Should You Use CitySweeties For Hookups & Casual Sex | Complete Review

Citysweeties is a new adult dating website that offers the same hookup and casual sex services as many other platforms in the industry. It is a service that is gender inclusive as it hosts profiles across the gender spectrum for people of varied sexual preferences such as Gay, lesbian, queer, etc. It is really important to be LGBTQIA+ friendly in today’s times as it’s about time that we accept and acknowledge the validity of multi-gendered existence in our mainstream lives. Citysweeties check this integral quality off quite quickly. However, to find out if it even is a worthy dating website platform to use, we tested it out ourselves.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Citysweeties website to give you an insight into the features and usability of the website.

Features of Citysweeties Dating Website

Features of Citysweeties

We have divided the Citysweeties website into three basic parameters: Anonymity & privacy, Website performance, and the Subscription Model. Let’s begin:

Anonymity & Privacy Concerns

Citysweeties has been in the Adult dating industry for about 2 years now. It is a relatively newer venture but takes advantage in being so. In the sense that the adult dating services market is almost saturated with platforms nowadays. So Citysweeties gets enough time to read and analyze the market trends, pick up the flaws most of these platforms seem to make and rectify those in their web design. If worked efficiently, this could help Citysweeties be one of the market leaders in terms of quality services. 

In terms of the privacy and user data safeguarding, Citysweeties seems to have done their homework well. They analyzed the basic privacy concerns that the users generally face while using other dating websites and came up with a good enough Firewall. 

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To begin with, is a Private Domain. This means that anyone who is not registered on the website as a user will not be able to access the dating profiles hosted by Citysweeties. This maintains a certain level of anonymity of the users. However, the City Sweeties login process is not a lengthy process. All it takes is to fill in the basic personal details along with an Email verification. Once this is out of the way, you get full access to all the platform profiles. So, the anonymity factor somewhere cancels out as Email verification in itself is not a very strong way to authenticate identities. 

Anonymity & Privacy Concerns

Another feature that citysweeties offers to uphold the User privacy is the Profile Picture Moderation. The moderators at Citysweeties manually check every new profile picture for indecency or obscenity and it is only after their approval that you will be allowed to upload a profile picture. Since the data and information on such dating websites can be highly sensitive, Citysweeties makes sure it has a proper check in place. Even the Chats and other messaging features are fully encrypted through an SSL Connection which makes it impossible to attack for the hackers. 

Website Experience

Our expectations with the overall website experience and add-on features really spiked after a decent show of Privacy guidelines. After the Citysweeties login, the website requires you to fill in a few more details about your personality. It describes you so that other profiles on the platform can gauge what you are like. It is better if you fill in as many details as possible like your Sexual preferences, likes and dislikes etc. This way you can find a suitable partner for hookups or casual sex like you do in Onlyhookup website.

From here, you will be directed to the website homepage. Here you finally get to see all the prospective people some of which you might end up hooking up with. If you don’t wish to manually scroll through all the dating profiles, you can make the search efficient by searching through the Regional search filter. You can simply enter your location or one that you prefer and the website filters and shows you profiles only in that area. This way, you can make sure that there is an actual meeting potential with the profiles you like.

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Another great feature of the City Sweeties dating app is the Live Chat option which we have in Extreme Chat also. This feature allows you to connect with people privately, in real time. The chats are all completely encrypted so you do not need to worry about any data exploitation. If you wish to know someone better, you can avail this option and chat with them before you agree upon meeting each other for some fun. 

Website Experience

One potential red flag that we need to mention is that the City sweeties Terms of Service admits that they use a few automated profiles on the platform which are created only to keep the users hooked onto the website. So, a few of these profiles will indulge your conversations and entice you into buying the premium Subscription but with no potential of an actual hookup. This feels like deception even though the platform clearly states the act in their Terms of Service. Hence, they are nowhere in the wrong legally while they may be in the gray areas ethically.

Coin Currency Model

Citysweeties only allows you to register and scroll through the website for free. In order to avail the extra website benefits like Live Chat, Regional Search etc, you will have to buy the coins which are convertible in the form of Chat & other features. This is how the Coin currency works:

  • 10 Coins: $14.99
  • 25 Coins: $34.99
  • 50 Coins: $64.99
  • 100 Coins: $119.99
  • 200 Coins: $199.99

These are non-recurring payments which means you will manually have to buy these coins once you have exhausted them completely. 

User Review

Here is a review of a satisfactory and happy user who used Citysweeties website:

My experience with Citysweeties has been remarkable and unforgettable. From the very beginning, the platform stood positive and genuine in the overwhelming world of online interactions. The moment I landed on Citysweeties, I was greeted with a refreshing and inviting interface. The platform seemed to attract those who valued authenticity and shared interests, creating a sense of community that I found truly refreshing. The emphasis on privacy and security put my mind at ease while engaging with potential matches.”

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Overall, it is safe to say that Citysweeties fares quite well in terms of quality. They do not believe in cheap servicing. Hence, they have established a safe and reliable adult dating platform with intact Privacy and Security guidelines. Moreover, you  get other add-on features such as Live Chat, regional Search etc. Except for the fact that it does not have an app of its own and the slightly weak Verification protocol, we don’t think there is much that the website lacks. As for this Citysweeties review, we give it a green flag and recommend it to our users. You can go ahead and login on the dating website to find yourself some great partners. Be it for hookups or casual sex. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Are City Sweeties dating app reviews reliable?

Ans. Citysweeties website reviews on the Internet that honestly state the pros and cons of the website will be reliable. We can assure you that the sex dating websites reviews that you find here are 100% honest and journals of a first-hand experience.

Q.2 Is Citysweeties safe?

 Ans. Yes. Citysweeties has built a mostly safe and reliable platform by keeping it a Private Domain. This doesn’t allow random people on the Internet to access your dating profiles. However, the Profile verification protocol on the website isn’t quite extensive. So, you can’t be too sure of the safety. The operator moderators also screen the Profile pictures that you upload and approve it beforehand.