 Is Cougarsex Legit?

Ans. Yes, Cougar sex has the most authentic cougar profiles in your area. Not only that, it offers a safe and reliable platform for people to find hookup dates with well-established checks for boundaries such as Child Sexual Abuse or User data leakage.