A Country Wide Hoax: Cheeposlist Escort Directory Full Review

The Online dating market has no dearth of scams that run only to earn some money out of annoying redirecting links or expensive subscription models. Since there is so much demand for such escort service platforms or Stripper services on the lowkey, scamsters have found a way to make whole websites so that they can con people. Cheeposlist is a classic example of the same scams that run online in the name of providing Escort directory services. In reality, they have nothing to offer and a lot to take. It is our responsibility to tell our readers how these scams run so that you can identify them and protect yourself from being robbed in any way.

In this article, we will be reviewing and revealing the truths of the Cheeposlist website to give you a detailed look at what a scam looks like.

Features of Cheeposlist

Features of Cheeposlist

We have divided the major red flags of Cheeposlist into three categories namely: Redirecting Scam Links, Fake Profiles as well as Legal Risks. Let’s begin by understanding each concern one by one.

Redirecting Scam Links

We love websites or platforms that do not waste our time and straight up get to the point so that we know what we’re getting into and if it is going to be worth it. Cheeposlist is weirdly like that in the sense that it doesn’t waste any time in revealing what a true scam it is in the name of Stripper Listing Directory such as TUSCL website. As soon as you even search for the website domain in your search bar, you will find that the search results do not show any website by the name of Cheeposlist. All you will find is links to other listing sites like Adult Search, Eros or Erotic Monkey even when you actively typed out Cheeposlist. 

Redirecting Scam Links

Only if you look further and closer, you will find a Cheeposlist link by the domain CheapList.com.detroit.hoxnif.com which is clearly not the actual website address and if you click on it thinking that it might land you on the website for once, you will be proven wrong as the link takes you to a website with an entirely different name. This means that cheeposlist link is just a redirecting front to actually scam you into opening another stripper or escort service directory. If this isn’t proof enough of the Cheeposlist fraud, we don’t know what is.

Legal Risks with Cheeposlist

If you were persistent enough to still go ahead with surfing whatever site Cheeposlist landed you on, you are wrong to think that it’s all good from here. The website in itself screams scam and even if we were to go by the core service that it claims to provide, which is Stripper as well as Escorts directory, it is illegal in the USA. So, any website or platform that promotes or engages in commercial sex in any capacity is illegal by the USA law enforcement authorities under the FOSTA law. The authorities are always on the lookout for such unlawful sex platforms as they are well aware of the existence. 

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The cheap websites such as Cheeposlist also record any user data activity that you perform on the website. This means that if the website was ever raided by law enforcement for providing illegal services, you will be automatically placed under the radar as the website will have your data activity as well. Just to think of being associated with something blatantly illegal in your country can be horrifying let alone having to experience it in reality. Therefore, you must log off and shut down the Cheeposlist website while you can.

Fake Profiles

Fake Profiles

Even if you take a look at the Escort services or Stripper listings on the website, it is very easy to make out that these profiles are not even real. You might see a lot of stripper or escort profiles listed on the website along with their reviews but the profile pictures are all too unreal. Almost all these pictures have been ripped off from other websites on the Internet and there is no authenticity to the ones posted here. This means that even if you were to order an escort through Cheeposlist, you will never actually meet them in person as they are all fake.

User Reviews

Here is a review of a user of this website Cheeposlist. His reviews were:

My experience with Cheeposlist was unfortunate, marked by disappointments and frustrations, presenting a range of issues. It was apparent that the platform’s interface was far from user-friendly. Unfortunately, the content and listings on Cheeposlist left much to be desired. Instead of providing a reputable and secure space for users, the platform seemed to house content that often appeared questionable and unverified. The apparent lack of strict content moderation raised concerns and significantly detracted from the overall experience. I strongly recommend exploring alternative platforms that prioritize user safety and satisfaction.”

Misspellings of Cheeposlist

When people search Cheeposlist, they also search for other variants of the same name, the misspellings as follows:

  • cheepos list
  • cheepolist
  • cheepo’s list
  • cheepo list
  • cheeposlost

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There is no doubt that we are strictly against using Cheeposlist in order to find escorts or strippers near us. There are so many reasons why we would just avoid the website completely ranging from a Fake Redirecting scam to Fake Profiles and Legal risks etc. It is important to note that commercial sex activities are illegal in the USA and associating oneself with such an unsafe platform promoting commercial sex can prove quite dangerous in the long run.

If you are into hookups and flings, you can sign up for more reliable alternatives like adult dating websites where consenting adults can meet up to have sex for free. It is also completely legal, unlike Cheeposlist. Hence, you really need to move on from this cheap list platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Cheeposlist?

Ans. Cheeposlist is an Escort service and Stripper directory according to what it claims to be. In reality, though, it is just another scam that redirects you to other shady websites on the Internet instead of providing any escort services.

Q.2 Is Cheeposlist Chicago available?

Ans. No, there is no use looking for Cheeposlist Chicago or any other region for that matter as the platform is a scam and will take you nowhere.