Dating Website Critiques : Affairalert Honest Review

Nowadays, there is something for everyone on the Internet it seems. With blurred grounds for morality, the Internet blindly offers services to people and the ones looking for things find them out some or the other way. With the wide expansion of the Dating website market, we can see increased sex positivity as well as inclusivity among people.

But what we didn’t expect was inclusivity for people who wish to cheat and start sexual or romantic affairs outside of their existing relationships. It is indeed quite new and we’re not sure where morality stands with the concept. One such website is the Affairalert which claims to offer services to such people. Now, the concept and morality debate is far-fetched when the Interface is suspicious enough to make you doubt the authenticity of the website. 

To check the same, we tried out the Affairalert website by creating a profile and our findings are going to shock you. Read till the end to find out the detailed review and reality of the Affairalert dating website.

Features of Affairalert Dating Website

Features of Affairalert Dating Website

Let’s begin with the review by looking at various aspects of functioning such as Terms of Service, Performance & Usage as well as the Subscription Cost.

Shady Terms Of Service

Affairalert is another classic example of an up and running scam in the name of a dating website. At this point, there are so many fraudulent dating websites in the market that even scamsters need to come up with newer ideas to con people. There is simply no effort that Affairalert makes in order to even pass off as legitimate.

Shady terms of service

They have a clear purpose of getting their users to subscribe to the Premium membership so that they can make money out of it. Obviously, with no Privacy and Security Guidelines, Affairalert has built a formality sign up procedure which basically entails filling up personal information and zero verification. These people could very well be random creeps but Affairalert is not responsible for it.

Additionally, the fine print Terms of Service that users often overlook while joining the website clearly state that the website uses ‘Ambassadors’ to engage the user network which refers to the fake profiles and bots which have been activated by the website itself to send suggestive messages to the users and entice them into buying the Premium membership. Hence, it is a dangerously unreliable and unsafe dating platform with no data confidentiality terms or authenticity. 

Performance of Affairalert Review

Honestly, there is nothing much to tell about Affair Alert. It is just a hundred different ways of communicating the fact that you need to avoid this website at all costs to save your money. As soon as you complete the signup process and give out some of your personal information including location, gender, sexual orientation, etc, you will proceed to the feed with the supposed dating prospects. Here, you come across profiles and pictures which are too good to be true with bios almost explicitly sexual coercion.

Performance of Affairalert Review

You will also be instantly bombarded with messages from profiles even if you have not uploaded a picture asking you to hookup, talk over chat, just like place to chat, and buy the subscription for the same. Another way you know that none of this is real is when you actually ask these women out for casual sex or hookups. Coincidentally or not, all of them happen to be out of town or in an unavoidable engagement because of which they can’t meet up. These cheap antics give away the sole underlying motive of Affair alert to make money with the premium subscriptions. 

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Subscription Plans

There are two different communication modes on the Affairalert website- The Chat option and the Message option. The former is the usual way of direct messaging people to talk while the Message feature essentially is the mail format of communication.

However, there is not much difference as every chat or message you receive basically asks you to Upgrade your plan to avail of these features and throw some money at the Affairalert dating platform. All you can do on the website for free is signup and scroll through the profiles. Any further steps require you to buy the membership plan first. Here’s how the cost structure works:

  • 3-Day Membership: $2.97/day
  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $16.65
  • 6-Month Membership: $11.65

User Reviews

User review of Affairalert
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After all this, there is no way we would recommend our readers to try out Affairalert even if you are too desperate. We can’t let you fall into this rabbit hole of extortion and scam just for wanting to spice up your sex life. There are so many different dating websites which are safe, reliable, and authentic where you can sign up and look for real partners for casual sex or hookups, etc.

It is our responsibility to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your money which is exactly what Affairalert is. As much as such websites might try to lure you with hot profiles, low membership costs, or extra features, it is not worth it at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Affairalert?

Ans. Affairalert is a dating website that claims to provide services to people looking to cheat on their partners and find people for sexual affairs outside of their relationships. It is also open for people who are Searchingforsingles who want to get involved in such a situation but the whole setup of the website itself is quite risky and we aren’t even sure about the reliability of the website.

Q.2 Is Affairalert a Scam?

Ans. From first-hand experience with the Affairalert website, we have been able to gauge that it is a total scam. It has all the features from a low privacy network, unsafe data to fake profiles, and high membership costs. Therefore, it should be avoided.

Q.3 How much does AffairAlert cost?

Ans. Following is the Membership Plan of Affairalert:

  • 3-Day Membership: $2.97/day
  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $16.65
  • 6-Month Membership: $11.65

However, it is a scam and should not be indulged at all.