Bedpage Escort Listing Website Review | Reasons To Avoid This Escort Site

With the amount of risks that we run through while testing out shady Escort listing websites like Bedpage, it is an adventure in itself. But we wouldn’t have it any other way as revealing the truths of these running scams brings satisfaction of its own. However difficult it might be for us to understand why people would still opt for Escort services when it is unsafe, illegal, and unreliable, we take it upon ourselves to convert all escort service enthusiasts into dating website and casual sex supporters. In lieu of the same, we have the Bedpage escort website to unfold today. So, is Bedpage legit or not?

It is a classic escort service listing scam like the Craigslist personals or Backpage with nothing new to it. Without wasting any further time, let’s start pointing out the red flags one by one.

Features of Bedpage

Features of Bedpage

We have listed down the main reasons why you must avoid using Bedpage and the likes of such websites to find a hooker for hire online. Take a look and keep these red flags in mind.

Susceptible to Legal Trouble

When logging onto escort listing websites like Bedpage, you need to make sure that your privacy and security as a user is taken care of. What has been generally witnessed with Backpage in the past is that they leave users high and dry with absolutely no confidentiality clause. Unfortunately, the same problem persists with the Bed page as well.

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The terms of service clearly state that they record all user activity and data. They are well aware of the nature of their business which is illegal in the USA. This was the exact reason OneBackpage was shut down by the authorities after passing of the FOSTA law for Sexual Trafficking. To save themselves from the hassle, they would conveniently hand over all user data to the law enforcement authority if they were ever to be raided by them. So, Bedpage could very much be another trap laid down by the Feds in order to arrest individuals indulging with illegal activities such as Commercial sex. 

Susceptible to Legal Trouble

If, for instance, you manage to order an escort and they turn out to be an independent scam to rob you or beat you up, you wouldn’t even be able to call the police because you would be held equally responsible for engaging in illegal activities by ordering an Escort. Therefore, there is a lot of legal risk that comes with Bedpage escorts. 

Barrage of Fake Profiles & Ads on Bedpage

Bedpage not only advertises itself as a Backpage alternative, it completely follows the footsteps of the latter in every way. As soon as you enter the website homepage with a great number of profile listings for Escorts, paid sex workers etc., You will soon notice that these profiles are all too good to be true. The women in the profile pictures are so hot that they would never show up on your doorstep that easily. This immediately ticked our suspicion off and we began some investigation.

Barrage of Fake Profiles & Ads on Bedpage

Looking up for these pictures on the Internet, we could easily backtrack more than half of the profiles we checked. All these pictures were available in Google Images and were more like a stockpile of hot images for such fraudulent websites to use. Even the profile reviews are so automated and similar for every other profile, that you can easily identify all the fake profiles on Bedpage. This is not to say that there are no real women profiles here. But all of them belong to the field of commercial sex like Individual or Agency run Escort Services. 

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Like a typical escort listing website for people looking for hookers online, there is no dearth of unnecessary redirecting links and ads all over the homepage of the website. Bedpage wastes no time in establishing some level of reliability with its users. It just bombards them with heavy advertisement links to other scammy escort service websites or adult dating websites which pay them money. These are all cheap techniques to mint money without promising any quality of service to the user. 

Health Risks

Even if you were to find a real profile and order up an escort through websites like Bedpage, there is still so much health risk that comes attached with this experience. These paid sex workers are forced to work in such sorry circumstances with little dignity. They could be active drug addicts or even women with Sexually transmitted diseases from all the reckless sex that they might have had in the past.

Health Risks

This poses a great risk of contracting such an infection for you. And that too at the cost of a ton of money. Even if you use protection, there is a high chance of infections passing on in such situations. Therefore, this doesn’t feel like a fair bargain. You just have to put so much just to have one night of great sex which too isn’t guaranteed.

User Reviews

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In a nutshell, Bedpages is a ringing alarm that you must spot at a distance and change your direction unless you want to shove yourself in trouble. It is not at all reliable nor safe since it has zero Privacy protocol. Even the sole reason for you to log on to Bedpage, that is, the Escorts are mostly fake. Hence, there is absolutely no sense in bothering to use an Escort service listing website such as Bedpage.

If you’re too much into having casual sex, you can simply sign up for a safe, reliable and free dating website experience. It will fetch you options near you to hookup with consensually. It is both fun and legal at the same time neither of which holds true for Bedpage. So, it is a clear choice to walk over this Escort Service listing and opt for a sane dating website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Bedpage reliable?

Ans. No. Bedpage is a true blue scam that just tries to mint money out of the users’ pockets. There is no user safety or authenticity of profiles that Bedpage hosts on its website. This makes it a risky overall experience. 

Q2. Why is Bedpage not working?

Ans. Bedpage is illegal since it promotes Escort Service listings like Craigslist or Backpage. It has possibly been shut down by law enforcement authorities.

Q3. What are the Bedpage websites all about?

Ans. Bedpage is an Escort listing website like Craigslist like Doublelist website, and Backpage. It posts ads from Escort agencies or Individual escorts looking to provide commercial sex services to customers. Moreover, it mainly caters to horny single men who are ready to pay for casual No Strings attached sex. It is a risky website since commercial sex is illegal in the USA.